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Year 23 Pitching Losers (before games of day 51)

Run Average
1.A Lavigne (STO)6.75
2.S Michaels (STA)6.01
3.V Clortho (HAL)5.87
4.KJ Fowler (BKL)5.83
5.M Friedman (STO)5.82
6.R Dahl (BKL)5.64
7.F Hayek (STO)5.40
8.A Karpov (LVG)5.33
9.G Merrick (KRA)5.28
10.Ke Deal (MIL)5.21
Win-Loss %
1.P Samuelson (STO)0.083
2.M Friedman (STO)0.182
3.KJ Fowler (BKL)0.200
S Michaels (STA)0.200
5.A Berzins (BRU)0.222
HH Helmsley (STA)0.222
7.A Lavigne (STO)0.267
8.Teddy KGB (PIT)0.286
9.Ke Deal (MIL)0.300
10.3 with0.333
Win Probability Added
1.L Flack (LVG)-2.509
2.A Lavigne (STO)-2.448
3.R Dahl (BKL)-1.933
4.P Samuelson (STO)-1.746
5.KJ Fowler (BKL)-1.640
6.B Fawlty (PIT)-1.586
7.M Friedman (STO)-1.583
8.S Michaels (STA)-1.495
9.B Westra (LVG)-1.485
10.G Merrick (KRA)-1.372
Loss Shares
1.A Lavigne (STO)5.52
2.A Karpov (LVG)4.58
3.H Ford (IND)4.30
4.V Clortho (HAL)3.70
5.G Merrick (KRA)3.62
6.Adele (STA)3.52
7.F Hayek (STO)3.45
8.J Gonzalez (LAL)3.02
9.KJ Fowler (BKL)2.98
10.M Robinson (PIT)2.93
Support-Neutral Losses
1.A Lavigne (STO)9.00
2.V Clortho (HAL)8.15
3.H Ford (IND)7.66
4.Adele (STA)7.61
5.M Friedman (STO)7.16
6.A Karpov (LVG)6.80
7.KJ Fowler (BKL)6.59
8.M Robinson (PIT)6.41
9.G Merrick (KRA)6.37
10.S Michaels (STA)6.27
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.A Lavigne (STO)-2.74
2.R Dahl (BKL)-1.75
3.P Samuelson (STO)-1.68
M Friedman (STO)-1.68
5.V Clortho (HAL)-1.64
6.S Michaels (STA)-1.61
7.G Merrick (KRA)-1.45
8.KJ Fowler (BKL)-1.41
9.A Karpov (LVG)-1.20
10.H Ford (IND)-1.07
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.A Lavigne (STO)-19.0
2.R Dahl (BKL)-15.0
F Hayek (STO)-15.0
4.V Clortho (HAL)-14.9
5.T Koopmans (STO)-13.3
6.A Heard (MIL)-12.2
7.G Merrick (KRA)-11.0
8.H Ford (IND)-10.2
9.A Karpov (LVG)-9.8
10.G Abela (PIT)-9.6
1.A Lavigne (STO)1.75
2.A Karpov (LVG)1.69
3.V Clortho (HAL)1.67
G Merrick (KRA)1.67
5.KJ Fowler (BKL)1.66
6.S Michaels (STA)1.60
7.M Friedman (STO)1.52
8.M Robinson (PIT)1.44
9.HH Helmsley (STA)1.41
10.Ke Deal (MIL)1.37
Hits per 9 IP
1.A Karpov (LVG)12.28
2.L Brandeis (DOD)12.17
3.M Friedman (STO)11.85
4.S Michaels (STA)11.79
5.A Lavigne (STO)11.65
6.S Krivokuca (LAL)11.64
7.G Merrick (KRA)10.56
F Hayek (STO)10.56
9.HH Helmsley (STA)10.52
10.H Ford (IND)10.29
Walks per 9 IP
1.V Clortho (HAL)5.87
2.KJ Fowler (BKL)4.75
3.G Merrick (KRA)4.44
4.M Robinson (PIT)4.37
5.A Lavigne (STO)4.07
6.N Stephenson (BKL)3.91
7.J Stewart (ACT)3.84
8.GD Charlotte (SJS)3.40
9.B Baron (HAL)3.36
10.G Grosics (KRA)3.35
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.H Ford (IND)2.41
2.R Flair (DOD-KRA)2.58
3.Schala (SJS)3.52
4.S Michaels (STA)3.89
5.A Bundy (LAL)3.94
6.M Robinson (PIT)4.20
7.Teddy KGB (PIT)4.98
8.Casper (HAL)5.32
9.Adele (STA)5.45
10.2 with5.56
OPS Against
1.A Lavigne (STO)0.889
2.M Friedman (STO)0.867
3.KJ Fowler (BKL)0.833
4.A Karpov (LVG)0.831
5.Adele (STA)0.827
6.J Roberts (SEA)0.818
7.F Hayek (STO)0.814
8.H Ford (IND)0.808
9.Ke Deal (MIL)0.797
10.S Michaels (STA)0.791
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.L Brandeis (DOD)9.60
2.S Michaels (STA)8.84
3.A Karpov (LVG)8.22
4.HH Helmsley (STA)7.55
5.S Krivokuca (LAL)7.08
6.A Lavigne (STO)6.93
7.V Clortho (HAL)6.70
8.A Bundy (LAL)6.50
9.G Merrick (KRA)6.48
10.M Maeterlinck (HAL)6.00
Runs Allowed
1.A Lavigne (STO)73
2.V Clortho (HAL)63
3.Adele (STA)62
4.H Ford (IND)61
5.A Karpov (LVG)59
6.KJ Fowler (BKL)54
7.M Friedman (STO)53
8.Schala (SJS)52
9.S Michaels (STA)51
10.3 with48
Hits Allowed
1.A Karpov (LVG)136
2.R Flair (DOD-KRA)133
3.H Ford (IND)128
4.A Lavigne (STO)126
5.Adele (STA)119
6.L Brandeis (DOD)114
7.V Hugo (BWY)113
8.M Friedman (STO)108
9.A Karembeu (MIL)106
10.R Plevneliev (SEA)102
1.V Clortho (HAL)63
2.M Robinson (PIT)51
3.A Lavigne (STO)44
KJ Fowler (BKL)44
5.J Stewart (ACT)42
6.N Stephenson (BKL)41
7.G Merrick (KRA)37
8.Adele (STA)36
9.Teddy KGB (PIT)35
10.SR Leonard (BWY)34
Line Drives Allowed
1.A Karpov (LVG)91
2.L Brandeis (DOD)90
3.A Lavigne (STO)75
S Michaels (STA)75
5.V Clortho (HAL)72
6.HH Helmsley (STA)71
A Bundy (LAL)71
8.C Schlumberger (IND)61
9.S Krivokuca (LAL)59
10.H Ford (IND)57
HR Allowed
1.Adele (STA)27
2.Casper (HAL)23
3.J Stewart (ACT)20
4.Schala (SJS)19
H Ford (IND)19
Teddy KGB (PIT)19
7.A Lavigne (STO)17
8.R Plevneliev (SEA)16
A Cunningham (LVG)16
R Dahl (BKL)16
1.A Lavigne (STO)11
P Samuelson (STO)11
3.Teddy KGB (PIT)10
4.M Friedman (STO)9
5.M Robinson (PIT)8
Adele (STA)8
H Ford (IND)8
A Karembeu (MIL)8
KJ Fowler (BKL)8
S Michaels (STA)8
Blown Saves
1.WF Jenkins (BKL)4
L Flack (LVG)4
Di Kong (SJS)4
OS Card (SEA)4
M Atwood (KRA)4
6.10 with3
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.M Robinson (PIT)0.96
2.V Clortho (HAL)1.02
3.Schala (SJS)1.16
4.H Ford (IND)1.36
5.S Michaels (STA)1.50
6.A Lavigne (STO)1.55
7.N Stephenson (BKL)1.56
8.KJ Fowler (BKL)1.61
9.Teddy KGB (PIT)1.91
10.2 with1.94
HR per 9 IP
1.Adele (STA)2.10
2.R Dahl (BKL)1.92
3.Schala (SJS)1.86
4.Casper (HAL)1.85
5.J Stewart (ACT)1.83
6.Ke Deal (MIL)1.66
7.A Lavigne (STO)1.57
8.F Hayek (STO)1.56
9.L Kover (BRU)1.55
10.M Friedman (STO)1.54
Reliever %
1.L Flack (LVG)0.556
2.T Durden (PIT)0.667
F Hayek (STO)0.667
4.M Luske (LVG)0.700
V Jordan (STA)0.700
6.Sulu (ACT)0.727
7.WF Jenkins (BKL)0.750
Di Kong (SJS)0.750
E Macpherson (DOD-BWY)0.750
10.OS Card (SEA)0.765

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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