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Year 25 Batting Leaders (before games of day 51)

1.J Orton (BWY)0.425
2.E Clapton (SEA)0.413
3.C Dicker (MIL)0.357
4.RW Sears (KRA)0.346
5.Kal-El (ACT)0.345
6.JM Ayrault (BRU)0.342
J Anouilh (HAL)0.342
8.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)0.340
9.JM Forbes (LAL)0.339
10.R Rabbit (PIT)0.337
On-Base %
1.J Orton (BWY)0.468
2.E Clapton (SEA)0.446
3.Hannibal (ACT)0.438
4.JM Ayrault (BRU)0.428
5.JM Forbes (LAL)0.418
6.J Anouilh (HAL)0.407
7.W Disney (IND)0.404
8.R Summers (ACT)0.403
9.L Stankevicius (BRU)0.394
10.Face (BWY)0.390
Slugging %
1.J Hendrix (BRU)0.669
2.Kal-El (ACT)0.643
3.JM Forbes (LAL)0.638
4.J Orton (BWY)0.616
5.RW Sears (KRA)0.612
6.N Tesla (KRA)0.588
7.E Clapton (SEA)0.587
8.Hannibal (ACT)0.571
9.C Dicker (MIL)0.561
10.DJ Fever (KRA)0.560
1.J Orton (BWY)1.084
2.JM Forbes (LAL)1.056
3.E Clapton (SEA)1.033
4.J Hendrix (BRU)1.028
5.Kal-El (ACT)1.017
6.Hannibal (ACT)1.009
7.RW Sears (KRA)0.958
8.JM Ayrault (BRU)0.947
9.DJ Fever (KRA)0.946
10.C Dicker (MIL)0.936
Win Probability Added
1.JM Forbes (LAL)3.353
2.J Orton (BWY)2.724
3.W Disney (IND)2.512
4.N Tesla (KRA)2.429
5.J Hendrix (BRU)2.340
6.DJ Fever (KRA)2.072
7.Hannibal (ACT)2.036
8.T Anderson (MIL)2.010
9.Cloud (PIT-SJS)1.811
10.Kal-El (ACT)1.796
Win Shares
1.Hannibal (ACT)3.36
2.DJ Fever (KRA)3.34
3.JM Ayrault (BRU)3.20
4.JM Forbes (LAL)3.14
5.S Pluskal (KRA)3.04
6.G Persson (BRU)3.02
7.Kal-El (ACT)2.95
8.B Root (LVG)2.69
9.S2 Hotty (STA)2.66
10.E Clapton (SEA)2.62
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.DJ Fever (KRA)16.7
2.Hannibal (ACT)16.4
3.JM Forbes (LAL)16.3
4.Kal-El (ACT)15.8
5.JM Ayrault (BRU)15.7
6.E Clapton (SEA)14.7
7.J Hendrix (BRU)14.2
8.RW Sears (KRA)13.8
9.J Orton (BWY)13.5
W Disney (IND)13.5
Runs Above Position
1.DJ Fever (KRA)18.2
2.JM Ayrault (BRU)17.7
3.B Root (LVG)16.5
4.L Snowdon (SEA)16.4
5.S Pluskal (KRA)16.3
6.Hannibal (ACT)16.2
7.JM Forbes (LAL)16.0
8.E Kokish (LVG)15.5
9.E Clapton (SEA)14.7
10.G Persson (BRU)14.5
Games Played
1.Slimer (HAL)50
WS Burroughs (BKL)50
A Behn (BWY)50
ET Kocher (ACT)50
5.8 with49
1.Slimer (HAL)214
2.K Boo (HAL)213
3.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)209
Mv Miller (IND)209
5.ET Kocher (ACT)208
6.W de Backer (SEA)204
TG Cid (SJS)204
R Hayabusa (MIL)204
9.C Richet (STO)203
10.A Behn (BWY)201
Plate Appearances
1.W Disney (IND)225
2.Slimer (HAL)224
3.WS Burroughs (BKL)223
4.K Boo (HAL)221
5.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)218
6.Hannibal (ACT)217
7.W de Backer (SEA)216
8.JM Ayrault (BRU)215
R Hayabusa (MIL)215
10.A Behn (BWY)213
Runs Scored
1.Hannibal (ACT)43
2.JM Ayrault (BRU)39
3.E Clapton (SEA)37
4.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)36
5.DJ Fever (KRA)35
6.W de Backer (SEA)32
7.6 with31
1.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)71
2.E Clapton (SEA)69
3.W de Backer (SEA)65
K Boo (HAL)65
RW Sears (KRA)65
6.JM Ayrault (BRU)64
7.J Orton (BWY)62
DJ Fever (KRA)62
R Rabbit (PIT)62
10.4 with61
Line Drives
1.E Clapton (SEA)66
2.C Dicker (MIL)53
3.A Amadei (LAL)47
CJ Cherry (BKL)47
5.L Stankevicius (BRU)46
6.K Boo (HAL)44
Crash (STO)44
8.E Garrett (LAL)43
9.J Orton (BWY)42
Parappa (SJS)42
1.M Belvedere (LAL)3.63
2.E Siddal (MIL)3.50
3.Face (BWY)3.49
M Rajoy (BRU)3.49
5.K Moss (ACT)3.44
6.G Monsoon (STA)3.43
Peeves (HAL)3.43
8.G Hampson (LVG)3.42
9.Baraka (BWY)3.41
H Christensen (MIL)3.41
Total Bases
1.RW Sears (KRA)115
2.JM Forbes (LAL)113
3.J Hendrix (BRU)111
4.Kal-El (ACT)110
5.B Maitland (HAL)108
6.W de Backer (SEA)107
DJ Fever (KRA)107
8.Cloud (PIT-SJS)105
9.N Tesla (KRA)104
10.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)103
1.E Kokish (LVG)17
C Dicker (MIL)17
3.JM Ayrault (BRU)16
4.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)15
DJ Fever (KRA)15
CJ Cherry (BKL)15
7.L Beel (BRU)14
S Young (BRU-LVG)14
C Richet (STO)14
10.14 with12
1.T Lee (BKL)6
K Moss (ACT)6
3.JM Ayrault (BRU)4
R Man (STA)4
RW Sears (KRA)4
C Winslow (DOD)4
P Mason (LAL)4
Snake (SJS)4
Sephiroth (HAL)4
10.13 with3
Home Runs
1.N Tesla (KRA)17
J Hendrix (BRU)17
3.JM Forbes (LAL)14
4.Kal-El (ACT)13
Saria (SJS)13
6.S Pluskal (KRA)12
L Snowdon (SEA)12
Cloud (PIT-SJS)12
9.4 with11
1.N Tesla (KRA)41
2.Kal-El (ACT)40
3.JM Forbes (LAL)38
4.R Summers (ACT)36
5.Hannibal (ACT)35
Cloud (PIT-SJS)35
7.J Orton (BWY)34
8.W de Backer (SEA)33
J Hendrix (BRU)33
10.2 with32
1.Hannibal (ACT)40
2.W Disney (IND)37
3.S Pluskal (KRA)33
M Rajoy (BRU)33
5.E Siddal (MIL)32
6.JM Ayrault (BRU)28
G Monsoon (STA)28
8.L Stankevicius (BRU)25
F Garcia Lorca (BWY)25
K Moss (ACT)25
Stolen Bases
1.JM Ayrault (BRU)41
2.E Kokish (LVG)22
3.PT Barnum (IND)18
4.E Clapton (SEA)17
R Rabbit (PIT)17
6.DJ Fever (KRA)15
K Moss (ACT)15
8.S Matthews (KRA)14
9.3 with13
Stolen Base %
1.DJ Fever (KRA)0.882
2.PT Barnum (IND)0.783
3.S Matthews (KRA)0.778
4.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)0.765
Snake (SJS)0.765
Faarooq (STA)0.765
7.E Kokish (LVG)0.759
8.K Moss (ACT)0.750
9.E Clapton (SEA)0.739
10.JM Ayrault (BRU)0.732
1.E Clapton (SEA)52
2.K Boo (HAL)51
3.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)50
4.J Orton (BWY)48
5.A Behn (BWY)46
6.W de Backer (SEA)45
7.PT Barnum (IND)44
8.R Summers (ACT)43
Prez (DOD)43
10.R Hayabusa (MIL)42
Times on Base
1.Hannibal (ACT)95
2.JM Ayrault (BRU)92
3.W Disney (IND)91
4.JM Forbes (LAL)84
5.DJ Fever (KRA)81
6.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)80
7.E Clapton (SEA)79
R Summers (ACT)79
9.W de Backer (SEA)77
G Persson (BRU)77
Extra-Base Hits
1.J Hendrix (BRU)27
2.DJ Fever (KRA)26
RW Sears (KRA)26
Cloud (PIT-SJS)26
5.JM Forbes (LAL)25
6.Kal-El (ACT)24
Hannibal (ACT)24
CJ Cherry (BKL)24
9.3 with23
Isolated Power
1.J Hendrix (BRU)0.368
2.N Tesla (KRA)0.328
3.JM Forbes (LAL)0.299
4.Kal-El (ACT)0.298
5.L Snowdon (SEA)0.295
6.Saria (SJS)0.281
7.Cloud (PIT-SJS)0.269
8.S Pluskal (KRA)0.268
B Root (LVG)0.268
10.RW Sears (KRA)0.266
Avg on Balls in Play
1.E Clapton (SEA)0.447
2.C Dicker (MIL)0.426
3.WR Hearst (PIT-IND)0.410
4.J Orton (BWY)0.401
5.J Dylan (SEA)0.398
6.L Beel (BRU)0.388
7.A Amadei (LAL)0.382
RW Sears (KRA)0.382
9.R Rabbit (PIT)0.374
10.E Kokish (LVG)0.373
Game-winning RBI
1.J Rzeznik (SEA)8
Hannibal (ACT)8
Spyro (SJS)8
4.W de Backer (SEA)7
Baltazar (KRA)7
Benson (LAL)7
7.6 with6

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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