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Year 48 Pitching Leaders (before games of day 52)

Run Average / SP
1.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)2.40
2.RH Lee (BRU)2.42
3.J Dunn (MIL)2.45
4.M Sanger (BER)2.66
5.W Seward (WAS)2.79
6.P Svidler (LVG)2.84
C Sandiego (STO)2.84
8.D Ellsberg (BER)2.85
9.Sisko (ACT)2.97
10.S Khan (PHI)3.25
Run Average / RP
1.J Moore (ALM)1.21
2.EA Karlfeldt (STO)1.30
3.A Burr (ALM)1.34
4.T Donelly (SJS)1.78
5.Stimpy (PHI)2.11
6.A France (BRU)2.13
7.E Constantinescu (BRU)2.18
8.P Boots (STO)2.35
9.M O'Brien (ACT)2.38
10.A Cranston (WAS)2.39
1.Sisko (ACT)13
2.C Sandiego (STO)12
3.Anne V (MIL)10
S Halep (ALM)10
W Seward (WAS)10
6.D Ellsberg (BER)9
RH Lee (BRU)9
S Khan (PHI)9
9.4 with8
Win-Loss %
1.C Sandiego (STO)0.857
2.D Ellsberg (BER)0.818
3.A Cranston (WAS)0.778
4.Anne V (MIL)0.769
W Seward (WAS)0.769
6.J Dunn (MIL)0.727
7.Sisko (ACT)0.722
8.S Halep (ALM)0.714
9.RH Lee (BRU)0.692
10.4 with0.667
Win Probability Added
1.J Dunn (MIL)2.388
2.A Burr (ALM)2.310
3.Stimpy (PHI)2.011
4.C Sandiego (STO)1.984
5.A France (BRU)1.916
6.RH Lee (BRU)1.664
7.Timex (ACT)1.558
8.W Seward (WAS)1.551
9.P Svidler (LVG)1.373
10.J Rockford (DOD)1.244
Win Shares
1.T Swift (SEA)4.91
2.C Sandiego (STO)4.76
3.W Seward (WAS)4.66
4.J Dunn (MIL)4.64
5.D Ellsberg (BER)4.32
S Khan (PHI)4.32
7.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)3.95
8.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)3.90
9.B Gelfand (BWY-WAS)3.73
10.M Sanger (BER)3.67
Support-Neutral Wins
1.J Dunn (MIL)9.46
2.C Sandiego (STO)9.00
3.RH Lee (BRU)8.79
4.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)8.29
5.Sisko (ACT)7.93
6.P Svidler (LVG)7.86
7.S Khan (PHI)7.72
8.W Seward (WAS)7.67
9.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)7.60
10.R Cohle (DOD)7.57
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.J Dunn (MIL)2.81
2.RH Lee (BRU)2.46
3.C Sandiego (STO)2.21
4.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)2.16
5.P Svidler (LVG)1.86
6.W Seward (WAS)1.75
7.Sisko (ACT)1.62
8.M Sanger (BER)1.25
9.D Ellsberg (BER)1.22
10.L Quidde (SEA)1.16
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.J Dunn (MIL)21.4
2.C Sandiego (STO)18.1
3.D Ellsberg (BER)16.2
4.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)15.9
5.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)15.2
6.RH Lee (BRU)12.3
7.S Khan (PHI)12.0
8.M O'Brien (ACT)11.6
9.M Sanger (BER)11.1
10.A Burr (ALM)10.7
1.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)0.89
2.RH Lee (BRU)0.93
3.P Svidler (LVG)0.97
4.J Casino (DOD)0.98
5.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)0.99
6.J Dunn (MIL)1.00
7.A Millan (BRU)1.03
J Dark (SJS)1.03
9.T Kennedy (BRU)1.06
10.M Sanger (BER)1.11
Hits per 9 IP
1.RH Lee (BRU)5.96
2.T Kennedy (BRU)6.01
3.H Milk (BER)6.44
4.A Millan (BRU)6.54
5.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)6.55
6.J Dunn (MIL)6.65
7.A Shesternyov (KRA)6.99
8.J Casino (DOD)7.13
9.M Sanger (BER)7.47
10.W Seward (WAS)7.49
Walks per 9 IP
1.J Dark (SJS)0.83
2.P Lal (SJS)0.95
3.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)1.04
4.P Svidler (LVG)1.26
5.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)1.47
6.S Khan (PHI)1.59
7.C Sandiego (STO)1.61
8.J Casino (DOD)1.65
9.Sisko (ACT)1.75
10.S Mishra (ALM)1.94
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.T Taylor (LAL)11.29
2.M Chabon (SEA)9.10
S Khan (PHI)9.10
4.Martok (ACT)8.04
5.RH Lee (BRU)7.82
6.D Ellsberg (BER)7.81
7.Y Zamyatin (BKL)7.66
8.CG Dawes (STO)7.28
9.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)7.03
10.B Gelfand (BWY-WAS)6.88
OPS Against
1.J Dunn (MIL)0.573
2.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)0.581
3.RH Lee (BRU)0.583
4.P Svidler (LVG)0.607
M Sanger (BER)0.607
6.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)0.624
7.H Milk (BER)0.628
8.T Kennedy (BRU)0.631
9.C Sandiego (STO)0.633
10.W Seward (WAS)0.638
1.J Dark (SJS)10.1
2.P Svidler (LVG)10.8
3.C Sandiego (STO)10.9
4.J Casino (DOD)11.1
J Dunn (MIL)11.1
6.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)11.2
7.P Lal (SJS)11.4
W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)11.4
9.T Kennedy (BRU)11.7
10.A Dufresne (BER)11.8
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.T Swift (SEA)0.45
2.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)0.59
3.A Shesternyov (KRA)0.62
4.J Dunn (MIL)0.69
5.A Millan (BRU)0.73
6.T Kennedy (BRU)1.11
7.M Sanger (BER)1.12
8.J Casino (DOD)1.21
9.C Sandiego (STO)1.30
10.H Milk (BER)1.97
1.A Dufresne (BER)36
2.G Trapattoni (KRA)32
3.Stimpy (PHI)31
4.J Moore (ALM)30
V Webb (MIL)30
K Karl XIII (BRU)30
7.S Halep (ALM)29
T Kid (LVG)29
A Burr (ALM)29
10.7 with28
1.A Dufresne (BER)13
2.A France (BRU)8
Timex (ACT)8
E Morgan (LAL)8
5.J Rockford (DOD)7
6.J Marr (PHI)6
T Kid (LVG)6
A Cranston (WAS)6
9.5 with5
Innings Pitched
1.S Khan (PHI)124.2
2.P Lal (SJS)123.2
3.R Cohle (DOD)123.1
4.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)122.1
5.T Swift (SEA)119.1
6.J Dunn (MIL)117.2
7.C Sandiego (STO)117.1
8.P Svidler (LVG)114.0
9.W Seward (WAS)113.0
10.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)112.2
1.S Khan (PHI)126
2.T Taylor (LAL)115
3.RH Lee (BRU)97
4.M Chabon (SEA)95
5.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)88
6.W Seward (WAS)86
7.D Ellsberg (BER)85
8.Y Zamyatin (BKL)84
9.P Lal (SJS)83
10.B Gelfand (BWY-WAS)82
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)6.77
2.P Lal (SJS)6.38
3.J Dark (SJS)6.10
4.S Khan (PHI)5.73
5.M Chabon (SEA)4.13
6.Sisko (ACT)3.85
7.P Svidler (LVG)3.69
8.W Pappaconstantinou (LVG)3.60
9.Martok (ACT)3.52
10.RH Lee (BRU)3.23
HR per 9 IP
1.C Sandiego (STO)0.38
2.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG)0.56
3.S Mishra (ALM)0.58
S Khan (PHI)0.58
5.Sisko (ACT)0.61
6.D Ellsberg (BER)0.64
7.S Mesic (BWY)0.66
8.J Hawkins (MIL)0.71
9.W Seward (WAS)0.72
10.R Parker (BWY)0.74
1.L Beukes (ACT)10
J Moore (ALM)10
V Webb (MIL)10
4.V Tibbs (DOD)9
5.L Mather (LAL)8
G Trapattoni (KRA)8
7.Altair (KRA)7
A Sarkeesian (BER)7
K Shattuck (SEA)7
K Karl XIII (BRU)7
Reliever %
1.J Moore (ALM)1.000 (12)
Stimpy (PHI)1.000 (10)
3.V Webb (MIL)0.917
4.Timex (ACT)0.909
A Burr (ALM)0.909
K Karl XIII (BRU)0.909
7.J James (BER)0.900
8.J Dickinson (ALM)0.889
9.A France (BRU)0.867
10.K Shattuck (SEA)0.857

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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