Welcome to simbasev3!

SimBase is a simulated baseball game, similar to Strat-o-Matic. The key part of modern SimBase that has made it awesomely fun: players choose their teams, usually with themes (e.g. "Toontown Toons") and get to name their draft picks accordingly (e.g. "Bugs Bunny"). This is the third modern incarnation of SimBase. The first incarnation was a purely pencil-paper-and-cards game, ca. 1998-2000; human owners included Paul Lujan (San Francisco Tweaks), Joon Pahk (I forget), Igor Teper (Tashkent Proletariat), Brad Barnhorst (Pittsburgh Pixels), and Mike Develin (New York Criminals). Also in that incarnation were some other teams (whose games were played by whoever happened to be around): Toontown Toons, Terrestrial Thinkers, Washington Prevaricators. I think we got through about twelve seasons or so, with some mild computerization.

SimBase started up again for a second run, ca. 2001-2003, comprising about 20 seasons, with I believe something like 10-14 teams over the course of its lifetime. The major differences between simbasev1 and simbasev2 were: (1) increased automation of gameplay, (2) an enormous suite of sabermetric stat-keeping and better records overall, and (3) general managers no longer knew players' cards, but merely results.

simbasev3 continues the progress of simbasev2. Its major technological improvements are: (1) even more automation of gameplay, with an AI playing the games; even general managing (drafting, lineup construction, etc.) can be left to the AI; there is literally support for everything, so an owner literally never has to do anything other than supply names, (2) a new engine, and (3) the introduction of scouting to the game (owners get scouting reports to proceed on each offseason, including private information on potential draft picks).

simbasev3 started with Year 1 in June of 2010 and has made it through 65 seasons and counting as of March 2017!