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Year 20 Playoff Pitching Leaders (before games of day 2-6)

Run Average
1.R Cunningham (SEA)1.71
2.M McAleese (BWY)2.45
3.J Roberts (SEA)2.59
4.G Bear (SEA)3.24
5.V Hugo (BWY)4.44
6.GD Charlotte (STA)4.70
7.M Teresa (STO)5.94
8.R Flair (STA)6.28
9.T Disch (STO)6.59
1.R Cunningham (SEA)3
2.OS Card (SEA)2
J Roberts (SEA)2
M McAleese (BWY)2
5.M Teresa (STO)1
TS Eliot (STO)1
A Pushkin (BWY)1
V Hugo (BWY)1
M Atwood (SEA)1
J Lange (BWY)1
Win-Loss %
1.R Cunningham (SEA)1.000 (3)
OS Card (SEA)1.000 (2)
TS Eliot (STO)1.000 (1)
4.J Roberts (SEA)0.667
M McAleese (BWY)0.667
6.M Teresa (STO)0.500
A Pushkin (BWY)0.500
M Atwood (SEA)0.500
J Lange (BWY)0.500
10.V Hugo (BWY)0.333
Win Probability Added
1.C Schiffer (SEA)1.292
2.F Schiller (BWY)0.589
3.R Cunningham (SEA)0.586
4.J Lange (BWY)0.529
5.M McAleese (BWY)0.457
6.E Lauder (STO)0.349
7.J Roberts (SEA)0.340
8.G Bear (SEA)0.236
9.OS Card (SEA)0.214
10.K Gordon (BWY)0.208
Win Shares
1.G Bear (SEA)1.05
2.J Roberts (SEA)1.00
3.C Schiffer (SEA)0.97
4.M McAleese (BWY)0.83
5.M Atwood (SEA)0.70
6.OS Card (SEA)0.69
7.R Cunningham (SEA)0.68
8.A Pushkin (BWY)0.64
9.F Schiller (BWY)0.61
10.V Hugo (BWY)0.60
Support-Neutral Wins
1.M McAleese (BWY)1.97
2.J Roberts (SEA)1.85
3.R Cunningham (SEA)1.71
4.V Hugo (BWY)1.44
5.M Teresa (STO)0.87
6.T Disch (STO)0.62
7.G Bear (SEA)0.58
8.C Schiffer (SEA)0.36
9.R Flair (STA)0.33
10.M Atwood (SEA)0.25
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.M McAleese (BWY)0.53
2.R Cunningham (SEA)0.49
3.J Roberts (SEA)0.46
4.G Bear (SEA)0.28
5.C Schiffer (SEA)0.10
6.M Atwood (SEA)0.02
7.21 with0.00
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.J Roberts (SEA)5.0
2.G Bear (SEA)4.7
3.M McAleese (BWY)4.2
4.R Cunningham (SEA)3.7
5.C Schiffer (SEA)2.9
6.M Atwood (SEA)2.5
7.J Lange (BWY)2.2
8.M Teresa (STO)1.4
9.4 with1.1
1.R Cunningham (SEA)0.81
2.M McAleese (BWY)0.82
3.G Bear (SEA)0.90
4.J Roberts (SEA)1.03
5.GD Charlotte (STA)1.04
6.M Teresa (STO)1.20
7.V Hugo (BWY)1.25
8.T Disch (STO)1.61
9.R Flair (STA)1.74
Hits per 9 IP
1.M McAleese (BWY)5.96
2.G Bear (SEA)7.02
3.GD Charlotte (STA)7.04
4.R Cunningham (SEA)7.29
5.J Roberts (SEA)8.51
6.T Disch (STO)9.88
7.M Teresa (STO)10.80
8.V Hugo (BWY)10.94
9.R Flair (STA)14.44
Walks per 9 IP
1.R Cunningham (SEA)0.00 (21.0)
M Teresa (STO)0.00 (16.2)
3.V Hugo (BWY)0.34
4.J Roberts (SEA)0.74
5.G Bear (SEA)1.08
6.R Flair (STA)1.26
7.M McAleese (BWY)1.40
8.GD Charlotte (STA)2.35
9.T Disch (STO)4.61
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.J Roberts (SEA)10.73
2.GD Charlotte (STA)10.57
3.G Bear (SEA)9.18
4.M McAleese (BWY)7.01
5.R Cunningham (SEA)6.43
6.TS Eliot (STO)6.00
S Austin (STA)6.00
T Asser (STO)6.00
9.V Hugo (BWY)5.47
10.M Teresa (STO)4.86
OPS Against
1.G Bear (SEA)0.508
2.R Cunningham (SEA)0.531
3.M McAleese (BWY)0.556
4.J Roberts (SEA)0.579
5.GD Charlotte (STA)0.696
6.M Teresa (STO)0.768
7.V Hugo (BWY)0.792
8.T Disch (STO)0.842
9.R Flair (STA)0.987
1.R Flair (STA)9.4
2.R Cunningham (SEA)9.6
3.M McAleese (BWY)10.4
4.V Hugo (BWY)10.6
5.GD Charlotte (STA)11.1
6.M Teresa (STO)11.5
7.G Bear (SEA)12.5
8.J Roberts (SEA)12.7
9.T Disch (STO)13.4
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.M McAleese (BWY)0.70
2.T Disch (STO)1.32
3.M Teresa (STO)2.16
4.V Hugo (BWY)2.73
5.R Flair (STA)3.77
6.R Cunningham (SEA)4.29
7.G Bear (SEA)4.32
8.GD Charlotte (STA)7.04
9.J Roberts (SEA)7.40
1.G Bear (SEA)8
2.OS Card (SEA)7
3.M Atwood (SEA)6
J Lange (BWY)6
5.V Hugo (BWY)5
6.10 with4
1.OS Card (SEA)2
2.A Pushkin (BWY)1
C Schiffer (SEA)1
P Samuelson (STO)1
K Gordon (BWY)1
Innings Pitched
1.V Hugo (BWY)26.1
2.M McAleese (BWY)25.2
3.J Roberts (SEA)24.1
4.R Cunningham (SEA)21.0
5.M Teresa (STO)16.2
G Bear (SEA)16.2
7.R Flair (STA)14.1
8.T Disch (STO)13.2
9.M Atwood (SEA)12.0
10.C Schiffer (SEA)10.1
1.J Roberts (SEA)29
2.M McAleese (BWY)20
3.G Bear (SEA)17
4.V Hugo (BWY)16
5.R Cunningham (SEA)15
6.M Teresa (STO)9
GD Charlotte (STA)9
8.OS Card (SEA)7
9.4 with6
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.R Cunningham (SEA)99.99 (15)
M Teresa (STO)99.99 (9)
3.V Hugo (BWY)16.00
4.J Roberts (SEA)14.50
5.G Bear (SEA)8.50
6.M McAleese (BWY)5.00
7.GD Charlotte (STA)4.50
8.R Flair (STA)1.00
9.T Disch (STO)0.29
HR per 9 IP
1.J Roberts (SEA)0.00 (24.1)
G Bear (SEA)0.00 (16.2)
R Flair (STA)0.00 (14.1)
4.R Cunningham (SEA)0.86
5.V Hugo (BWY)1.37
6.M McAleese (BWY)1.40
7.M Teresa (STO)1.62
8.T Disch (STO)1.98
9.GD Charlotte (STA)2.35
1.G Bear (SEA)2
T McClure (BWY)2
M Atwood (SEA)2
4.E Lauder (STO)1
OS Card (SEA)1
SK Quin (SEA)1
WB Yeats (STO)1
F Schiller (BWY)1
Reliever %
1.E Lauder (STO)1.000 (1)
P Samuelson (STO)1.000 (1)
WB Yeats (STO)1.000 (1)
4.OS Card (SEA)0.750
5.G Bear (SEA)0.667
T McClure (BWY)0.667
M Atwood (SEA)0.667
8.5 with0.500

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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