Career Batting Losers (before games of day 108/3-9)

1.Scarecrow (PAD)0.157
2.CM Ousside (INT)0.170
3.Kolvori (APX)0.179
4.Helena (STR-MTG)0.183
5.St Caius (KRA)0.184
6.WW East (PAD)0.185
7.Je Ford (BER-BKL-ACT-WAS)0.190
Sal (PAD)0.190
9.J Gomes (MIL)0.191
Calderon (IND-BWY)0.191
On-Base %
1.Scarecrow (PAD)0.194
2.CM Ousside (INT)0.208
3.DE Brown (BWY-PIT)0.219
4.J Gomes (MIL)0.225
J Ford (BWY)0.225
6.A Abisala (BRU)0.226
7.L Aldrin (KCC-LAL)0.228
8.P Mason (LAL-DOD)0.229
9.WW East (PAD)0.231
10.T Miz (STA-WAS)0.233
Slugging %
1.Calderon (IND-BWY)0.271
2.Je Ford (BER-BKL-ACT-WAS)0.272
3.K McHale (BAL)0.274
4.J Gomes (MIL)0.275
Mog (SEA-SJS)0.275
6.Sal (PAD)0.278
7.Kolvori (APX)0.281
8.B Walton (SEA-BAL)0.284
9.Scarecrow (PAD)0.285
10.2 with0.289
1.Scarecrow (PAD)0.479
2.J Gomes (MIL)0.500
3.DE Brown (BWY-PIT)0.520
4.Mog (SEA-SJS)0.524
5.WW East (PAD)0.536
6.J Ford (BWY)0.537
7.T Miz (STA-WAS)0.546
8.God of Yekub (ARK)0.549
9.Shy D (CPT)0.556
K Riekenberg (MIL)0.556
Win Probability Added
1.Scarecrow (PAD)-10.142
2.M Galactica (SJS)-9.969
3.WW East (PAD)-9.263
4.W Dunlap (DOD-PIT-LAL)-9.152
5.Bruce (CIR)-8.485
6.G Whitehead (CAN)-8.374
7.S Beckett (STA-BWY)-8.277
8.Toad (MIL-BWY)-8.205
9.A Amasova (PIT)-8.005
10.E Heynatz (MIL)-7.962
Loss Shares
1.W Brandt (WAS-BRU-CAR)26.47
2.P Murray (WAS-CAR)22.69
3.M Coluna (KRA-STR)22.07
4.R Lugar (WAS)21.40
5.R van Persie (KRA)21.17
6.K Boo (HAL-BRU)20.97
7.J Olarticoechea (PUS-KRA-DOD)20.75
8.J de Ville (PHI)19.79
9.T Pospichal (ACT-PHI)19.48
10.2 with19.43
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.M Galactica (SJS)-96.0
2.Toad (MIL-BWY)-84.5
3.S Beckett (STA-BWY)-81.1
4.J Gomes (MIL)-75.2
5.Scarecrow (PAD)-73.3
6.G Hampson (LVG)-72.9
7.R Emanuel (TAT)-69.1
J Jones (CPT)-69.1
9.B Stinson (LAL)-68.9
10.H Rahn (KRA)-68.0
Runs Above Position
1.J Gomes (MIL)-112.9
2.P Murray (WAS-CAR)-99.4
3.Pos (CPT)-84.6
4.J Olarticoechea (PUS-KRA-DOD)-81.7
5.J Jortles (CPT-LAL-MTG)-81.2
6.Donalbain (CAR-WAS)-81.1
7.D Feinstein (WAS-CAR)-78.6
8.G Vancouver (VAN-ARK)-78.4
9.T Pospichal (ACT-PHI)-77.4
10.R Lugar (WAS)-74.3
1.G Helgemo (LVG)2.21
2.T Artichoker (SJS)2.31
3.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)2.34
4.Gerson (SAO-KRA)2.37
5.C Pope (MTG-LIS-HSC-SEA)2.40
The Sound of Deep Waters (CIR-VAT)2.40
T Pynchon (BKL)2.40
Tichondrius (GAL-TAT-COL)2.40
9.4 with2.43
Outs Made
1.J Cash (ALM-SEA-PHI)2279
2.A Johnson (STA)2249
3.Je White (MIL)2205
4.JJR Macleod (STO)2185
5.W Brandt (WAS-BRU-CAR)2173
6.J Clampett (LAL-LVG)2165
7.S Meyer (LAL)2162
8.J Pritchett (LAL-TAT)2133
9.L Bluth (INT-LAL-STR)2111
10.M Coluna (KRA-STR)2110
1.Gerson (SAO-KRA)100
2.R Summers (TER-ACT)91
3.M Coluna (KRA-STR)90
A Mortalli (TER-ACT)90
5.tyleroakley (INT)86
T Cantalicio (SJS)86
7.A Douglas-Home (BRU-LAL)85
8.JP Morgan (IND-BWY-PIT-LAL)82
9.T Tiger (CPT-PHI-SAO-KCC)79
10.P Maravich (BAL)77
1.A Johnson (STA)745
2.W Brandt (WAS-BRU-CAR)630
3.RW Sears (IND-KRA)566
4.Esther (TAT-SAO-ARK)560
5.G Belladonna (LVG-LAL)559
6.I Shayk (MIL)555
7.D Cooper (DOD-CPT)552
H Loob (MIL-SEA-OMS)552
9.E Gloucester (TAT-STR)548
10.J Cash (ALM-SEA-PHI)538
Caught Stealing
1.R Cash (SEA-MTG)167
2.Flying Fox of the Yard (CIR-VAT)121
3.PT Barnum (IND-BKL-SEA-DOD-BER)118
4.Squirrel (PAD)106
5.J Rule (CIR-PAD-VAT-CPT)102
6.I Netto (KRA-BER-LAL-SJS)91
P Chopra (MIL-STR)91
T Adams (DOD-PUS-SEA)91
9.A Giant (STA-KRA)90
10.Al Fleming (STO)88
Avg on Balls in Play
1.Scarecrow (PAD)0.157
2.CM Ousside (INT)0.163
3.St Caius (KRA)0.165
4.Cesc (KRA)0.179
5.daviddobrik (INT-GAL-LAL)0.180
6.The Doom-Walker (ARK)0.183
7.Bob (SJS-STA)0.187
8.A Garcia (LAL-VAT)0.196
9.L Hurley (MIL-IND)0.198
10.3 with0.199

Minimum 620 plate appearances needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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