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Year 36 Playoff Batting Leaders (before games of day 2-8)

1.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)0.471
2.D Clapp (BRU)0.425
3.Sm Beckett (ACT)0.423
4.J Franck (STO)0.403
5.P Oresharski (STO)0.400
6.V Corleone (SJS)0.391
7.JJ Thomson (STO)0.375
8.M Beacon (SJS)0.368
9.D Banner (ACT)0.359
10.M Lantos (BRU)0.353
On-Base %
1.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)0.500
2.D Clapp (BRU)0.489
3.P Oresharski (STO)0.438
4.D Banner (ACT)0.432
5.Scooby-Doo (ACT)0.426
6.Sm Beckett (ACT)0.423
7.JJ Thomson (STO)0.412
8.M Lantos (BRU)0.405
9.J Franck (STO)0.403
10.2 with0.400
Slugging %
1.D Clapp (BRU)0.750
2.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)0.735
3.D Banner (ACT)0.641
4.Sm Beckett (ACT)0.635
5.D MacLeod (ACT)0.580
6.F Costanza (ACT)0.513
7.W Hess (STO)0.500
8.A Douglas-Home (BRU)0.488
9.J Franck (STO)0.484
10.V Corleone (SJS)0.478
1.D Clapp (BRU)1.239
2.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)1.235
3.D Banner (ACT)1.073
4.Sm Beckett (ACT)1.058
5.D MacLeod (ACT)0.962
6.F Costanza (ACT)0.913
7.J Franck (STO)0.887
8.V Corleone (SJS)0.869
9.A Douglas-Home (BRU)0.858
10.W Hess (STO)0.853
Win Probability Added
1.Sm Beckett (ACT)0.649
2.D Clapp (BRU)0.608
3.JJ Thomson (STO)0.562
4.Scooby-Doo (ACT)0.475
5.A Douglas-Home (BRU)0.391
6.D Banner (ACT)0.366
7.L Sawyer (BRU)0.310
8.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)0.258
9.Chu-Chu (SJS)0.168
10.Jowy (SJS)0.091
Win Shares
1.D Clapp (BRU)1.35
2.D MacLeod (ACT)0.96
3.Sm Beckett (ACT)0.94
4.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)0.79
5.F Costanza (ACT)0.53
A Douglas-Home (BRU)0.53
7.D Banner (ACT)0.52
8.Freya (BRU)0.35
W Kok (BRU)0.35
10.2 with0.30
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.D Clapp (BRU)6.4
2.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)5.4
3.Sm Beckett (ACT)3.6
4.D MacLeod (ACT)3.0
5.D Banner (ACT)2.5
6.F Costanza (ACT)2.3
7.L Sawyer (BRU)2.0
8.Scooby-Doo (ACT)1.5
9.A Douglas-Home (BRU)1.4
10.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)1.3
Runs Above Position
1.D Clapp (BRU)10.6
2.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)6.6
3.D MacLeod (ACT)5.7
4.Sm Beckett (ACT)4.5
5.D Banner (ACT)3.1
6.F Costanza (ACT)2.8
7.Vader (ACT)2.1
8.L Sawyer (BRU)1.5
9.Freya (BRU)1.4
A Douglas-Home (BRU)1.4
Games Played
1.D MacLeod (ACT)12
KC Caine (ACT)12
Sm Beckett (ACT)12
4.L Tichy (ACT)11
F Costanza (ACT)11
6.6 with10
1.Sm Beckett (ACT)52
2.D MacLeod (ACT)50
3.KC Caine (ACT)45
4.L Tichy (ACT)43
A Douglas-Home (BRU)43
6.D Clapp (BRU)40
7.D Banner (ACT)39
F Costanza (ACT)39
I Emsis (BRU)39
Scooby-Doo (ACT)39
Plate Appearances
1.D MacLeod (ACT)55
2.Sm Beckett (ACT)52
3.KC Caine (ACT)48
4.Scooby-Doo (ACT)47
5.A Douglas-Home (BRU)46
6.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)45
F Costanza (ACT)45
D Clapp (BRU)45
9.D Banner (ACT)44
10.L Tichy (ACT)43
Runs Scored
1.D Clapp (BRU)14
2.D MacLeod (ACT)10
3.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)9
4.D Banner (ACT)7
Sm Beckett (ACT)7
M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)7
A Douglas-Home (BRU)7
8.F Costanza (ACT)5
P Doyle (BRU)5
10.5 with4
1.Sm Beckett (ACT)22
2.D Clapp (BRU)17
3.D MacLeod (ACT)16
M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)16
5.D Banner (ACT)14
A Douglas-Home (BRU)14
7.M Lantos (BRU)12
L Tichy (ACT)12
F Costanza (ACT)12
Scooby-Doo (ACT)12
Line Drives
1.A Douglas-Home (BRU)15
2.Sm Beckett (ACT)13
3.Scooby-Doo (ACT)9
4.D MacLeod (ACT)8
5.D Banner (ACT)7
W Kok (BRU)7
V Corleone (SJS)7
8.L Tichy (ACT)6
M Beacon (SJS)6
10.2 with5
1.P Doyle (BRU)4.00
2.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)3.64
3.JJR Macleod (STO)3.53
4.Elly (SJS)3.38
5.Scooby-Doo (ACT)3.36
6.D Banner (ACT)3.30
7.Freya (BRU)3.28
8.Fei (SJS)3.10
J Franck (STO)3.10
10.Al Fleming (STO)3.06
Total Bases
1.Sm Beckett (ACT)33
2.D Clapp (BRU)30
3.D MacLeod (ACT)29
4.D Banner (ACT)25
M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)25
6.A Douglas-Home (BRU)21
7.F Costanza (ACT)20
8.L Tichy (ACT)19
9.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)17
10.Scooby-Doo (ACT)16
1.D MacLeod (ACT)4
A Douglas-Home (BRU)4
Scooby-Doo (ACT)4
4.M Lantos (BRU)3
MacGyver (ACT)3
D Banner (ACT)3
M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)3
8.8 with2
1.H Clay (ACT)1
Jowy (SJS)1
D Banner (ACT)1
Home Runs
1.D Clapp (BRU)4
2.D MacLeod (ACT)3
Sm Beckett (ACT)3
4.8 with2
1.Sm Beckett (ACT)11
2.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)10
3.A Douglas-Home (BRU)9
4.D MacLeod (ACT)7
F Costanza (ACT)7
D Clapp (BRU)7
7.Freya (BRU)6
I Emsis (BRU)6
9.3 with5
1.Scooby-Doo (ACT)8
2.Freya (BRU)7
J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)7
4.F Costanza (ACT)6
P Doyle (BRU)6
6.D MacLeod (ACT)5
D Banner (ACT)5
Zidane (SJS)5
D Clapp (BRU)5
10.5 with3
Stolen Bases
1.D Clapp (BRU)4
2.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)2
3.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)1
Stolen Base %
1.D Clapp (BRU)1.000
2.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)0.500
3.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)0.250
1.Sm Beckett (ACT)17
2.D Clapp (BRU)12
3.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)11
4.M Lantos (BRU)9
D MacLeod (ACT)9
L Tichy (ACT)9
A Douglas-Home (BRU)9
8.5 with8
Times on Base
1.Sm Beckett (ACT)22
D Clapp (BRU)22
3.D MacLeod (ACT)21
4.Scooby-Doo (ACT)20
5.D Banner (ACT)19
6.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)18
F Costanza (ACT)18
8.A Douglas-Home (BRU)17
9.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)16
10.M Lantos (BRU)15
Extra-Base Hits
1.D MacLeod (ACT)7
2.D Banner (ACT)6
3.Sm Beckett (ACT)5
M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)5
A Douglas-Home (BRU)5
D Clapp (BRU)5
7.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)4
F Costanza (ACT)4
Scooby-Doo (ACT)4
10.6 with3
Isolated Power
1.D Clapp (BRU)0.325
2.D Banner (ACT)0.282
3.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)0.264
4.D MacLeod (ACT)0.260
5.Freya (BRU)0.241
6.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)0.236
7.Sm Beckett (ACT)0.212
8.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU)0.210
9.F Costanza (ACT)0.205
10.W Hess (STO)0.188
Avg on Balls in Play
1.V Corleone (SJS)0.529
2.M Bourges-Maunoury (BRU)0.483
3.J Franck (STO)0.481
4.Sm Beckett (ACT)0.432
5.P Oresharski (STO)0.429
JJ Thomson (STO)0.429
7.M Beacon (SJS)0.412
8.D Banner (ACT)0.375
9.D Clapp (BRU)0.371
10.2 with0.364
Game-winning RBI
1.Sm Beckett (ACT)3
2.Freya (BRU)2
A Douglas-Home (BRU)2
D Clapp (BRU)2
5.7 with1

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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