Career Batting Leaders (before games of day 82/3-9)

1.G Rosenkranz (LVG)0.386
2.A Giant (STA-KRA)0.383
3.T Adams (PUS-DOD-SEA)0.381
4.O Schindler (BWY-PIT-WAS)0.367
5.JG Vongerichten (KCC-CPT)0.365
6.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)0.364
7.V Corleone (PIT-SJS)0.360
8.A Bee (TER-LAL)0.354
9.JD Rockefeller (MIL-IND-SEA-KRA)0.353
10.Bárbara (CIR-ALM-CPT-VAN)0.352
On-Base %
1.Foxes (CIR-SEA)0.498
2.C Xavier (HOL-PIT-SJS)0.469
3.Teysa (PAD-MTG)0.457
4.T Doctor (ACT-MTG-WAS)0.456
5.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)0.448
6.P Chopra (MIL-STR)0.447
7.L Ribero (MIL-STR)0.436
8.AlxJames10 (INT)0.432
9.A Bambaataa (CPT-LAL)0.431
Ea Warren (CPT-SEA-LAL-STR-DOD)0.431
Slugging %
1.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)0.662
2.A Johnson (STA)0.643
3.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)0.631
4.G Anchovy (SAO-PHI)0.623
5.A Farrah Fowler (SAO-SEA-LAL)0.598
6.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)0.596
7.H Sánchez (KRA)0.594
8.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)0.588
9.A Bee (TER-LAL)0.583
10.Gerson (KRA-SAO)0.582
1.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)1.061
2.Foxes (CIR-SEA)1.048
3.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)1.011
4.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)1.006
5.H Sánchez (KRA)0.989
6.Eeyore (PAD-SEA)0.985
7.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)0.970
8.Bárbara (CIR-ALM-CPT-VAN)0.964
9.A Giant (STA-KRA)0.956
P Chopra (MIL-STR)0.956
Win Probability Added
1.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)32.267
2.Foxes (CIR-SEA)29.393
3.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)29.064
4.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)21.390
5.C MacKinnon (BER-STR-KCC-CPT)21.291
6.L Ribero (MIL-STR)21.107
7.S Meyer (LAL)20.646
8.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)18.648
9.T Doctor (ACT-MTG-WAS)18.629
10.Face (HAL-STA-HOL-BWY)18.458
Win Shares
1.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)51.59
2.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)49.99
3.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)49.84
4.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)49.41
5.S Meyer (LAL)47.94
6.Foxes (CIR-SEA)45.89
7.L Ribero (MIL-STR)43.68
8.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)41.29
9.L Bluth (INT-LAL-STR)40.74
10.JM Forbes (LAL)39.85
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.Foxes (CIR-SEA)300.6
2.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)269.8
3.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)254.9
4.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)238.1
5.L Ribero (MIL-STR)230.4
6.S Meyer (LAL)211.0
7.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)206.4
8.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)197.3
9.P Chopra (MIL-STR)193.0
10.A Giant (STA-KRA)190.9
Runs Above Position
1.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)306.0
2.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)272.4
3.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)269.3
4.Foxes (CIR-SEA)268.7
5.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)263.6
6.S Meyer (LAL)230.8
7.L Ribero (MIL-STR)214.3
8.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)213.0
9.L Bluth (INT-LAL-STR)185.9
10.E Culbertson (LVG)183.6
Games Played
1.Je White (MIL)822
2.L Ribero (MIL-STR)768
3.S Meyer (LAL)759
4.W Brandt (CAR-WAS-BRU)754
5.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)745
6.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)741
7.A Johnson (STA)730
8.PT Barnum (IND-DOD-BKL-BER-SEA)728
M Coluna (KRA-STR)728
10.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)725
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)3172
2.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)3094
3.A Johnson (STA)3053
4.L Bluth (INT-LAL-STR)3006
5.S Meyer (LAL)2976
6.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)2973
7.Je White (MIL)2947
8.W Brandt (CAR-WAS-BRU)2927
9.PT Barnum (IND-DOD-BKL-BER-SEA)2909
DJ Fever (KRA-LAL-STA)2909
Plate Appearances
1.Je White (MIL)3640
2.S Meyer (LAL)3488
3.L Ribero (MIL-STR)3449
4.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)3278
5.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)3240
6.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)3236
7.L Bluth (INT-LAL-STR)3214
8.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)3207
9.W Brandt (CAR-WAS-BRU)3178
10.PT Barnum (IND-DOD-BKL-BER-SEA)3159
Runs Scored
1.L Ribero (MIL-STR)604
2.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)581
3.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)549
4.S Meyer (LAL)536
5.AlxJames10 (INT)522
6.Je White (MIL)513
7.A Johnson (STA)511
8.L Lemon (LAL-CPT)498
9.L Bluth (INT-LAL-STR)486
10.PT Barnum (IND-DOD-BKL-BER-SEA)482
1.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)1081
2.A Giant (STA-KRA)1042
3.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)1030
4.L Bluth (INT-LAL-STR)1025
5.PT Barnum (IND-DOD-BKL-BER-SEA)1020
6.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)986
7.G Rosenkranz (LVG)976
8.G Belladonna (LVG-LAL)942
9.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)937
10.L Ribero (MIL-STR)933
Line Drives
1.G Rosenkranz (LVG)1072
2.V Corleone (PIT-SJS)922
3.K Gale (MIL-STR-KRA)781
4.A Giant (STA-KRA)780
5.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)739
6.W Brandt (CAR-WAS-BRU)710
7.K Kaif (SEA-MIL-TAT)693
8.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)692
9.Ak'shel (DOD-PUS-BWY)668
10.P Rossi (KRA-KCC-CPT)664
1.K Schmidt (LAL)3.72
2.Je Ford (BKL-WAS-BER-ACT)3.71
3.A Walker (KCC-BAL)3.59
4.V Spidla (BWY-STR-BRU)3.58
K Hinze (MIL)3.58
Ji Hawkins (PAD-BAL)3.58
7.T Lee (BKL-BRU)3.56
F Farmer (KCC)3.56
9.3 with3.53
Total Bases
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)2000
2.A Johnson (STA)1964
3.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)1844
4.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)1748
5.G Belladonna (LVG-LAL)1660
6.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)1626
7.Gerson (KRA-SAO)1594
8.K Harrison (ARK-VAN-ALM)1581
9.A Farrah Fowler (SAO-SEA-LAL)1577
10.S Meyer (LAL)1571
1.G Rosenkranz (LVG)227
2.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)221
V Corleone (PIT-SJS)221
4.PT Barnum (IND-DOD-BKL-BER-SEA)210
5.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)208
I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)208
7.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)205
8.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)204
9.DJ Fever (KRA-LAL-STA)196
10.K Gale (MIL-STR-KRA)193
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)68
2.Riou (BWY-SJS)53
3.G Belladonna (LVG-LAL)50
4.A Giant (STA-KRA)47
5.JJR Macleod (STO)46
6.D Clapp (BKL-BRU-DOD)43
7.Bárbara (CIR-ALM-CPT-VAN)41
PA Jacob (BKL-STO)41
9.3 with40
Home Runs
1.A Johnson (STA)311
2.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)210
3.N Tesla (KRA-IND)198
4.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)192
G Anchovy (SAO-PHI)192
6.Gerson (KRA-SAO)191
7.A Farrah Fowler (SAO-SEA-LAL)187
8.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)185
9.H Fuhrer (KRA-PAD)183
10.K Harrison (ARK-VAN-ALM)165
1.A Johnson (STA)662
2.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)564
3.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)545
4.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)525
5.N Tesla (KRA-IND)515
6.A Farrah Fowler (SAO-SEA-LAL)513
7.S Meyer (LAL)502
8.Gerson (KRA-SAO)489
9.G Belladonna (LVG-LAL)468
10.G Anchovy (SAO-PHI)460
1.Macbeth (STR)750
2.Foxes (CIR-SEA)684
3.Je White (MIL)677
4.L Ribero (MIL-STR)549
5.T Doctor (ACT-MTG-WAS)547
6.Teysa (PAD-MTG)514
7.S Meyer (LAL)490
8.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)481
9.AlxJames10 (INT)450
10.2 with422
Stolen Bases
1.Al Fleming (STO)419
2.PT Barnum (IND-DOD-BKL-BER-SEA)394
3.T Adams (PUS-DOD-SEA)370
4.Biggie (CIR-CPT)321
5.D Banner (ACT-ALM)302
6.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)292
7.Beck (SEA-MIL)277
8.A Giant (STA-KRA)272
9.L Lemon (LAL-CPT)270
10.L Ribero (MIL-STR)253
Stolen Base %
1.CM Sweeny (ALM-HAL-BRU)0.868
2.F Robinson (PAD-SEA)0.849
3.Beck (SEA-MIL)0.837
4.T Banks (MIL)0.836
6.Al Fleming (STO)0.826
7.B Allen (TER-BWY)0.825
8.Co Snow (HSC-WAS)0.824
9.T Porter (BAL)0.821
10.2 with0.815
1.A Giant (STA-KRA)757
2.PT Barnum (IND-DOD-BKL-BER-SEA)750
3.L Bluth (INT-LAL-STR)742
4.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)708
5.G Rosenkranz (LVG)705
6.L Ribero (MIL-STR)681
7.P Chopra (MIL-STR)650
8.T Sweetster (SJS)621
9.P Rossi (KRA-KCC-CPT)613
10.S Meyer (LAL)603
Times on Base
1.Je White (MIL)1518
2.L Ribero (MIL-STR)1504
3.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)1438
4.S Meyer (LAL)1437
5.Foxes (CIR-SEA)1424
6.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)1386
7.Macbeth (STR)1323
8.AlxJames10 (INT)1307
9.P Chopra (MIL-STR)1297
10.PT Barnum (IND-DOD-BKL-BER-SEA)1270
Extra-Base Hits
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)482
2.A Johnson (STA)476
3.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)437
4.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)400
5.G Belladonna (LVG-LAL)382
6.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)373
7.K Gale (MIL-STR-KRA)349
A Farrah Fowler (SAO-SEA-LAL)349
9.L Straujuma (SEA-BRU-PAD-KRA)345
10.N Tesla (KRA-IND)343
Isolated Power
1.A Johnson (STA)0.365
2.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)0.317
3.G Anchovy (SAO-PHI)0.316
4.N Tesla (KRA-IND)0.310
5.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)0.306
6.B Goldman (LVG-SEA)0.281
7.A Farrah Fowler (SAO-SEA-LAL)0.280
8.H Fuhrer (KRA-PAD)0.278
G Savoy (KCC)0.278
S Berlusconi (BKL-BWY-BRU)0.278
Avg on Balls in Play
1.T Adams (PUS-DOD-SEA)0.489
2.G Rosenkranz (LVG)0.448
3.M Luther (BER-SEA)0.444
4.V Corleone (PIT-SJS)0.430
5.A Giant (STA-KRA)0.422
JG Vongerichten (KCC-CPT)0.422
7.B Stoutarm (MTG)0.418
8.JD Rockefeller (MIL-IND-SEA-KRA)0.417
9.K Graham (HOL-SEA-PUS)0.416
graciehinabox (INT)0.416
Game-winning RBI
1.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)83
2.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)79
3.A Johnson (STA)76
4.A Farrah Fowler (SAO-SEA-LAL)71
5.L Mott (BER-KCC-CPT)66
6.G Villiers (BWY)65
7.J Cash (SEA-PHI-ALM)64
8.K Ireland (MIL-SJS-PIT)63
Cm Tucker (LAL)62

Minimum 620 plate appearances needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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