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Captains of Industry Schedule and Results

1at Los AngelesL, 5-6boxloggraphreplayM RichardsE LauderEW HowellMeathead51,689
2at Los AngelesW, 10-4boxloggraphreplayD SeussT Halonen E Debs50,461
3at StamfordL, 2-4boxloggraphreplayR FlairAP SloanBatataisThe Rock31,070
4at StamfordL, 5-8boxloggraphreplayG SteeleE Lauder A Johnson29,712
5at San JoseW, 3-2 (10)boxloggraphreplayA JungXE LauderHJ Kaiser24,527
6at San JoseL, 5-8boxloggraphreplaySchalaD SeussDi KongSquirtle25,903
7at TerraL, 0-1 (12)boxloggraphreplayG BurnsM Factor I Anni-Padda31,621
8at TerraL, 4-5boxloggraphreplayM McAleeseD SeussJr LewisA Anni-Padda41,121
9BroadwayL, 3-7boxloggraphreplayK Frederik IXA Coors Cyan27,156
10BroadwayL, 1-4boxloggraphreplayV HugoAP SloanA PushkinCyan28,157
11BroadwayL, 2-4 (12)boxloggraphreplayA PushkinJW MarriottF SchillerL Hansberry28,314
12BroadwayL, 5-8boxloggraphreplayK Frederik IXM FactorJ FletcherN Simon26,409
13HollywoodW, 8-2boxloggraphreplayD SeussJ Lange N Tesla30,460
14HollywoodW, 2-1boxloggraphreplayA JungP MarshallJW MarriottO Wright30,958
15at BrooklynW, 4-1boxloggraphreplayD SeussEccoE LauderN Tesla43,763
16at BrooklynL, 2-5boxloggraphreplayT DischM FactorL KaczynskiA McCaffrey36,640
17at BrooklynL, 1-2boxloggraphreplayC HiltonD SeussL KaczynskiP Smellinckx50,388
18at BrooklynL, 1-2boxloggraphreplayL KaczynskiA Jung PA Jacob49,560
19StamfordW, 12-2boxloggraphreplayA CoorsM Walberg O Wright27,459
20StamfordW, 1-0boxloggraphreplayD SeussR FlairA JungA Chekhov29,495
21StamfordW, 8-4boxloggraphreplayAP SloanJ Roberts O Wright28,467
22BrooklynW, 6-5boxloggraphreplayN PumpidoMZ Bradley O Wright34,460
23BrooklynW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayV BarbarinoL Kaczynski N Tesla35,903
24BrooklynL, 4-7boxloggraphreplayEccoAP SloanL KaczynskiJ Williamson36,272
25at PittsburghL, 0-2boxloggraphreplayH LecterD SeussO IshiiM Gunderson20,809
26at PittsburghW, 6-3boxloggraphreplayAP SloanJD RipperN PumpidoRW Sears22,998
27at PittsburghL, 0-11boxloggraphreplayK SozeD Seuss F Gump19,802
28at Las VegasW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayA JungH DurantE LauderN Tesla38,651
29at Las VegasL, 3-7boxloggraphreplayB SpasskyA Coors K Woolsey28,688
30MilanW, 3-1boxloggraphreplayAP SloanG BundchenE LauderA Chekhov32,387
31MilanW, 2-0boxloggraphreplayD SeussC WulffE LauderO Wright30,936
32KratovoW, 8-0boxloggraphreplayAP SloanJ Munaron W Reuther37,799
33KratovoW, 4-2boxloggraphreplayA CoorsR MaspoliE LauderFAO Schwarz34,139
34PittsburghL, 0-5boxloggraphreplayH LecterAP Sloan J Gunn34,592
35PittsburghW, 9-2boxloggraphreplayD SeussJD Ripper RW Sears32,866
36PittsburghW, 2-1boxloggraphreplayM FactorK Soze O Wright32,346
37PittsburghW, 2-1boxloggraphreplayAP SloanH LecterA JungN Tesla34,223
38SeattleL, 1-5boxloggraphreplayJewelD Seuss Maude38,377
39SeattleW, 2-1boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottK Gordon E Debs33,793
40at Dodge CityW, 5-2boxloggraphreplayD SeussProtoman HJ Kaiser43,767
41at Dodge CityL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayFall-From-GraceAP SloanA DershowitzB Bulldog41,942
42at StamfordL, 2-3 (10)boxloggraphreplayG SteeleM Factor The Rock28,299
43at StamfordL, 1-14boxloggraphreplayR FlairD Seuss A Johnson31,107
44StockholmW, 8-4boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottA Beernaert RW Sears29,266
45StockholmW, 2-1boxloggraphreplayA JungTS Eliot O Wright27,359
46at BroadwayL, 1-4boxloggraphreplayV HugoD SeussT McClureL Hansberry21,103
47at BroadwayL, 4-5 (11)boxloggraphreplayT McClureV Barbarino L Skywalker23,157
48at BroadwayL, 5-7 (11)boxloggraphreplayF SchillerM Factor J Anouilh23,359
49at BrusselsW, 12-4boxloggraphreplayAP SloanRA Lafferty HJ Kaiser7,976
50at BrusselsW, 6-5 (13)boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottE PangbornV BarbarinoE Debs7,557