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Year 58 Batting Losers (before games of day 3-8)

1.P Murray (CAR)0.178
2.Donalbain (CAR)0.187
3.Pos (CPT)0.192
4.J Jones (CPT)0.194
5.M Hamill (SAO)0.199
6.K Hinze (MIL)0.201
7.B Cousy (BAL)0.213
8.Phife (CPT)0.214
9.Macbeth (STR)0.218
10.2 with0.220
On-Base %
1.J Jones (CPT)0.208
2.Pos (CPT)0.213
3.Donalbain (CAR)0.229
4.R Dreyfuss (CPT)0.239
5.Laertes (CPT)0.253
6.G De Laurentiis (KCC)0.259
7.P Murray (CAR)0.263
8.D Griffith (BAL)0.270
D Marquez (CAR)0.270
10.2 with0.278
Slugging %
1.P Murray (CAR)0.242
2.J Jones (CPT)0.263
3.K Hinze (MIL)0.268
4.Pos (CPT)0.272
5.Donalbain (CAR)0.291
Laertes (CPT)0.291
7.B Cousy (BAL)0.294
8.R Dreyfuss (CPT)0.302
R Rondo (SEA)0.302
10.Phife (CPT)0.318
1.J Jones (CPT)0.471
2.Pos (CPT)0.485
3.P Murray (CAR)0.505
4.Donalbain (CAR)0.520
5.R Dreyfuss (CPT)0.541
6.Laertes (CPT)0.544
7.K Hinze (MIL)0.556
8.G De Laurentiis (KCC)0.592
9.B Cousy (BAL)0.593
10.D Griffith (BAL)0.594
Win Probability Added
1.G De Laurentiis (KCC)-2.424
2.J Jones (CPT)-2.218
3.M Mel (CPT)-1.874
4.P Murray (CAR)-1.625
5.I Miney (SJS)-1.424
6.M Hamill (SAO)-1.410
7.Ma Smart (BAL)-1.393
8.M Coluna (KRA)-1.335
9.M Fey (SJS)-1.306
10.Ashe (SJS)-1.172
Loss Shares
1.Pos (CPT)3.87
2.P Murray (CAR)3.81
3.D Griffith (BAL)3.46
4.W Brandt (CAR)3.17
5.D Marquez (CAR)3.15
6.Laertes (CPT)3.02
7.Ma Smart (BAL)2.96
8.J Jones (CPT)2.91
9.B Cousy (BAL)2.73
10.R Rondo (SEA)2.55
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.Pos (CPT)-19.4
2.Laertes (CPT)-17.4
3.D Griffith (BAL)-17.1
4.Donalbain (CAR)-16.7
5.J Jones (CPT)-16.4
6.P Murray (CAR)-16.2
7.R Dreyfuss (CPT)-14.7
8.B Cousy (BAL)-14.6
9.R Adams (STR)-11.3
10.Ma Smart (BAL)-11.2
Runs Above Position
1.Pos (CPT)-28.1
2.P Murray (CAR)-24.1
3.J Jones (CPT)-20.0
4.W Brandt (CAR)-18.4
5.D Marquez (CAR)-18.2
6.Laertes (CPT)-17.2
7.D Griffith (BAL)-17.1
8.Ma Smart (BAL)-16.3
9.Premier (CPT)-15.4
10.R Dreyfuss (CPT)-14.7
1.Gerson (SAO)2.30
2.K Mundt (CAR)2.52
3.R Liotta (STR)2.54
4.P McCarran (CAR)2.58
5.J Jones (CPT)2.61
6.D Baby (INT)2.63
7.Valentine (INT)2.64
?uestlove (SEA)2.64
9.L Straujuma (PAD)2.65
10.Irisa (INT)2.67
Outs Made
1.B Cousy (BAL)161
2.K Dalglish (KRA)155
3.F Robinson (PAD)154
4.Donalbain (CAR)153
5.M Coluna (KRA)152
6.D Koontz (PAD)150
7.E Lewis (KCC)148
8.R Swanson (LAL)147
M Mel (CPT)147
10.2 with146
1.A Bambaataa (LAL)11
RT Tavi (PAD)11
3.M Coluna (KRA)10
R Taylor (ALM)10
5.Gideon (ALM)9
6.J Garland (SAO)8
D Griffith (BAL)8
P Maravich (BAL)8
G Hadid (MIL)8
Irisa (INT)8
1.K Hinze (MIL)58
2.Laertes (CPT)49
3.C Long (ALM)46
4.D Koontz (PAD)43
W Brandt (CAR)43
6.F Robinson (PAD)42
7.5 with41
Caught Stealing
1.R Swanson (LAL)6
L Lemon (LAL)6
R Singh (LAL)6
4.N Lenoir (MIL)5
J Winger (LAL)5
A Martin (INT)5
L Bluth (STR)5
8.Garruk (ALM)4
R Alley (STR)4
10.15 with3
Avg on Balls in Play
1.M Hamill (SAO)0.202
2.Donalbain (CAR)0.204
3.Macbeth (STR)0.205
4.Phife (CPT)0.216
5.P Murray (CAR)0.220
6.Gideon (ALM)0.231
Pos (CPT)0.231
8.J Jones (CPT)0.237
J Child (KCC)0.237
10.2 with0.238

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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