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Year 38 Batting Leaders (before games of day 2-6)

1.G Rosenkranz (LVG)0.466
2.I Netto (KRA)0.425
3.D Clapp (BKL)0.380
4.P Buffay (LAL)0.371
5.JJR Macleod (STO)0.363
6.O Schindler (BWY)0.351
7.J Cash (SEA)0.349
8.G Villiers (BWY)0.345
9.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)0.344
10.M Mumford (SEA)0.343
On-Base %
1.I Netto (KRA)0.520
2.G Rosenkranz (LVG)0.490
3.M Lantos (BRU-STO)0.464
4.P Buffay (LAL)0.462
5.A Del Rio (BKL)0.461
6.W Hess (STO)0.459
7.Scooby-Doo (ACT)0.456
8.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)0.443
9.Cissnei (SJS)0.424
10.J Kranyak (LVG)0.411
Slugging %
1.JJR Macleod (STO)0.698
2.D Clapp (BKL)0.696
3.G Villiers (BWY)0.690
4.J Cash (SEA)0.686
5.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)0.607
LM Bujold (BKL)0.607
7.J Kranyak (LVG)0.601
8.G Rosenkranz (LVG)0.598
9.S Truth (SEA)0.596
10.P Buffay (LAL)0.593
1.G Villiers (BWY)1.090
2.G Rosenkranz (LVG)1.088
3.D Clapp (BKL)1.086
4.I Netto (KRA)1.085
JJR Macleod (STO)1.085
6.P Buffay (LAL)1.055
7.J Cash (SEA)1.053
8.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)1.050
9.J Kranyak (LVG)1.012
10.Scooby-Doo (ACT)0.978
Win Probability Added
1.I Netto (KRA)2.424
2.S Truth (SEA)2.391
3.G Rosenkranz (LVG)2.370
4.J Kranyak (LVG)1.907
5.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)1.875
6.D Clapp (BKL)1.803
7.Scooby-Doo (ACT)1.613
8.G Villiers (BWY)1.603
JJR Macleod (STO)1.603
10.Elly (SJS)1.581
Win Shares
1.I Netto (KRA)5.06
2.J Cash (SEA)3.82
3.JJR Macleod (STO)3.71
4.P Buffay (LAL)3.53
5.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)3.14
6.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)3.13
7.J Kranyak (LVG)3.04
8.A Fouilloux (KRA)3.03
9.A Labruna (KRA)3.02
10.S Truth (SEA)2.99
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.I Netto (KRA)27.0
2.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)20.9
3.G Villiers (BWY)20.8
4.D Clapp (BKL)20.3
5.G Rosenkranz (LVG)17.6
6.J Kranyak (LVG)17.2
7.P Buffay (LAL)16.8
JJR Macleod (STO)16.8
9.J Cash (SEA)16.3
10.Scooby-Doo (ACT)13.9
Runs Above Position
1.I Netto (KRA)35.4
2.J Cash (SEA)27.8
3.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)24.0
4.P Buffay (LAL)20.2
5.JJR Macleod (STO)20.0
6.J Kranyak (LVG)18.1
7.G Villiers (BWY)16.8
8.D Clapp (BKL)15.5
9.D Banner (ACT)15.3
10.2 with14.4
Games Played
1.HT Stone (BRU)50
ML King Jr (BER)50
A Samaras (SEA)50
C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)50
M Mumford (SEA)50
M Luther (BER)50
7.6 with49
1.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)217
2.DP Moynihan (WAS)207
3.M Mumford (SEA)204
4.S Truth (SEA)203
5.A Labruna (KRA)202
6.WF Buckley Jr. (BER)199
7.A Fouilloux (KRA)197
8.O Schindler (BWY)194
D Banner (ACT)194
10.2 with193
Plate Appearances
1.A Labruna (KRA)226
2.I Netto (KRA)223
3.M Mumford (SEA)221
4.B Strugatsky (BKL)218
5.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)217
6.A Douglas-Home (LAL)216
WF Buckley Jr. (BER)216
DP Moynihan (WAS)216
9.ML King Jr (BER)215
10.2 with211
Runs Scored
1.I Netto (KRA)51
2.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)38
D Banner (ACT)38
4.J Cash (SEA)37
P Buffay (LAL)37
6.S de Wijs (LVG)36
7.S Truth (SEA)35
8.W Hess (STO)34
J Kranyak (LVG)34
10.2 with32
1.G Rosenkranz (LVG)88
2.I Netto (KRA)79
3.M Mumford (SEA)70
D Clapp (BKL)70
5.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)69
6.S Truth (SEA)68
O Schindler (BWY)68
8.A Labruna (KRA)67
9.3 with65
Line Drives
1.G Rosenkranz (LVG)87
2.M Luther (BER)66
3.A Labruna (KRA)53
4.T Chiang (BKL)51
5.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)47
V Corleone (SJS)47
7.G Cook (BKL)45
N Agdal (MIL)45
9.A Luck (ALM)43
10.2 with42
1.W Hess (STO)3.67
2.B Russo (LAL)3.66
3.Je Ford (BKL)3.59
4.Zack (SJS)3.55
5.J Smalls (MIL)3.52
A Del Rio (BKL)3.52
7.M Lantos (BRU-STO)3.49
8.J Trnka (BER)3.48
9.J de Ville (PHI)3.45
10.P Doyle (BRU-STO)3.41
Total Bases
1.D Clapp (BKL)128
2.JJR Macleod (STO)125
3.S Truth (SEA)121
4.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)120
G Villiers (BWY)120
6.J Cash (SEA)118
7.G Rosenkranz (LVG)113
8.LM Bujold (BKL)111
9.I Netto (KRA)105
10.KC Caine (ACT)104
1.G Rosenkranz (LVG)22
2.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)21
3.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)19
D Clapp (BKL)19
5.JJR Macleod (STO)18
6.M Mumford (SEA)17
D Banner (ACT)17
8.LM Bujold (BKL)16
9.K Okereke (SEA)15
10.5 with14
1.JJR Macleod (STO)9
2.S de Wijs (LVG)4
J Cash (SEA)4
LM Bujold (BKL)4
A Luck (ALM)4
M Bulgakov (BWY)4
J de Ville (PHI)4
8.15 with3
Home Runs
1.G Villiers (BWY)15
2.S Truth (SEA)13
3.J Cash (SEA)12
F Mulder (DOD)12
L Tichy (ACT)12
J Kranyak (LVG)12
7.D Clapp (BKL)11
8.7 with10
1.A Fouilloux (KRA)48
2.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)45
3.S Truth (SEA)44
4.G Villiers (BWY)42
5.Paco Gento (KRA)37
J Kranyak (LVG)37
7.LM Bujold (BKL)36
L Tichy (ACT)36
9.C Tourneur (BWY)33
JJR Macleod (STO)33
1.W Hess (STO)47
2.I Netto (KRA)37
3.Scooby-Doo (ACT)36
4.M Lantos (BRU-STO)35
Freya (LAL)35
6.WEB Du Bois (ALM)34
7.B Russo (LAL)33
A Del Rio (BKL)33
Mint (ALM)33
10.6 with29
Stolen Bases
1.I Netto (KRA)38
2.O Schindler (BWY)30
3.Al Fleming (STO)29
4.D Banner (ACT)23
5.M Mumford (SEA)21
6.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)18
S de Wijs (LVG)18
8.D Clapp (BKL)17
9.JJR Macleod (STO)14
10.H Tubman (BER)13
Stolen Base %
1.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)0.900
2.I Netto (KRA)0.792
3.O Schindler (BWY)0.789
4.S de Wijs (LVG)0.783
5.D Clapp (BKL)0.773
6.D Banner (ACT)0.767
7.Al Fleming (STO)0.763
8.H Tubman (BER)0.722
9.3 with0.706
1.G Rosenkranz (LVG)65
2.I Netto (KRA)62
3.O Schindler (BWY)56
4.M Mumford (SEA)51
N Agdal (MIL)51
6.G Cook (BKL)50
7.A Fouilloux (KRA)47
A Labruna (KRA)47
9.A Douglas-Home (LAL)46
10.3 with45
Times on Base
1.I Netto (KRA)116
2.G Rosenkranz (LVG)97
3.A Labruna (KRA)91
4.P Buffay (LAL)90
W Hess (STO)90
6.A Douglas-Home (LAL)88
Scooby-Doo (ACT)88
8.M Mumford (SEA)87
9.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)85
10.3 with82
Extra-Base Hits
1.JJR Macleod (STO)35
2.D Clapp (BKL)33
3.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)31
4.J Cash (SEA)30
LM Bujold (BKL)30
6.G Villiers (BWY)29
7.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)28
8.S Truth (SEA)26
9.KC Caine (ACT)24
10.2 with23
Isolated Power
1.G Villiers (BWY)0.345
2.J Cash (SEA)0.337
3.JJR Macleod (STO)0.335
4.D Clapp (BKL)0.316
5.LM Bujold (BKL)0.296
6.J Kranyak (LVG)0.294
7.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)0.263
8.S Truth (SEA)0.261
9.F Mulder (DOD)0.249
10.KC Caine (ACT)0.247
Avg on Balls in Play
1.G Rosenkranz (LVG)0.534
2.I Netto (KRA)0.446
3.M Mumford (SEA)0.423
4.M Luther (BER)0.408
5.A Fouilloux (KRA)0.401
6.A Luck (ALM)0.390
7.D Banner (ACT)0.388
8.O Schindler (BWY)0.387
9.J Chaban-Delmas (BWY)0.385
10.JJR Macleod (STO)0.375
Game-winning RBI
1.C Nusslein-Volhard (STO)9
S Truth (SEA)9
Elly (SJS)9
4.C Banks (LAL)7
5.WF Buckley Jr. (BER)6
D MacLeod (ACT)6
C Tourneur (BWY)6
D Clapp (BKL)6
JM Cox (ALM)6
I Emsis (KRA)6

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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