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Year 1 Pitching Losers (before games of day 52)

Run Average
1.CATS (SJS)7.88
2.E Haskell (LAL)7.56
3.P Bergeroo (KRA)7.42
4.P Corneille (BWY)6.97
5.T Cleaver (LAL)6.84
6.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)6.54
7.V McMahon (STA)6.46
8.E Immel (KRA)6.15
9.GB Shaw (STO)6.03
10.M Hall (HOL)5.85
Win-Loss %
1.GB Shaw (STO)0.111
2.H Nestle (IND)0.222
3.V McMahon (STA)0.231
4.P Bergeroo (KRA)0.250
M Twain (STA)0.250
6.E Immel (KRA)0.286
7.P Berg (BWY)0.308
F Krueger (PIT-LAL)0.308
9.3 with0.333
Win Probability Added
1.Griswold (PUS)-2.747
2.E Haskell (LAL)-2.600
3.GB Shaw (STO)-2.437
4.T Cleaver (LAL)-2.374
5.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)-2.160
6.J Moss (LVG)-2.113
7.CATS (SJS)-2.061
8.G Napolitano (BRU)-2.010
9.IR Schyster (STA)-1.922
10.P Bergeroo (KRA)-1.852
Loss Shares
1.A Kornberg (STO)4.77
2.P Bergeroo (KRA)4.60
3.E Haskell (LAL)4.32
P Corneille (BWY)4.32
5.CATS (SJS)4.19
6.K Kurkova (MIL)4.14
7.V McMahon (STA)3.91
8.P Berg (BWY)3.89
9.T Cleaver (LAL)3.79
10.W Shakespeare (BWY)3.71
Support-Neutral Losses
1.E Immel (KRA)8.43
2.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)8.39
3.P Bergeroo (KRA)8.33
4.CATS (SJS)7.90
5.E Haskell (LAL)7.62
6.V McMahon (STA)7.52
7.C McCormick (IND)7.40
8.P Berg (BWY)7.37
9.M Hall (HOL)7.30
10.P Corneille (BWY)7.03
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.E Haskell (LAL)-2.96
2.CATS (SJS)-2.65
3.P Bergeroo (KRA)-2.17
4.P Corneille (BWY)-2.13
5.G Napolitano (BRU)-2.09
6.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)-2.05
7.V McMahon (STA)-1.99
8.GB Shaw (STO)-1.88
9.T Cleaver (LAL)-1.61
E Immel (KRA)-1.61
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.E Haskell (LAL)-23.9
2.P Bergeroo (KRA)-19.8
3.CATS (SJS)-19.3
4.T Cleaver (LAL)-19.1
5.K Kurkova (MIL)-18.4
6.O Qvist (KRA)-16.6
7.G Napolitano (BRU)-15.7
8.P Corneille (BWY)-15.1
9.O Nelson (LAL)-14.3
Griswold (PUS)-14.3
1.CATS (SJS)2.35
2.P Bergeroo (KRA)1.96
3.V McMahon (STA)1.78
4.M Jovovich (MIL)1.75
P Corneille (BWY)1.75
6.C McCormick (IND)1.74
7.E Immel (KRA)1.67
8.K Kurkova (MIL)1.65
E Haskell (LAL)1.65
GB Shaw (STO)1.65
Hits per 9 IP
1.P Bergeroo (KRA)14.48
2.E Immel (KRA)13.43
3.K Kurkova (MIL)12.77
4.CATS (SJS)12.15
5.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)12.14
6.V McMahon (STA)12.03
7.P Corneille (BWY)11.65
8.E Haskell (LAL)11.04
9.GB Shaw (STO)10.89
10.M Twain (STA)10.37
Walks per 9 IP
1.CATS (SJS)9.00
2.C McCormick (IND)6.37
3.B Willis (PIT)5.56
4.M Jovovich (MIL)5.52
5.T Cleaver (LAL)5.40
6.D Kong (TER)5.33
7.M Miller (MIL)4.99
8.Pit (PIT-SJS)4.94
9.K Cobain (SEA)4.80
10.W Shakespeare (BWY)4.66
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.CATS (SJS)1.46
2.J Ventura (BKL)3.24
3.M Miller (MIL)3.25
4.Pit (PIT-SJS)3.48
5.W Shakespeare (BWY)3.54
6.K Kurkova (MIL)3.61
7.W Cleaver (PIT-LAL)3.71
8.P Berg (BWY)3.87
9.V McMahon (STA)3.91
10.GB Shaw (STO)4.52
OPS Against
1.P Corneille (BWY)0.940
CATS (SJS)0.940
3.V McMahon (STA)0.926
4.P Bergeroo (KRA)0.917
F Krueger (PIT-LAL)0.917
6.E Immel (KRA)0.915
7.E Haskell (LAL)0.903
8.K Kurkova (MIL)0.881
9.T Cleaver (LAL)0.857
10.A Kornberg (STO)0.854
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.P Bergeroo (KRA)12.25
2.K Kurkova (MIL)10.92
3.GB Shaw (STO)8.46
4.O Henry (TER)7.92
5.M Twain (STA)7.75
6.E Haskell (LAL)7.44
7.R Smith (SEA)7.32
8.W Cleaver (PIT-LAL)7.24
9.L Paddle (SJS)6.93
10.M Shelley (BKL)6.75
Runs Allowed
1.P Bergeroo (KRA)83
2.E Immel (KRA)82
3.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)77
4.CATS (SJS)70
5.M Hall (HOL)68
6.V McMahon (STA)66
C McCormick (IND)66
8.P Berg (BWY)65
9.P Corneille (BWY)64
10.E Haskell (LAL)63
Hits Allowed
1.E Immel (KRA)179
2.P Bergeroo (KRA)162
3.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)143
4.K Kurkova (MIL)131
5.TJ Watson (IND)128
6.P Berg (BWY)126
7.V McMahon (STA)123
8.Iolo (BRU)122
9.B Sawyer Jr. (PIT-STO)121
10.M Hall (HOL)119
1.CATS (SJS)80
2.C McCormick (IND)72
3.D Kong (TER)64
4.M Miller (MIL)63
5.B Willis (PIT)62
6.W Shakespeare (BWY)54
7.Pit (PIT-SJS)51
8.R Lopez (LVG)50
9.A Kornberg (STO)48
10.M Jovovich (MIL)46
Line Drives Allowed
1.P Bergeroo (KRA)137
2.K Kurkova (MIL)112
3.E Immel (KRA)86
4.M Twain (STA)83
5.W Cleaver (PIT-LAL)78
6.L Paddle (SJS)76
7.GB Shaw (STO)73
8.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)72
9.M Shelley (BKL)67
10.O Henry (TER)66
HR Allowed
1.M Hall (HOL)21
A Kornberg (STO)21
3.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)19
J Ventura (BKL)19
P Corneille (BWY)19
6.TJ Watson (IND)18
7.A Robinson (HOL)17
8.Iolo (BRU)16
9.4 with15
1.V McMahon (STA)10
E Immel (KRA)10
3.P Bergeroo (KRA)9
M Twain (STA)9
P Berg (BWY)9
F Krueger (PIT-LAL)9
C McCormick (IND)9
8.TJ Watson (IND)8
GB Shaw (STO)8
P Corneille (BWY)8
Blown Saves
1.B Cullen (HOL)6
2.Griswold (PUS)5
3.Belboz (PUS)4
J Moss (LVG)4
5.A Kramden (LAL)3
D Grohl (SEA)3
S Stevens (SEA)3
TO Man (PUS)3
R Dasayev (KRA)3
Samus (SJS)3
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.CATS (SJS)0.16
2.M Miller (MIL)0.65
3.Pit (PIT-SJS)0.71
4.W Shakespeare (BWY)0.76
5.C McCormick (IND)0.85
6.V McMahon (STA)0.98
7.GB Shaw (STO)1.15
8.B Willis (PIT)1.16
9.A Kornberg (STO)1.17
10.R Lopez (LVG)1.18
HR per 9 IP
1.P Corneille (BWY)2.07
2.A Kornberg (STO)2.03
3.M Hall (HOL)1.81
4.T Cleaver (LAL)1.80
5.A Robinson (HOL)1.71
6.E Haskell (LAL)1.68
7.F Krueger (PIT-LAL)1.61
8.B Komorowski (PUS)1.56
9.J Ventura (BKL)1.50
10.Griswold (PUS)1.44
Reliever %
1.Griswold (PUS)0.444
2.B Cullen (HOL)0.600
3.J Moss (LVG)0.636
4.R Dasayev (KRA)0.667
5.Belboz (PUS)0.692
6.Samus (SJS)0.727
7.S Stevens (SEA)0.750
TO Man (PUS)0.750
9.7 with0.778

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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