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Year 15 Pitching Leaders (before games of day 51)

Run Average
1.T Disch (BKL)2.24
2.M McAleese (TER)2.39
3.Terra (SJS)2.52
4.J Roberts (STA)2.64
5.AP Sloan (IND)2.78
6.J Stewart (TER)2.86
7.R Flair (STA)2.88
8.L Kaczynski (BKL)2.97
9.D Richards (MIL)3.18
10.Rydia (SEA)3.31
1.M McAleese (TER)11
2.T Disch (BKL)10
3.R Maspoli (KRA)9
R Flair (STA)9
D Brunson (LVG)9
RB Ginsburg (DOD)9
Terra (SJS)9
8.Jewel (SEA)8
A Szabo (SEA)8
10.5 with7
Win-Loss %
1.Terra (SJS)0.900
2.T Disch (BKL)0.833
3.D Brunson (LVG)0.818
4.Jewel (SEA)0.800
5.M McAleese (TER)0.786
6.Rydia (SEA)0.778
7.A Szabo (SEA)0.727
8.RB Ginsburg (DOD)0.692
9.3 with0.667
Win Probability Added
1.C Schiffer (MIL)3.755
2.Di Kong (SJS)3.459
3.M McAleese (TER)3.332
4.L Kaczynski (BKL)3.107
5.R Flair (STA)2.762
6.Terra (SJS)2.536
7.T McClure (BWY)2.509
8.H Durant (LVG)2.342
9.B Hartley (LAL)2.218
10.J Roberts (STA)2.047
Win Shares
1.R Flair (STA)5.34
2.L Kaczynski (BKL)5.23
3.M McAleese (TER)5.05
4.Di Kong (SJS)4.32
5.RB Ginsburg (DOD)4.30
6.Terra (SJS)4.07
7.AP Sloan (IND)3.91
8.C Schiffer (MIL)3.87
9.R Maspoli (KRA)3.81
10.J Stewart (TER)3.63
Support-Neutral Wins
1.R Flair (STA)9.82
2.M McAleese (TER)9.77
3.AP Sloan (IND)8.79
4.Terra (SJS)8.11
5.RB Ginsburg (DOD)8.06
6.Rydia (SEA)7.82
7.T Disch (BKL)7.72
8.J Stewart (TER)7.52
9.J Roberts (STA)7.49
10.G Bundchen (MIL)7.38
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.M McAleese (TER)2.96
2.R Flair (STA)2.56
3.T Disch (BKL)2.30
4.Terra (SJS)2.22
5.J Roberts (STA)1.87
6.AP Sloan (IND)1.85
7.J Stewart (TER)1.50
8.Rydia (SEA)1.45
9.RB Ginsburg (DOD)1.19
10.Jewel (SEA)1.16
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.M McAleese (TER)28.9
2.R Flair (STA)21.2
3.Terra (SJS)15.8
4.RB Ginsburg (DOD)14.7
5.L Kaczynski (BKL)13.3
6.J Stewart (TER)13.0
7.T Disch (BKL)12.5
8.C Hilton (BKL)12.2
9.C Schiffer (MIL)11.8
10.Di Kong (SJS)11.3
1.M McAleese (TER)0.75
2.T Disch (BKL)0.84
3.Rydia (SEA)0.86
4.L Kaczynski (BKL)0.91
5.R Flair (STA)0.99
6.J Roberts (STA)1.00
7.RB Ginsburg (DOD)1.04
Terra (SJS)1.04
9.C Hilton (BKL)1.05
10.Schala (SJS)1.06
Hits per 9 IP
1.J Roberts (STA)6.07
2.D Brunson (LVG)6.26
3.T Disch (BKL)6.37
4.M McAleese (TER)6.51
5.L Kaczynski (BKL)6.78
6.R Flair (STA)6.89
7.RB Ginsburg (DOD)6.92
8.Rydia (SEA)7.12
9.Terra (SJS)7.15
10.J Munaron (KRA)7.20
Walks per 9 IP
1.R Morgenstern (LAL)0.11 (83.2)
K Frederik IX (BWY)0.11 (79.1)
3.M McAleese (TER)0.22
4.Rydia (SEA)0.58
5.K Soze (PIT)1.14
6.T Disch (BKL)1.17
7.C Hilton (BKL)1.18
8.L Kaczynski (BKL)1.43
9.M Teresa (STO)1.61
10.V Hugo (BWY)1.77
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.J Grumby (LAL)8.15
2.SR Leonard (HOL)8.02
3.R Morgenstern (LAL)7.96
4.J Nash (STO)7.77
5.D Seuss (IND)7.64
6.L Kaczynski (BKL)7.61
7.RB Ginsburg (DOD)7.58
8.B Fawlty (LAL)7.35
9.R Zamora (KRA)7.19
10.J Roberts (STA)7.12
OPS Against
1.M McAleese (TER)0.554
2.R Flair (STA)0.567
3.J Roberts (STA)0.590
4.L Kaczynski (BKL)0.595
5.T Disch (BKL)0.608
6.Terra (SJS)0.617
7.J Stewart (TER)0.622
8.C Hilton (BKL)0.636
9.Rydia (SEA)0.653
10.2 with0.661
1.M McAleese (TER)9.5
2.Rydia (SEA)10.0
3.K Frederik IX (BWY)10.4
4.T Disch (BKL)10.8
5.J Lewis (LVG)11.0
L Kaczynski (BKL)11.0
7.Schala (SJS)11.2
V Hugo (BWY)11.2
R Morgenstern (LAL)11.2
10.G Bundchen (MIL)11.3
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.M McAleese (TER)0.22
2.R Maspoli (KRA)0.25
3.J Lewis (LVG)0.64
4.J Munaron (KRA)0.66
5.L Kaczynski (BKL)0.83
6.H Lecter (PIT)0.91
7.D Brunson (LVG)0.93
8.K Soze (PIT)1.04
9.Schala (SJS)1.15
10.T Disch (BKL)1.17
1.H Clement (TER)32
M Atwood (BKL)32
3.L Kaczynski (BKL)31
L Loeb (SEA)31
5.Di Kong (SJS)30
K Gordon (SEA)30
7.C Delany (BKL)29
EW Howell (LAL)29
9.7 with28
1.K Gordon (SEA)11
2.L Kaczynski (BKL)9
A Alda (TER)9
4.C Schiffer (MIL)8
A Cunningham (LVG)8
6.G Fieri (HOL)7
Wm. Wrigley Jr. (KRA)7
Batatais (STA)7
9.3 with6
Innings Pitched
1.R Flair (STA)128.0
2.M McAleese (TER)124.1
3.RB Ginsburg (DOD)122.1
4.G Bundchen (MIL)121.1
5.AP Sloan (IND)119.2
6.RA Lafferty (BRU)116.1
7.J Grumby (LAL)116.0
8.M Teresa (STO)111.2
9.Rydia (SEA)108.2
R Maspoli (KRA)108.2
1.J Grumby (LAL)105
2.RB Ginsburg (DOD)103
3.SR Leonard (HOL)95
4.RA Lafferty (BRU)89
5.D Seuss (IND)88
6.M McAleese (TER)87
AP Sloan (IND)87
8.R Zamora (KRA)82
9.Rydia (SEA)81
J Roberts (STA)81
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.R Morgenstern (LAL)74.00
2.M McAleese (TER)29.00
3.K Frederik IX (BWY)28.00
4.Rydia (SEA)11.57
5.L Kaczynski (BKL)5.33
6.C Hilton (BKL)5.27
7.K Soze (PIT)4.58
8.T Disch (BKL)4.31
9.M Teresa (STO)3.45
10.RA Lafferty (BRU)3.42
HR per 9 IP
1.R Flair (STA)0.28
2.J Nash (STO)0.50
3.A Beernaert (STO)0.62
4.V Hugo (BWY)0.79
5.J Stewart (TER)0.80
6.A Szabo (SEA)0.81
7.AP Sloan (IND)0.83
8.R Morgenstern (LAL)0.86
9.H Lecter (PIT)0.91
10.Terra (SJS)0.93
1.L Loeb (SEA)12
2.C Delany (BKL)11
3.E Ballabio (KRA)9
Celes (BWY)9
A Rust (KRA)9
6.H Clement (TER)8
JW Marriott (IND)8
EW Howell (LAL)8
A Alda (TER)8
M Atwood (BKL)8
Reliever %
1.B Hartley (LAL)1.000
2.A Cunningham (LVG)0.923
3.C Delany (BKL)0.917
4.Celes (BWY)0.909
B Brecht (KRA)0.909
6.G Fieri (HOL)0.900
7.B Aldiss (BKL)0.889
M Atwood (BKL)0.889
9.C Schiffer (MIL)0.867
L Loeb (SEA)0.867

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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