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Year 44 Playoff Pitching Leaders (before games of day 2-8)

Run Average / SP
1.T Taylor (LAL)2.13
2.C Sandiego (SEA)2.37
3.L Mather (LAL)2.38
4.P Cadigan (BKL)2.64
5.A Dufresne (SEA)2.73
6.K Baker (BKL)3.86
7.H Kissinger (ALM)3.97
8.M Chabon (BKL)4.29
9.Tidus (ALM)4.50
Run Average / RP
1.J Marr (SEA)0.00 (12.2)
B Dole (ALM)0.00 (4.0)
3.K Johnson (BKL)0.90
4.F Fine (LAL)1.42
5.S Halep (ALM)3.00
6.N Santos (SEA)3.52
7.L Tidhar (BKL)3.60
8.K Shattuck (SEA)3.68
9.E Morgan (LAL)3.97
10.Liu C (BKL)5.02
1.A Dufresne (SEA)3
2.L Beukes (BKL)2
T Taylor (LAL)2
K Baker (BKL)2
C Sandiego (SEA)2
6.8 with1
Win-Loss %
1.A Dufresne (SEA)1.000 (3)
A Burr (ALM)1.000 (1)
3.L Beukes (BKL)0.667
T Taylor (LAL)0.667
5.7 with0.500
Win Probability Added
1.K Johnson (BKL)0.843
2.J Marr (SEA)0.759
3.T Taylor (LAL)0.744
4.C Sandiego (SEA)0.599
5.L Beukes (BKL)0.438
6.G Kelly (LAL)0.424
7.L Tidhar (BKL)0.386
8.S Halep (ALM)0.385
9.A Dufresne (SEA)0.316
10.A Burr (ALM)0.281
Win Shares
1.C Sandiego (SEA)1.52
2.T Taylor (LAL)1.38
3.A Dufresne (SEA)1.36
4.P Cadigan (BKL)1.01
5.K Johnson (BKL)0.99
6.J Marr (SEA)0.98
7.K Baker (BKL)0.59
8.M Chabon (BKL)0.55
9.S Halep (ALM)0.52
10.2 with0.45
Support-Neutral Wins
1.C Sandiego (SEA)2.39
2.T Taylor (LAL)2.14
3.P Cadigan (BKL)2.00
4.A Dufresne (SEA)1.66
5.K Baker (BKL)1.44
6.Tidus (ALM)0.89
7.L Mather (LAL)0.86
M Chabon (BKL)0.86
9.G Kelly (LAL)0.75
10.H Kissinger (ALM)0.74
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.T Taylor (LAL)0.57
2.C Sandiego (SEA)0.54
3.G Kelly (LAL)0.37
4.A Dufresne (SEA)0.34
5.P Cadigan (BKL)0.33
6.L Mather (LAL)0.24
7.H Kissinger (ALM)-0.00
8.22 with0.00
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.T Taylor (LAL)6.3
2.C Sandiego (SEA)5.7
3.A Dufresne (SEA)4.9
4.J Marr (SEA)4.7
5.K Johnson (BKL)2.9
6.P Cadigan (BKL)2.3
7.G Kelly (LAL)2.0
8.L Mather (LAL)1.9
9.F Fine (LAL)1.6
10.3 with1.5
1.T Taylor (LAL)0.91
2.A Dufresne (SEA)0.99
3.C Sandiego (SEA)1.12
4.P Cadigan (BKL)1.14
5.L Mather (LAL)1.15
E Morgan (LAL)1.15
7.K Baker (BKL)1.21
8.Tidus (ALM)1.22
9.H Kissinger (ALM)1.41
10.M Chabon (BKL)1.43
Hits per 9 IP
1.T Taylor (LAL)4.97
2.H Kissinger (ALM)7.15
3.P Cadigan (BKL)7.63
4.A Dufresne (SEA)7.86
5.L Mather (LAL)7.94
6.C Sandiego (SEA)8.31
7.Tidus (ALM)9.50
8.E Morgan (LAL)10.32
9.K Baker (BKL)10.52
10.M Chabon (BKL)10.71
Walks per 9 IP
1.E Morgan (LAL)0.00
2.K Baker (BKL)0.35
3.A Dufresne (SEA)1.03
4.Tidus (ALM)1.50
5.C Sandiego (SEA)1.78
6.M Chabon (BKL)2.14
7.L Mather (LAL)2.38
8.P Cadigan (BKL)2.64
9.T Taylor (LAL)3.20
10.H Kissinger (ALM)5.56
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.T Taylor (LAL)11.01
2.H Kissinger (ALM)8.74
3.M Chabon (BKL)8.57
4.S Halep (ALM)8.00
5.P Cadigan (BKL)7.63
6.K Baker (BKL)7.01
7.C Sandiego (SEA)6.53
8.L Mather (LAL)5.56
E Morgan (LAL)5.56
10.Liu C (BKL)5.54
OPS Against
1.T Taylor (LAL)0.437
2.L Mather (LAL)0.609
3.C Sandiego (SEA)0.615
4.A Dufresne (SEA)0.622
5.P Cadigan (BKL)0.650
6.H Kissinger (ALM)0.708
7.K Baker (BKL)0.809
8.E Morgan (LAL)0.822
9.M Chabon (BKL)0.827
10.Tidus (ALM)0.835
1.Tidus (ALM)9.6
2.E Morgan (LAL)10.6
3.A Dufresne (SEA)11.5
4.C Sandiego (SEA)11.8
5.K Baker (BKL)11.9
6.P Cadigan (BKL)13.2
7.L Mather (LAL)13.4
8.T Taylor (LAL)13.5
9.M Chabon (BKL)13.9
10.H Kissinger (ALM)15.8
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.E Morgan (LAL)0.00
2.A Dufresne (SEA)0.34
3.L Mather (LAL)0.79
4.C Sandiego (SEA)0.89
5.K Baker (BKL)2.10
6.T Taylor (LAL)2.84
7.Tidus (ALM)3.50
8.P Cadigan (BKL)3.82
9.H Kissinger (ALM)4.76
10.M Chabon (BKL)6.43
1.J Marr (SEA)8
2.Liu C (BKL)7
L Tidhar (BKL)7
4.C Tucker (SEA)6
N Santos (SEA)6
6.K Shattuck (SEA)5
C Sandiego (SEA)5
P Cadigan (BKL)5
N Case (SEA)5
10.7 with4
1.N Santos (SEA)2
2.L Beukes (BKL)1
W Scott (ALM)1
S Halep (ALM)1
Innings Pitched
1.P Cadigan (BKL)30.2
2.C Sandiego (SEA)30.1
3.A Dufresne (SEA)26.1
4.K Baker (BKL)25.2
5.T Taylor (LAL)25.1
6.M Chabon (BKL)21.0
7.Tidus (ALM)18.0
8.A Millan (SEA)15.2
9.Liu C (BKL)14.1
10.J Marr (SEA)12.2
1.T Taylor (LAL)31
2.P Cadigan (BKL)26
3.C Sandiego (SEA)22
4.M Chabon (BKL)20
K Baker (BKL)20
6.A Dufresne (SEA)13
7.Liu C (BKL)12
8.H Kissinger (ALM)11
9.K Johnson (BKL)10
10.A Millan (SEA)9
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.E Morgan (LAL)99.99
2.K Baker (BKL)20.00
3.A Dufresne (SEA)4.33
4.M Chabon (BKL)4.00
5.C Sandiego (SEA)3.67
6.T Taylor (LAL)3.44
7.P Cadigan (BKL)2.89
8.L Mather (LAL)2.33
Tidus (ALM)2.33
10.H Kissinger (ALM)1.57
HR per 9 IP
1.T Taylor (LAL)0.36
2.C Sandiego (SEA)0.59
3.H Kissinger (ALM)0.79
L Mather (LAL)0.79
5.P Cadigan (BKL)0.88
6.A Dufresne (SEA)1.03
7.M Chabon (BKL)1.29
8.K Baker (BKL)1.75
9.Tidus (ALM)2.00
10.E Morgan (LAL)2.38
1.J Marr (SEA)3
2.F Fine (LAL)2
3.T Funke (LAL)1
K Schifino (SEA)1
S Halep (ALM)1
A Burr (ALM)1
N Case (SEA)1
Reliever %
1.J Marr (SEA)1.000 (3)
S Halep (ALM)1.000 (2)
N Santos (SEA)1.000 (2)
A Burr (ALM)1.000 (1)
5.F Fine (LAL)0.667
6.T Funke (LAL)0.500
K Schifino (SEA)0.500
W Scott (ALM)0.500
N Case (SEA)0.500
10.L Beukes (BKL)0.333

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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