Career Playoff Batting Losers (before games of day 67/3-8)

1.Jowy (SJS)0.075
2.Y Grivas (BRU-SEA-KRA)0.093
3.G Lippmann (STO-BAL)0.104
4.Irisa (INT-ACT)0.109
L Skywalker (PIT)0.109
6.T Winters (ACT-CPT)0.113
7.R Man (STA)0.125
L Deprimo (BWY-KRA-DOD)0.125
C Darling (LAL)0.125
10.Atarka (MTG)0.128
On-Base %
1.T Winters (ACT-CPT)0.113
2.R Man (STA)0.125
3.P Mason (LAL-DOD)0.137
4.Irisa (INT-ACT)0.149
C Darling (LAL)0.149
6.F Reinfeldt (BKL-TER)0.151
7.W Wright (IND)0.167
L Egri (BWY)0.167
9.S Summers (TER)0.175
M Cappelletti Jr. (INT)0.175
Slugging %
1.G Lippmann (STO-BAL)0.104
2.Y Grivas (BRU-SEA-KRA)0.111
3.Jowy (SJS)0.125
4.T Winters (ACT-CPT)0.132
5.J Iha (SEA-STA)0.153
6.Irisa (INT-ACT)0.156
7.R Man (STA)0.172
8.AD Foster (BKL)0.173
W Disney (IND)0.173
10.C Darling (LAL)0.181
1.T Winters (ACT-CPT)0.245
2.R Man (STA)0.297
3.Irisa (INT-ACT)0.305
4.C Darling (LAL)0.330
5.Jowy (SJS)0.338
6.Y Grivas (BRU-SEA-KRA)0.357
7.KC Caine (ACT-ALM)0.370
8.M Cappelletti Jr. (INT)0.371
9.G Lippmann (STO-BAL)0.375
10.ALF (LAL)0.378
Win Probability Added
1.M Theresa (MIL)-2.031
2.Slash (SEA)-1.907
3.A2 Taylor (SEA)-1.889
4.I Gershwin (STR)-1.761
5.I Emsis (KRA-BRU)-1.738
6.RW Sears (KRA-IND)-1.723
7.B Biesheuvel (CPT-BRU)-1.713
8.KC Caine (ACT-ALM)-1.706
9.A Samaras (SEA-BWY)-1.645
10.G Chiarini (KCC)-1.625
Loss Shares
1.S Truth (SEA-PIT-BKL)3.75
2.Bono (SEA-SAO)3.61
3.M Linchuk (MIL)3.47
4.Buttercup (LVG-BKL)3.28
5.E Dando (SEA)3.04
6.J Nehru (KCC-BER)2.99
7.T Barker (SEA-BRU)2.97
8.M Theresa (MIL)2.95
9.M Broderick (SAO-STR)2.94
M Doughty (SEA-BRU)2.94
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.Buttercup (LVG-BKL)-19.5
2.E Dando (SEA)-15.8
3.G Teeg (MTG)-14.9
4.M Theresa (MIL)-13.9
5.Atarka (MTG)-13.6
K Pittman (CPT-SAO)-13.6
7.T Barker (SEA-BRU)-13.2
8.W Hasenclever (BWY-ALM)-12.6
9.KC Caine (ACT-ALM)-12.4
10.M Linchuk (MIL)-12.3
Runs Above Position
1.Buttercup (LVG-BKL)-21.6
2.S Keibler (STA)-14.1
3.W Hasenclever (BWY-ALM)-13.3
4.Hozier (KRA-SEA)-13.2
5.G Teeg (MTG)-13.0
6.Nag (MTG)-12.9
7.D Cooper (CPT)-12.5
8.E Fermi (LAL-BRU-STA)-12.4
K Pittman (CPT-SAO)-12.4
10.M Linchuk (MIL)-12.3
1.A Amadei (LAL-DOD)2.18
2.B Abzug (BER)2.21
3.HJ Kaiser (IND)2.23
R Hinkley (LVG)2.23
G Helgemo (LVG)2.23
6.C Rocha (MIL)2.27
7.R Lawley (MIL)2.29
8.E Smith (SEA-STA)2.36
9.J Musashi (SEA)2.38
10.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)2.39
Outs Made
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)376
2.Bono (SEA-SAO)296
3.T Tiger (SAO-CPT-KCC)280
4.S Truth (SEA-PIT-BKL)258
5.J Hendrix (BKL-SEA-BRU)246
6.A Voltaire (MIL-SEA)231
7.Gerson (SAO-KRA)226
8.E Dando (SEA)221
9.JM Ayrault (BRU-BKL-MIL)219
10.2 with216
1.T Tiger (SAO-CPT-KCC)16
2.W de Backer (SEA)11
Bono (SEA-SAO)11
4.J Cash (SEA-PHI)10
GS Traft (MTG-PAD)10
K Pittman (CPT-SAO)10
7.9 with9
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)91
2.V Corleone (SJS-PIT)73
3.Bono (SEA-SAO)68
4.M Doughty (SEA-BRU)67
5.D Cooper (CPT)63
6.MK Gandhi (BER-KCC)57
L Lemon (CPT-LAL)57
8.AH Compton (BER-SEA)56
9.M Hamill (SAO)55
10.2 with54
Caught Stealing
1.JM Ayrault (BRU-BKL-MIL)11
2.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY-BRU)9
E Vedder (STA-SEA)9
J Cash (SEA-PHI)9
5.L Lemon (CPT-LAL)7
PT Barnum (IND-BKL)7
T Adams (DOD-SEA)7
8.Beck (SEA)6
M Doughty (SEA-BRU)6
S de Beauvoir (BER-KCC)6
Avg on Balls in Play
1.P Mason (LAL-DOD)0.075
2.Jowy (SJS)0.088
3.L Skywalker (PIT)0.097
4.Y Grivas (BRU-SEA-KRA)0.104
5.Irisa (INT-ACT)0.113
6.S Keibler (STA)0.115
7.C Hat (PHI)0.118
8.Atarka (MTG)0.127
9.F Reinfeldt (BKL-TER)0.128
J Jansa (SEA)0.128

Minimum 620 plate appearances needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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