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Year 61 Batting Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

1.R Singh (LAL)0.402
2.JG Vongerichten (KCC)0.397
3.B Fine (INT)0.396
4.G Hadid (MIL)0.385
5.A Martin (INT)0.380
6.E Lewis (KCC)0.378
7.Murdoc (SEA)0.373
8.C Fiorina (ALM)0.370
9.P Chopra (MIL)0.367
10.A Russo (LAL)0.355
On-Base %
1.E Lewis (KCC)0.470
2.G Hadid (MIL)0.453
3.Teysa (MTG)0.435
4.B Fine (INT)0.427
5.R Feynman (ALM)0.423
6.P Chopra (MIL)0.418
R Singh (LAL)0.418
8.G Lato (KRA)0.415
9.R Peary (CAR)0.413
10.A Martin (INT)0.412
Slugging %
1.Gerson (SAO)0.682
2.A Russo (LAL)0.629
3.B Spiner (SAO)0.622
Sylvia (STR)0.622
5.Growltiger (PHI)0.590
6.JG Vongerichten (KCC)0.587
7.G Anchovy (SAO)0.584
8.N Lenoir (STR)0.583
9.S Jones (INT)0.576
10.G Hadid (MIL)0.575
1.Gerson (SAO)1.043
2.A Russo (LAL)1.038
3.G Hadid (MIL)1.028
4.B Spiner (SAO)1.016
5.JG Vongerichten (KCC)0.997
6.B Fine (INT)0.989
7.E Lewis (KCC)0.984
8.C Fiorina (ALM)0.979
9.P Pussycat (PHI)0.978
Sylvia (STR)0.978
Win Probability Added
1.Gerson (SAO)3.470
2.A Russo (LAL)2.936
3.G Hadid (MIL)2.514
4.V il-Dal (MTG)1.822
5.Phife (CPT)1.770
6.JG Vongerichten (KCC)1.708
7.L Bird (BAL)1.630
8.E Lewis (KCC)1.594
9.MC Ren (CPT)1.590
10.Growltiger (PHI)1.508
Win Shares
1.A Russo (LAL)3.92
G Hadid (MIL)3.92
3.L Bird (BAL)3.13
4.F Robinson (PAD)3.10
5.G Lato (KRA)2.92
6.R Singh (LAL)2.82
7.B Fine (INT)2.75
8.Success Kid (INT)2.63
9.Gerson (SAO)2.56
10.K Gale (STR)2.55
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.G Hadid (MIL)19.9
2.A Russo (LAL)17.3
3.P Pussycat (PHI)16.1
4.E Lewis (KCC)15.1
5.C Fiorina (ALM)14.8
6.Gerson (SAO)13.7
7.B Fine (INT)13.4
8.B Spiner (SAO)12.2
9.Success Kid (INT)11.9
10.R Singh (LAL)11.5
Runs Above Position
1.G Hadid (MIL)22.4
2.A Russo (LAL)19.9
3.B Fine (INT)17.4
4.L Bird (BAL)17.2
5.R Singh (LAL)16.2
6.B Spiner (SAO)15.6
7.Success Kid (INT)14.0
8.F Robinson (PAD)13.3
9.C Fiorina (ALM)13.1
10.G Lato (KRA)12.9
Games Played
1.K Dalglish (KRA)51
2.B Cousy (BAL)50
E Lewis (KCC)50
N Lenoir (STR)50
Macbeth (STR)50
G Savoy (KCC)50
Thuu (PAD)50
T Tiger (SAO)50
C Rowe (MIL)50
T Norgay (CAR)50
1.J Robuchon (KCC)222
2.R Swanson (LAL)208
3.N Lenoir (STR)206
4.K Gale (STR)205
5.K Dalglish (KRA)203
6.J Winger (LAL)201
7.T Tiger (SAO)195
8.M Kempes (KRA)191
TM Hill (MIL)191
Thuu (PAD)191
Plate Appearances
1.T Tiger (SAO)230
2.J Robuchon (KCC)229
3.Macbeth (STR)226
4.K Dalglish (KRA)219
5.E Lewis (KCC)217
6.R Feynman (ALM)215
C Rowe (MIL)215
8.J Winger (LAL)214
K Gale (STR)214
10.4 with213
Runs Scored
1.P Pussycat (PHI)40
R Singh (LAL)40
3.R Feynman (ALM)38
4.T Tiger (SAO)37
5.A Russo (LAL)36
J Sunderland (SJS)36
Success Kid (INT)36
8.R Swanson (LAL)35
9.3 with33
1.R Singh (LAL)72
2.JG Vongerichten (KCC)71
3.E Lewis (KCC)70
A Martin (INT)70
5.G Hadid (MIL)69
6.B Fine (INT)67
7.A Russo (LAL)66
P Chopra (MIL)66
N Lenoir (STR)66
K Gale (STR)66
Line Drives
1.G Capashen (MTG)69
2.K Gale (STR)68
3.D Hawthorne (SJS)63
4.A Martin (INT)59
5.JG Vongerichten (KCC)50
J Robuchon (KCC)50
7.GA Augustin IV (MTG)45
8.B Fine (INT)44
9.J Pépin (KCC)42
10.Muezza (SAO)41
1.Ji Hawkins (PAD)3.71
2.Ke$ha (SEA)3.66
3.A Walker (BAL)3.64
H Michel (KRA)3.64
5.M Broderick (SAO)3.59
6.Fran (SJS)3.53
7.C Rowe (MIL)3.52
8.R Feynman (ALM)3.49
9.J Sunderland (SJS)3.48
10.2 with3.46
Total Bases
1.N Lenoir (STR)120
Gerson (SAO)120
3.A Russo (LAL)117
4.R Swanson (LAL)111
5.K Gale (STR)107
6.JG Vongerichten (KCC)105
7.G Hadid (MIL)103
8.P Pussycat (PHI)101
G Anchovy (SAO)101
10.Success Kid (INT)100
1.N Lenoir (STR)16
G Anchovy (SAO)16
3.D Navarro (SEA)14
K Gale (STR)14
S Jones (INT)14
6.P Maravich (BAL)13
B Fine (INT)13
8.Success Kid (INT)12
C Wilkes (CAR)12
T Tiger (SAO)12
1.R Singh (LAL)7
2.Rivellino (KRA)4
JG Vongerichten (KCC)4
graciehinabox (INT)4
5.8 with3
Home Runs
1.Gerson (SAO)17
2.B Spiner (SAO)13
Sylvia (STR)13
4.A Russo (LAL)12
F Robinson (PAD)12
P Pussycat (PHI)12
N Lenoir (STR)12
8.4 with11
1.A Russo (LAL)50
Gerson (SAO)50
3.R Swanson (LAL)48
4.E Lewis (KCC)38
5.G Hadid (MIL)37
6.V il-Dal (MTG)36
7.F Robinson (PAD)33
K Gale (STR)33
9.N Lenoir (STR)32
10.2 with31
1.Macbeth (STR)52
2.Ji Hawkins (PAD)45
3.Teysa (MTG)41
4.Maahes (PAD-SJS)38
5.R Feynman (ALM)34
T Tiger (SAO)34
7.GS Traft (MTG)33
8.A Walker (BAL)32
Nagaina (PAD)32
10.2 with31
Stolen Bases
1.R Singh (LAL)22
2.F Robinson (PAD)18
3.J Winger (LAL)17
4.Coricopat (SAO-PHI)14
5.L Lemon (LAL)12
6.K Parcell (LAL)11
B Fine (INT)11
8.L Bird (BAL)10
Ma Smart (BAL)10
10.3 with9
Stolen Base %
1.Coricopat (SAO-PHI)0.824
2.R Singh (LAL)0.815
3.J Winger (LAL)0.773
4.F Robinson (PAD)0.750
5.K Parcell (LAL)0.647
B Fine (INT)0.647
7.L Lemon (LAL)0.632
8.L Bird (BAL)0.588
Ma Smart (BAL)0.588
10.3 with0.529
1.E Lewis (KCC)57
2.R Singh (LAL)56
3.A Martin (INT)55
G Capashen (MTG)55
5.G Hadid (MIL)53
6.D Hawthorne (SJS)52
7.P Chopra (MIL)51
JG Vongerichten (KCC)51
9.Murdoc (SEA)50
10.2 with49
Times on Base
1.E Lewis (KCC)102
2.Macbeth (STR)92
3.R Feynman (ALM)91
G Hadid (MIL)91
5.T Tiger (SAO)90
6.G Lato (KRA)86
7.P Pussycat (PHI)85
8.Ji Hawkins (PAD)84
Teysa (MTG)84
10.A Russo (LAL)83
Extra-Base Hits
1.N Lenoir (STR)29
2.G Anchovy (SAO)27
3.Gerson (SAO)26
4.A Russo (LAL)24
R Swanson (LAL)24
6.K Gale (STR)23
Sylvia (STR)23
Success Kid (INT)23
S Jones (INT)23
10.3 with21
Isolated Power
1.B Spiner (SAO)0.363
2.Gerson (SAO)0.347
3.Sylvia (STR)0.331
4.G Anchovy (SAO)0.283
5.A Russo (LAL)0.274
6.N Lenoir (STR)0.263
7.S Jones (INT)0.260
8.Growltiger (PHI)0.257
9.Coricopat (SAO-PHI)0.256
10.Success Kid (INT)0.254
Avg on Balls in Play
1.B Fine (INT)0.459
2.JG Vongerichten (KCC)0.455
3.R Singh (LAL)0.444
4.Murdoc (SEA)0.430
5.D Hawthorne (SJS)0.406
6.G Capashen (MTG)0.403
7.P Chopra (MIL)0.400
8.A Martin (INT)0.398
9.C Fiorina (ALM)0.384
10.J Jones (CPT)0.383
Game-winning RBI
1.A Russo (LAL)10
Gerson (SAO)10
3.R Swanson (LAL)8
4.GS Traft (MTG)7
5.N Lenoir (STR)6
K Parcell (LAL)6
7.11 with5

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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