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Year 16 Batting Losers (before games of day 51)

1.J Becker (BRU)0.151
2.L Hurley (MIL)0.158
3.HJ Kaiser (IND)0.178
4.A Jackson (LAL)0.183
5.D Fuentes (LAL)0.184
M Sindelar (HOL)0.184
7.E Debs (IND)0.190
8.J Kaczynski (BKL)0.191
9.WK Kellogg (IND)0.192
10.A Amasova (PIT)0.195
On-Base %
1.J Becker (BRU)0.168
2.HJ Kaiser (IND)0.194
3.A Amasova (PIT)0.210
4.D Fuentes (LAL)0.215
5.S Shepard (HOL)0.219
6.A Delarge (PIT)0.230
7.H Thorning-Schmidt (BRU)0.232
8.M Sindelar (HOL)0.236
9.C Crawford (MIL)0.237
10.H Pierce (LAL)0.244
Slugging %
1.J Becker (BRU)0.217
2.J Kaczynski (BKL)0.254
3.HC Hansen (BRU)0.282
4.JM Synge (BRU)0.285
5.WK Kellogg (IND)0.288
6.Dorothy (SJS)0.291
7.S Shepard (HOL)0.292
E Kenny (STA)0.292
9.M Rajoy (BRU)0.293
10.L Hurley (MIL)0.297
1.J Becker (BRU)0.385
2.S Shepard (HOL)0.511
3.D Fuentes (LAL)0.531
4.A Delarge (PIT)0.532
5.HC Hansen (BRU)0.539
6.A Amasova (PIT)0.543
7.H Thorning-Schmidt (BRU)0.545
8.WK Kellogg (IND)0.547
9.M Rajoy (BRU)0.553
10.L Hurley (MIL)0.554
Win Probability Added
1.L Gravas (LAL)-1.891
2.J Becker (BRU)-1.709
3.D Fuentes (LAL)-1.599
4.HC Hansen (BRU)-1.490
5.A Amasova (PIT)-1.487
6.H Thorning-Schmidt (BRU)-1.408
7.L Hurley (MIL)-1.339
8.L Aldridge (MIL)-1.294
9.C Crawford (MIL)-1.293
10.M Purvis (DOD)-1.262
Loss Shares
1.S Shepard (HOL)4.58
2.J Becker (BRU)3.66
3.C Crawford (MIL)3.32
4.J Chen (HOL)3.18
5.A Anni-Padda (TER)3.08
6.M Rajoy (BRU)3.07
7.A Mortalli (TER)2.98
8.HC Hansen (BRU)2.66
9.L Gravas (LAL)2.59
10.M Monti (BRU)2.57
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.J Becker (BRU)-19.8
2.HC Hansen (BRU)-15.2
3.D Fuentes (LAL)-14.2
4.S Shepard (HOL)-11.6
5.Squirtle (SJS)-10.9
WK Kellogg (IND)-10.9
7.A Jackson (LAL)-9.9
E Rodwell (LVG)-9.9
9.L Gravas (LAL)-8.8
10.A Amasova (PIT)-8.6
Runs Above Position
1.S Shepard (HOL)-28.2
2.J Becker (BRU)-20.4
3.J Chen (HOL)-17.3
4.M Rajoy (BRU)-15.5
5.D Fuentes (LAL)-13.9
6.C Crawford (MIL)-13.7
7.L Gravas (LAL)-13.2
8.Face (HOL)-12.7
T Blair (BRU)-12.7
10.HC Hansen (BRU)-12.6
1.G Belladonna (LVG)2.34
2.C Crawford (MIL)2.42
3.A Amasova (PIT)2.55
4.I Pavlov (STO)2.60
5.A Mortalli (TER)2.61
6.Umaro (SJS)2.64
7.A Laveran (STO)2.66
8.M Sindelar (HOL)2.67
V Gambini (DOD)2.67
10.2 with2.68
Outs Made
1.Dorothy (SJS)158
2.V Gambini (DOD)156
HC Hansen (BRU)156
4.H Pierce (LAL)154
A Mortalli (TER)154
6.Cloud (SJS)153
7.J Williamson (BKL)152
8.J Chen (HOL)150
9.DJ Fever (LAL)147
RW Sears (IND)147
1.S Weiland (DOD)10
2.D Fo (BWY)9
3.A Jackson (LAL)8
D Fuentes (LAL)8
L Aldridge (MIL)8
6.7 with7
1.P Seleski (TER)50
2.A Jackson (LAL)49
3.DJ Fever (LAL)44
A von Baeyer (STO)44
5.H Pierce (LAL)43
A Johnson (STA)43
J Williamson (BKL)43
8.I Shayk (MIL)40
RW Sears (IND)40
10.3 with39
Caught Stealing
1.T Adams (DOD)9
2.PA Jacob (BKL)8
3.H Pinter (BWY)7
4.P Seleski (TER)5
J Meckstroth (LVG)5
F Serpico (DOD)5
7.6 with4
Avg on Balls in Play
1.L Hurley (MIL)0.138
2.M Sindelar (HOL)0.147
3.HJ Kaiser (IND)0.150
4.J Becker (BRU)0.176
5.D Fuentes (LAL)0.180
6.A Amasova (PIT)0.193
P Zeeman (STO)0.193
8.WK Kellogg (IND)0.198
9.J Kaczynski (BKL)0.199
10.V Gambini (DOD)0.208

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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