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Year 56 Batting Leaders (before games of day 51)

1.R Alley (SEA)0.400
2.A2 Taylor (SEA)0.383
3.L Straujuma (PAD)0.379
4.Gerson (SAO)0.376
5.J Garland (SAO)0.374
6.L Bluth (INT)0.372
7.Hozier (KRA)0.371
8.C Michel (STR)0.367
9.S Le Bon (SEA)0.364
10.S Hoopes (MIL)0.353
On-Base %
1.Macbeth (STR)0.482
2.L Straujuma (PAD)0.480
3.R Alley (SEA)0.473
4.A Bambaataa (CPT)0.464
5.F Farmer (KCC)0.446
Je White (MIL)0.446
7.Ea Warren (CPT)0.444
8.R Feynman (PHI)0.443
9.Macduff (STR)0.430
10.2 with0.428
Slugging %
1.G Anchovy (PHI)0.667
2.Gerson (SAO)0.660
3.J Sunderland (SJS)0.632
4.Ugin (MTG)0.628
5.L Straujuma (PAD)0.621
6.T Tiger (CPT)0.613
7.J Garland (SAO)0.605
8.Hozier (KRA)0.601
9.R Alley (SEA)0.600
10.M Scott (LAL)0.591
1.L Straujuma (PAD)1.101
2.Gerson (SAO)1.087
3.R Alley (SEA)1.073
4.T Tiger (CPT)1.041
5.J Garland (SAO)1.033
6.R Feynman (PHI)1.017
7.G Anchovy (PHI)1.016
8.Je White (MIL)1.010
9.J Sunderland (SJS)1.006
10.Hozier (KRA)0.997
Win Probability Added
1.M Bol (BAL)2.359
2.A2 Taylor (SEA)2.146
3.Macbeth (STR)2.077
4.T Tiger (CPT)1.981
5.B Sharman (BAL)1.905
6.R Swanson (LAL)1.621
7.A Bambaataa (CPT)1.615
8.L Bluth (INT)1.612
9.R Feynman (PHI)1.528
10.A Florrick (CPT)1.511
Win Shares
1.L Bluth (INT)3.77
2.T Tiger (CPT)3.56
3.Macbeth (STR)3.41
4.C Michel (STR)3.39
5.Gerson (SAO)3.37
6.R Alley (SEA)3.30
7.G Anchovy (PHI)3.27
8.J Garland (SAO)3.07
9.L Straujuma (PAD)3.03
10.Hozier (KRA)2.91
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.L Straujuma (PAD)21.5
2.R Alley (SEA)19.5
3.T Tiger (CPT)16.8
4.Gerson (SAO)16.6
A Bambaataa (CPT)16.6
6.Je White (MIL)16.3
7.Macbeth (STR)16.1
8.J Garland (SAO)16.0
9.L Bluth (INT)15.7
10.C Michel (STR)15.5
Runs Above Position
1.L Bluth (INT)21.7
2.G Anchovy (PHI)20.4
3.Macbeth (STR)20.3
Gerson (SAO)20.3
5.R Alley (SEA)19.3
6.L Straujuma (PAD)18.3
7.C Michel (STR)17.7
8.T Tiger (CPT)16.4
9.J Garland (SAO)16.0
10.Roberto Dinamite (KRA)15.2
Games Played
1.Hozier (KRA)50
K Conrad (CAR)50
B Cousy (BAL)50
M Coluna (KRA)50
King Bach (INT)50
T Tiger (CPT)50
7.T Garrn (STR)49
E Lewis (KCC)49
ze frank (INT)49
Ugin (MTG)49
1.Hozier (KRA)213
2.T Tiger (CPT)212
3.E Lewis (KCC)205
4.King Bach (INT)204
5.Ugin (MTG)199
6.G Arenas (BAL)198
7.K Pittman (CPT)195
8.6 with194
Plate Appearances
1.T Tiger (CPT)243
2.E Lewis (KCC)234
3.A Bambaataa (CPT)233
4.King Bach (INT)225
5.Macbeth (STR)224
6.Hozier (KRA)222
7.J Cruyff (KRA)217
8.Phoenix (STR)214
9.Claudio (KRA)212
ze frank (INT)212
Runs Scored
1.T Tiger (CPT)44
2.A Bambaataa (CPT)39
3.F Dumitrache (KRA)37
J Garland (SAO)37
R Alley (SEA)37
6.A Voltaire (SEA)36
7.L Bluth (INT)34
Ugin (MTG)34
9.Hozier (KRA)33
Macbeth (STR)33
1.Hozier (KRA)79
2.Gerson (SAO)73
T Tiger (CPT)73
4.J Garland (SAO)71
5.L Bluth (INT)70
6.C Michel (STR)69
7.A Bambaataa (CPT)67
8.S Hoopes (MIL)66
R Alley (SEA)66
10.5 with64
Line Drives
1.A2 Taylor (SEA)63
2.L Mellor (STR)55
3.Maru (PHI)52
4.A Guibert (PHI)51
5.L Straujuma (PAD)49
6.G Capashen (MTG)46
7.E Lewis (KCC)44
Muezza (PHI)44
9.J Garland (SAO)43
10.J Robuchon (KCC)42
1.F Farmer (KCC)3.75
2.P Murray (CAR)3.61
3.V il-Dal (MTG)3.57
4.L Perry (SAO)3.48
5.J Cruyff (KRA)3.47
6.P Smyth (CAR)3.46
L Bastianich (KCC)3.46
8.Ji Hawkins (PAD)3.44
JM2 Cox (ALM)3.44
10.K Hinze (MIL)3.43
Total Bases
1.T Tiger (CPT)130
2.Hozier (KRA)128
Gerson (SAO)128
4.Ugin (MTG)125
5.G Anchovy (PHI)124
6.J Sunderland (SJS)117
7.J Garland (SAO)115
8.C Michel (STR)111
9.L Bluth (INT)108
10.2 with106
1.L Straujuma (PAD)17
2.Hozier (KRA)15
J Garland (SAO)15
A2 Taylor (SEA)15
5.Bono (SEA)14
6.6 with13
1.T Garrn (STR)5
2.A Martin (INT)4
R Alley (SEA)4
4.M Mansfield (CPT)3
C Michel (STR)3
J Laipply (INT)3
Bladewing (MTG)3
L Bluth (INT)3
L Straujuma (PAD)3
P Simon (SEA)3
Home Runs
1.Gerson (SAO)16
J Sunderland (SJS)16
Ugin (MTG)16
4.T Tiger (CPT)15
G Anchovy (PHI)15
6.J Pépin (KCC)14
7.R Swanson (LAL)13
8.K Pittman (CPT)12
M Bol (BAL)12
M Broderick (SAO)12
1.Hozier (KRA)48
2.Gerson (SAO)47
3.J Pépin (KCC)44
4.T Tiger (CPT)42
5.Ugin (MTG)41
6.J Sunderland (SJS)40
7.K Pittman (CPT)39
A Garfunkel (SEA)39
9.M Bol (BAL)38
10.R Feynman (PHI)37
1.Macbeth (STR)63
2.F Farmer (KCC)38
A Bambaataa (CPT)38
4.Macduff (STR)36
Je White (MIL)36
6.Ea Warren (CPT)32
7.B Cousy (BAL)31
L Straujuma (PAD)31
M Morehouse (SEA)31
10.P Smyth (CAR)30
Stolen Bases
1.L Lemon (LAL)14
C Michel (STR)14
3.L Bluth (INT)12
4.F Robinson (PAD)11
R Alley (SEA)11
6.Coricopat (PHI)10
Jace (MTG)10
8.M Mansfield (CPT)9
M Galactica (SJS)9
10.2 with8
Stolen Base %
1.L Lemon (LAL)0.824
2.C Michel (STR)0.737
3.L Bluth (INT)0.706
4.F Robinson (PAD)0.647
R Alley (SEA)0.647
6.Coricopat (PHI)0.588
Jace (MTG)0.588
8.M Mansfield (CPT)0.529
M Galactica (SJS)0.529
10.2 with0.471
1.S Le Bon (SEA)55
2.Hozier (KRA)52
S Hoopes (MIL)52
4.L Bluth (INT)51
5.B Boss (SJS)50
E Lewis (KCC)50
C Michel (STR)50
Gerson (SAO)50
A Bambaataa (CPT)50
10.3 with46
Times on Base
1.Macbeth (STR)108
A Bambaataa (CPT)108
3.T Tiger (CPT)104
4.L Straujuma (PAD)97
5.E Lewis (KCC)90
Je White (MIL)90
Gerson (SAO)90
8.J Garland (SAO)89
R Alley (SEA)89
10.Hozier (KRA)88
Extra-Base Hits
1.Ugin (MTG)30
2.G Anchovy (PHI)29
3.Hozier (KRA)27
J Sunderland (SJS)27
T Tiger (CPT)27
6.L Straujuma (PAD)26
7.J Garland (SAO)25
8.R Swanson (LAL)24
PD James (PAD)24
10.Gerson (SAO)23
Isolated Power
1.J Sunderland (SJS)0.329
2.G Anchovy (PHI)0.328
3.Ugin (MTG)0.321
4.J Pépin (KCC)0.303
5.V Spidla (STR)0.286
6.Gerson (SAO)0.284
7.R Swanson (LAL)0.280
8.T Tiger (CPT)0.269
9.H Varmus (PHI)0.267
10.M Bol (BAL)0.263
Avg on Balls in Play
1.A2 Taylor (SEA)0.426
2.S Le Bon (SEA)0.410
3.P Murray (CAR)0.409
4.R Alley (SEA)0.408
5.Hozier (KRA)0.404
6.L Bluth (INT)0.403
7.Bono (SEA)0.400
8.F Dumitrache (KRA)0.399
9.M Scott (LAL)0.388
10.C Michel (STR)0.386
Game-winning RBI
1.Hozier (KRA)8
G Anchovy (PHI)8
3.R Swanson (LAL)7
A Voltaire (SEA)7
5.Blit Wizbok (SAO)6
R Adams (SEA)6
V Spidla (STR)6
D Cooper (CPT)6
Slobad (SAO)6
10.9 with5

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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