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Year 114 Fielding Leaders (before games of day 3-7)

Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)10.1
2.H von Grafrath (TOK)9.9
3.St John I (TAT)8.0
4.Z Tibby (MIL)7.6
5.Po Stone (PAD)7.5
6.J Butler (BAL)6.9
7.St Innocent I (VAT)6.7
V Cunningham (STR)6.7
9.Kool-Aid (SJS)6.4
10.KC Briggs (LIS)6.1
GB Zone Rating
1.Kool-Aid (SJS)0.806
2.L Kahn (APX)0.803
3.H von Grafrath (TOK)0.799
4.K Hnizdo (VAT)0.793
5.M Squirrel (SJS)0.786
6.BB Wolf (TOK)0.783
7.V Cunningham (STR)0.782
8.The Leopard That Stalks the Night (ARK)0.781
9.Batwoman (TAT)0.780
10.The Oceanic Horror (ARK)0.777
FB Zone Rating
1.R Pilatus (SEA)1.000
2.JiffPom (INT)0.989
3.T Scott (INT)0.985
4.S Tennant (MIL)0.974
5.P Pogba (KRA)0.973
6.A Beer (TAT)0.970
7.Q Commandant (SJS)0.966
8.Vitruvius (APX)0.964
9.Oin (PAD)0.963
10.3 with0.960
LD Zone Rating
1.B Witherbloom (MTG)0.488
2.M Mill (CPT)0.419
3.Po Stone (PAD)0.407
4.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)0.403
5.Vitruvius (APX)0.400
6.JiffPom (INT)0.395
7.St Agapetus I (TAT)0.382
8.Gustavo (LPM)0.371
9.liiias._ (INT)0.370
10.Pytheos (APX)0.368
Runner Advance %
1.J Butler (BAL)0.050
2.St Innocent I (VAT)0.054
3.F Fflam (PAD)0.063
4.G Rice (BAL)0.080
5.St John I (TAT)0.090
6.Z Tibby (MIL)0.098
7.S Tennant (MIL)0.100
8.U Bolt (CPT)0.106
9.IB Myers (LIS)0.107
10.Lil Jon (CPT)0.120
OF Assists
1.Z Tibby (MIL)12
2.K Bush (SEA)11
3.4 with10
C Caught Stealing %
1.Phaeax (APX)1.000
2.C Stone (PAD)0.533
3.Hemiunu (APX)0.500
4.M Hussey (SJS)0.462
5.C Boycott (LIS)0.429
C Stolen Bases/Game
1.M Mora (LAL)0.00 (41)
Phaeax (APX)0.00 (26)
3.Hemiunu (APX)0.04
4.Mac M (CPT)0.12
5.St Hilary (VAT)0.14
C Wild Pitches/Game
1.St Hilary (VAT)0.00 (49)
M Grudt (MIL)0.00 (29)
G Welcome (KRA)0.00 (28)
Boniface II (STR)0.00 (25)
5.2 with0.02
C Defensive Runs Above Position
1.C Stone (PAD)4.1
2.M Hussey (SJS)3.5
St Hilary (VAT)3.5
Capulet (STR)3.5
5.The One from the Sun Race (ARK)2.5
1B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Po Stone (PAD)7.5
2.I Hammam (MIL)5.6
3.Eupalinos (APX)2.7
4.Mordenkainen (MTG)2.3
5.Batwoman (TAT)1.9
2B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.W Stanton (PAD)5.6
2.The Leopard That Stalks the Night (ARK)4.6
3.Pytheos (APX)4.0
4.Mariana (STR)3.8
5.W Rotcleaver (MTG)2.4
3B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Kool-Aid (SJS)6.4
2.K Hnizdo (VAT)4.6
3.B Witherbloom (MTG)4.0
4.Wale (CPT)2.9
5.The Oceanic Horror (ARK)2.6
SS Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)10.1
2.H von Grafrath (TOK)9.9
3.V Cunningham (STR)6.7
4.KC Briggs (LIS)6.1
5.A Young (SEA)4.6
LF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.JiffPom (INT)5.8
2.Lil Jon (CPT)5.0
3.S Tennant (MIL)4.9
4.IB Myers (LIS)3.4
5.Xanathar (MTG)3.0
CF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.St John I (TAT)8.0
2.Z Tibby (MIL)7.6
3.J Butler (BAL)6.9
4.St Innocent I (VAT)6.7
5.D McLean (LAL)4.5
RF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.M Bogues (BAL)4.8
2.S Drew (PAD)4.7
3.Q Commandant (SJS)4.5
4.Yt Sylvander (LAL)3.9
5.To Brands (TAT)3.7

Minimum 1/2 of team games needed to qualify at a position

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