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Year 61 Pitching Losers (before games of day 3-8)

Run Average
1.G Nelson (CAR)8.30
2.Smarty Jones (PHI)7.32
3.Q-Tip (CPT)6.95
4.B Bengal (PHI)6.81
5.C Columbus (CAR)6.48
L Dundovic (MIL)6.48
7.M Hare (PAD)6.36
8.Royce 59 (CPT)6.34
9.T Lung (PHI)6.22
10.N Joel (SEA)6.01
Win-Loss %
1.G Nelson (CAR)0.000 (14)
L Dundovic (MIL)0.000 (9)
3.T Lung (PHI)0.083
4.C Columbus (CAR)0.100
5.DJKhaled305 (INT)0.222
Smarty Jones (PHI)0.222
Q-Tip (CPT)0.222
griernash (INT)0.222
P Morgan (STR)0.222
10.2 with0.273
Win Probability Added
1.G Nelson (CAR)-4.758
2.SJ Pussycat Sr. (PHI)-3.310
3.Q-Tip (CPT)-2.963
4.Smarty Jones (PHI)-2.683
5.L Dundovic (MIL)-2.668
6.T Lung (PHI)-2.502
7.J Havlicek (BAL)-2.353
8.C Sisay (MTG)-2.214
9.B Bengal (PHI)-2.108
10.Royce 59 (CPT)-1.927
Loss Shares
1.G Nelson (CAR)5.33
2.B Bengal (PHI)4.29
3.P Pan (PAD)3.51
4.Smarty Jones (PHI)3.50
5.Br Willis (SAO)3.33
6.VenusAngelic (INT)3.29
E Hayes (BAL)3.29
8.T Lung (PHI)3.28
9.S Cooper (SEA)3.27
10.J Havlicek (BAL)3.26
Support-Neutral Losses
1.G Nelson (CAR)12.07
2.T Lung (PHI)9.20
3.Q-Tip (CPT)7.76
4.T Keller (KCC)7.54
5.B Bengal (PHI)7.30
6.Smarty Jones (PHI)6.78
7.O Voldaren (MTG)6.64
8.Royce 59 (CPT)6.38
9.M Hare (PAD)6.20
10.P Morgan (STR)6.18
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.G Nelson (CAR)-4.36
2.Q-Tip (CPT)-2.52
3.T Lung (PHI)-2.36
4.Smarty Jones (PHI)-2.02
5.L Dundovic (MIL)-2.01
6.B Bengal (PHI)-1.98
7.M Hare (PAD)-1.63
8.E Hayes (BAL)-1.45
9.Royce 59 (CPT)-1.44
10.C Columbus (CAR)-1.38
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.Smarty Jones (PHI)-17.8
2.B Bengal (PHI)-17.5
3.G Nelson (CAR)-16.4
4.S Cooper (SEA)-11.6
5.C Columbus (CAR)-9.7
6.L Dundovic (MIL)-9.5
D Horrible (INT)-9.5
8.daviddentist (INT)-9.3
9.C Sesemann (PAD)-8.9
10.E Hayes (BAL)-8.7
1.B Bengal (PHI)1.91
2.OM Pytheas (CAR)1.83
3.Q-Tip (CPT)1.80
4.Royce 59 (CPT)1.78
G Nelson (CAR)1.78
6.Smarty Jones (PHI)1.71
7.M Hare (PAD)1.68
8.S Chef (KCC)1.65
9.3 with1.64
Hits per 9 IP
1.L Dundovic (MIL)14.04
2.B Bengal (PHI)13.61
3.VenusAngelic (INT)13.14
4.M Hare (PAD)12.84
5.Royce 59 (CPT)12.58
6.M Jagger (KCC)12.28
7.G Nelson (CAR)12.10
8.P Pan (PAD)12.00
9.OM Pytheas (CAR)11.76
10.Q-Tip (CPT)11.05
Walks per 9 IP
1.S Chef (KCC)6.12
2.Smarty Jones (PHI)5.76
3.F von Karma (SJS)5.60
4.E Hayes (BAL)5.33
5.C Columbus (CAR)5.28
6.T Keller (KCC)5.23
7.Q-Tip (CPT)5.11
8.JM Anh (MIL)4.86
9.E Wasson (MIL)4.80
10.P Anthony (LAL)4.69
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.P Morgan (STR)1.66
2.E Hayes (BAL)2.96
3.Br Willis (SAO)3.28
4.P Anthony (LAL)3.30
5.griernash (INT)3.98
6.NB Hilmarsdottir (SEA)4.12
7.T Keller (KCC)4.20
8.N Joel (SEA)4.83
9.P Pan (PAD)4.88
10.Na Drake (SJS)4.90
OPS Against
1.G Nelson (CAR)0.941
2.B Bengal (PHI)0.927
3.L Dundovic (MIL)0.920
4.N Joel (SEA)0.890
5.M Hare (PAD)0.874
6.Smarty Jones (PHI)0.863
7.Q-Tip (CPT)0.860
8.OM Pytheas (CAR)0.852
9.C Columbus (CAR)0.848
10.M Jagger (KCC)0.845
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.VenusAngelic (INT)10.97
2.B Bengal (PHI)10.04
3.L Dundovic (MIL)8.64
4.Royce 59 (CPT)8.49
5.M Jagger (KCC)8.06
6.P Pan (PAD)7.88
7.HB Bowers (INT)7.20
8.OM Pytheas (CAR)6.84
M Hare (PAD)6.84
10.C Sesemann (PAD)6.60
Runs Allowed
1.G Nelson (CAR)107
2.T Lung (PHI)76
3.Q-Tip (CPT)68
4.T Keller (KCC)65
5.Royce 59 (CPT)62
P Morgan (STR)62
7.Smarty Jones (PHI)61
B Bengal (PHI)61
9.O Voldaren (MTG)56
10.2 with54
Hits Allowed
1.G Nelson (CAR)156
2.M Jagger (KCC)131
3.P Pan (PAD)128
4.VenusAngelic (INT)127
O Voldaren (MTG)127
6.Royce 59 (CPT)123
7.B Bengal (PHI)122
T Lung (PHI)122
9.Br Willis (SAO)119
10.L Dundovic (MIL)117
1.T Keller (KCC)66
2.T Lung (PHI)54
P Anthony (LAL)54
4.G Nelson (CAR)51
S Chef (KCC)51
E Wasson (MIL)51
7.Q-Tip (CPT)50
F von Karma (SJS)50
9.3 with49
Line Drives Allowed
1.VenusAngelic (INT)106
2.B Bengal (PHI)90
3.M Jagger (KCC)86
4.P Pan (PAD)84
5.Royce 59 (CPT)83
6.G Nelson (CAR)72
L Dundovic (MIL)72
8.Br Willis (SAO)68
9.Ruric Thar (MTG)66
10.L Mullen Jr. (KRA)65
HR Allowed
1.G Nelson (CAR)29
2.P Morgan (STR)27
3.N Joel (SEA)25
4.Borborygmos (PAD)24
5.H Chavez (SAO)19
T Keller (KCC)19
7.T Lung (PHI)18
8.O Voldaren (MTG)16
9.4 with15
1.G Nelson (CAR)14
2.T Lung (PHI)11
3.C Columbus (CAR)9
L Dundovic (MIL)9
5.B Bengal (PHI)8
M Hare (PAD)8
7.8 with7
Blown Saves
1.M Whitman (ALM)6
2.Anne V (MIL)5
SJ Pussycat Sr. (PHI)5
J Bunning (CAR)5
R Pryor (SAO)5
6.DJKhaled305 (INT)4
Run (CPT)4
8.13 with3
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.E Hayes (BAL)0.56
2.P Anthony (LAL)0.70
3.T Keller (KCC)0.80
4.P Morgan (STR)0.82
5.F von Karma (SJS)1.16
6.JM Anh (MIL)1.20
7.Q-Tip (CPT)1.22
E Wasson (MIL)1.22
9.H Chavez (SAO)1.29
10.T Lung (PHI)1.30
HR per 9 IP
1.N Joel (SEA)2.95
2.P Morgan (STR)2.50
3.G Nelson (CAR)2.25
4.Borborygmos (PAD)2.19
5.C Columbus (CAR)1.80
6.E Hayes (BAL)1.78
7.H Chavez (SAO)1.74
8.Smarty Jones (PHI)1.68
9.A Chu (ALM)1.61
10.P-Mors (MTG)1.56
Reliever %
1.M Whitman (ALM)0.400
2.Anne V (MIL)0.444
SJ Pussycat Sr. (PHI)0.444
J Bunning (CAR)0.444
5.Run (CPT)0.636
6.6 with0.667

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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