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Year 23 Playoff Pitching Leaders (before games of day 2-7)

Run Average
1.V Hugo (BWY)1.03
2.A Bundy (LAL)2.92
3.R Flair (KRA)3.03
4.G Grosics (KRA)3.06
5.SR Leonard (BWY)3.91
6.S Austin (LAL)5.40
7.H Ford (IND)5.87
8.C Schlumberger (IND)9.35
1.R Flair (KRA)3
2.SR Leonard (BWY)2
V Hugo (BWY)2
M Atwood (KRA)2
5.G Grosics (KRA)1
A Pushkin (BWY)1
A Bundy (LAL)1
V Valentine (KRA)1
M McAleese (BWY)1
Castilho (KRA)1
Win-Loss %
1.V Hugo (BWY)1.000 (2)
M Atwood (KRA)1.000 (2)
A Bundy (LAL)1.000 (1)
4.R Flair (KRA)0.750
5.SR Leonard (BWY)0.667
6.G Grosics (KRA)0.500
A Pushkin (BWY)0.500
V Valentine (KRA)0.500
M McAleese (BWY)0.500
Castilho (KRA)0.500
Win Probability Added
1.M Atwood (KRA)1.575
2.A Pushkin (BWY)1.121
3.V Hugo (BWY)1.067
4.Gilmar (KRA)0.396
5.E Macpherson (BWY)0.363
6.G Steele (KRA)0.320
7.R Flair (KRA)0.299
A Bundy (LAL)0.299
9.SK Quin (BWY)0.225
10.G Grosics (KRA)0.199
Win Shares
1.R Flair (KRA)1.32
2.A Pushkin (BWY)1.24
3.M Atwood (KRA)1.23
4.V Hugo (BWY)1.12
5.SR Leonard (BWY)0.65
6.G Grosics (KRA)0.62
7.Gilmar (KRA)0.27
8.EF Russell (KRA)0.25
G Steele (KRA)0.25
10.R Bolt (BWY)0.22
Support-Neutral Wins
1.R Flair (KRA)2.42
2.V Hugo (BWY)2.40
3.SR Leonard (BWY)1.24
4.G Grosics (KRA)1.23
5.A Bundy (LAL)0.80
6.S Austin (LAL)0.45
7.M McAleese (BWY)0.24
8.G Merrick (KRA)0.22
9.H Ford (IND)0.19
10.C Schlumberger (IND)0.14
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.V Hugo (BWY)1.00
2.R Flair (KRA)0.36
3.G Grosics (KRA)0.19
4.A Bundy (LAL)0.14
5.M McAleese (BWY)0.01
6.23 with0.00
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.V Hugo (BWY)5.8
2.R Flair (KRA)4.8
3.M Atwood (KRA)4.0
4.A Pushkin (BWY)3.5
5.G Steele (KRA)3.2
6.SR Leonard (BWY)2.3
7.D Zbornak (LAL)1.7
S Jobs (IND)1.7
9.Gilmar (KRA)1.2
G Grosics (KRA)1.2
1.A Bundy (LAL)0.97
2.V Hugo (BWY)1.03
3.SR Leonard (BWY)1.13
4.H Ford (IND)1.17
5.G Grosics (KRA)1.42
6.R Flair (KRA)1.48
7.S Austin (LAL)1.71
8.C Schlumberger (IND)2.54
Hits per 9 IP
1.G Grosics (KRA)6.11
2.A Bundy (LAL)6.57
3.V Hugo (BWY)8.20
4.H Ford (IND)8.22
SR Leonard (BWY)8.22
6.S Austin (LAL)10.80
7.R Flair (KRA)11.53
8.C Schlumberger (IND)17.65
Walks per 9 IP
1.V Hugo (BWY)1.03
2.R Flair (KRA)1.82
3.SR Leonard (BWY)1.96
4.A Bundy (LAL)2.19
5.H Ford (IND)2.35
6.S Austin (LAL)4.63
7.C Schlumberger (IND)5.19
8.G Grosics (KRA)6.62
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.S Jobs (IND)9.00
2.G Grosics (KRA)8.66
3.V Hugo (BWY)8.20
4.S Austin (LAL)7.71
5.SR Leonard (BWY)6.65
6.A Pushkin (BWY)6.60
P Schmitt (BWY)6.60
8.C Schlumberger (IND)6.23
9.M Atwood (KRA)5.45
10.D Zbornak (LAL)4.80
OPS Against
1.V Hugo (BWY)0.558
2.G Grosics (KRA)0.622
3.SR Leonard (BWY)0.651
4.A Bundy (LAL)0.672
5.R Flair (KRA)0.730
6.S Austin (LAL)0.948
H Ford (IND)0.948
8.C Schlumberger (IND)1.315
1.A Bundy (LAL)10.2
2.SR Leonard (BWY)11.9
3.R Flair (KRA)12.1
4.V Hugo (BWY)12.3
5.H Ford (IND)12.4
6.S Austin (LAL)14.0
7.G Grosics (KRA)15.4
8.C Schlumberger (IND)17.0
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.H Ford (IND)0.00
2.R Flair (KRA)0.30
3.G Grosics (KRA)2.04
4.V Hugo (BWY)2.05
5.SR Leonard (BWY)3.13
6.A Bundy (LAL)5.11
7.S Austin (LAL)6.17
8.C Schlumberger (IND)10.38
1.EF Russell (KRA)8
P Schmitt (BWY)8
M Atwood (KRA)8
4.N Vodianova (BWY)7
Castilho (KRA)7
6.R Flair (KRA)6
A Pushkin (BWY)6
V Valentine (KRA)6
G Steele (KRA)6
10.2 with5
1.A Pushkin (BWY)2
P Schmitt (BWY)2
M Atwood (KRA)2
4.M McAleese (BWY)1
Castilho (KRA)1
J Gonzalez (LAL)1
Innings Pitched
1.R Flair (KRA)29.2
2.V Hugo (BWY)26.1
3.SR Leonard (BWY)23.0
4.G Grosics (KRA)17.2
5.M Atwood (KRA)15.0
6.A Bundy (LAL)12.1
7.P Schmitt (BWY)12.0
8.S Austin (LAL)11.2
9.A Pushkin (BWY)10.2
10.G Steele (KRA)10.1
1.V Hugo (BWY)24
2.G Grosics (KRA)17
SR Leonard (BWY)17
4.A Pushkin (BWY)11
P Schmitt (BWY)11
6.S Austin (LAL)10
M Atwood (KRA)10
8.G Steele (KRA)8
9.EF Russell (KRA)7
R Flair (KRA)7
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.V Hugo (BWY)8.00
2.SR Leonard (BWY)3.40
3.S Austin (LAL)1.67
4.H Ford (IND)1.50
5.G Grosics (KRA)1.31
6.C Schlumberger (IND)1.20
7.R Flair (KRA)1.17
8.A Bundy (LAL)0.67
HR per 9 IP
1.R Flair (KRA)0.00
2.V Hugo (BWY)0.34
3.G Grosics (KRA)0.51
4.SR Leonard (BWY)0.78
5.C Schlumberger (IND)1.04
6.S Austin (LAL)1.54
7.A Bundy (LAL)2.19
8.H Ford (IND)4.70
1.EF Russell (KRA)2
E Macpherson (BWY)2
N Vodianova (BWY)2
4.B Devereaux (LAL)1
P Schmitt (BWY)1
N Linkletter (KRA)1
M McAleese (BWY)1
Castilho (KRA)1
M Atwood (KRA)1
Reliever %
1.M Atwood (KRA)1.000 (3)
A Pushkin (BWY)1.000 (2)
E Macpherson (BWY)1.000 (2)
N Vodianova (BWY)1.000 (2)
M McAleese (BWY)1.000 (2)
Castilho (KRA)1.000 (2)
B Devereaux (LAL)1.000 (1)
J Gonzalez (LAL)1.000 (1)
9.P Schmitt (BWY)0.750
10.2 with0.500

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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