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Year 61 Playoff Fielding Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

C Caught Stealing %
1.Muezza (SAO)0.571
2.HC Lodge (ALM)0.429
3.L Lemon (LAL)0.368
4.Teysa (MTG)0.167
C Stolen Bases/Game
1.G Savoy (KCC)0.00 (1)
M Kempes (KRA)0.00 (1)
3.HC Lodge (ALM)0.29
4.Muezza (SAO)0.38
5.L Lemon (LAL)0.86
6.Teysa (MTG)2.00
C Wild Pitches/Game
1.Teysa (MTG)0.00 (5)
G Savoy (KCC)0.00 (1)
M Kempes (KRA)0.00 (1)
4.L Lemon (LAL)0.07
5.Muezza (SAO)0.12
6.HC Lodge (ALM)0.14
C Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Muezza (SAO)1.2
2.L Lemon (LAL)1.0
3.HC Lodge (ALM)0.5
4.G Savoy (KCC)0.1
M Kempes (KRA)0.1
6.Teysa (MTG)-0.9
1B Zone Rating
1.A Farrah Fowler (LAL)0.750
2.R Feynman (ALM)0.647
3.GA Augustin IV (MTG)0.571
4.J Robuchon (KCC)0.500
H Michel (KRA)0.500
6.Gerson (SAO)0.455
1B Range Factor
1.GA Augustin IV (MTG)2.00 (6)
H Michel (KRA)2.00 (1)
3.A Farrah Fowler (LAL)1.50
4.R Feynman (ALM)1.00
J Robuchon (KCC)1.00
6.Gerson (SAO)0.62
1B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.A Farrah Fowler (LAL)1.6
2.R Feynman (ALM)0.4
3.H Michel (KRA)-0.1
4.GA Augustin IV (MTG)-0.2
J Robuchon (KCC)-0.2
6.Gerson (SAO)-1.1
2B Zone Rating
1.Obzedat (MTG)0.800
2.H Winkler (KCC)0.714
3.P Buchanan (ALM)0.706
4.K Dalglish (KRA)0.667
T Jordan (LAL)0.667
6.T Tiger (SAO)0.565
2B Range Factor
1.K Dalglish (KRA)6.00
2.H Winkler (KCC)5.00
3.Obzedat (MTG)3.33
4.T Jordan (LAL)2.71
5.P Buchanan (ALM)2.40
6.T Tiger (SAO)2.17
2B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Obzedat (MTG)1.5
2.P Buchanan (ALM)1.4
3.T Jordan (LAL)0.8
4.K Dalglish (KRA)0.1
5.H Winkler (KCC)0.0
6.T Tiger (SAO)-0.9
3B Zone Rating
1.B Stinson (LAL)0.714
2.M Broderick (SAO)0.679
3.J Furyk (ALM)0.613
4.G Capashen (MTG)0.552
5.P Rossi (KRA)0.400
E Lewis (KCC)0.400
3B Range Factor
1.G Capashen (MTG)3.20
2.J Furyk (ALM)2.92
3.B Stinson (LAL)2.73
4.M Broderick (SAO)2.71
5.P Rossi (KRA)2.00
E Lewis (KCC)2.00
3B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.B Stinson (LAL)1.1
2.P Rossi (KRA)-0.4
3.M Broderick (SAO)-0.5
4.E Lewis (KCC)-0.6
5.J Furyk (ALM)-1.1
6.G Capashen (MTG)-1.3
SS Zone Rating
1.Gideon (KRA)0.750
2.F Cook (ALM)0.705
3.BDK (KCC)0.667
4.R Swanson (LAL)0.645
5.Geppetto (SAO)0.643
6.Nag (MTG)0.600
SS Range Factor
1.R Swanson (LAL)4.29
2.Nag (MTG)3.60
3.F Cook (ALM)3.44
4.Geppetto (SAO)3.38
5.Gideon (KRA)3.00
6.BDK (KCC)2.00
SS Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Gideon (KRA)0.9
2.F Cook (ALM)0.8
3.BDK (KCC)-0.1
4.Geppetto (SAO)-0.4
5.Nag (MTG)-0.8
6.R Swanson (LAL)-1.6
LF Zone Rating
1.A Russo (LAL)0.886
2.JG Vongerichten (KCC)0.800
Atarka (MTG)0.800
4.G Anchovy (SAO)0.792
5.H Walker (ALM)0.704
LF Range Factor
1.JG Vongerichten (KCC)4.00
2.A Russo (LAL)2.79
3.G Anchovy (SAO)2.38
4.Atarka (MTG)2.00
5.H Walker (ALM)1.73
LF Runner Advance %
1.H Walker (ALM)0.174
2.Atarka (MTG)0.176
3.G Anchovy (SAO)0.200
4.A Russo (LAL)0.222
5.Rivellino (KRA)0.500
6.JG Vongerichten (KCC)0.667
LF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.A Russo (LAL)1.8
2.Atarka (MTG)-0.2
3.Rivellino (KRA)-0.3
4.H Walker (ALM)-0.5
5.JG Vongerichten (KCC)-0.6
6.G Anchovy (SAO)-0.9
CF Zone Rating
1.G Chiarini (KCC)1.000 (4)
M Coluna (KRA)1.000 (1)
3.B Spiner (SAO)0.882
4.K Jennings (ALM)0.836
5.V il-Dal (MTG)0.818
6.R Singh (LAL)0.768
CF Range Factor
1.B Spiner (SAO)5.00
2.K Jennings (ALM)4.67
3.G Chiarini (KCC)4.00
4.V il-Dal (MTG)3.60
5.R Singh (LAL)3.07
6.M Coluna (KRA)1.00
CF Runner Advance %
1.M Coluna (KRA)0.000
2.K Jennings (ALM)0.107
3.V il-Dal (MTG)0.200
4.G Chiarini (KCC)0.333
5.R Singh (LAL)0.357
6.B Spiner (SAO)0.409
CF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.K Jennings (ALM)2.6
2.V il-Dal (MTG)0.6
3.M Coluna (KRA)0.2
4.G Chiarini (KCC)-0.0
5.B Spiner (SAO)-1.7
6.R Singh (LAL)-4.8
RF Zone Rating
1.C Fiorina (ALM)0.882
2.J Winger (LAL)0.879
3.GS Traft (MTG)0.833
4.Coricopat (SAO)0.824
RF Range Factor
1.J Winger (LAL)2.07
2.GS Traft (MTG)2.00
3.Coricopat (SAO)1.75
4.C Fiorina (ALM)1.67
RF Runner Advance %
1.C Fiorina (ALM)0.000 (9)
D Chang (KCC)0.000 (1)
3.J Winger (LAL)0.048
4.Coricopat (SAO)0.250
5.G Lato (KRA)0.333
GS Traft (MTG)0.333
RF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.J Winger (LAL)2.6
2.C Fiorina (ALM)1.8
3.GS Traft (MTG)0.2
4.D Chang (KCC)0.1
5.Coricopat (SAO)-0.2
6.G Lato (KRA)-0.4
GB Zone Rating
1.Gideon (KRA)1.000
2.F Cook (ALM)0.886
3.Obzedat (MTG)0.870
4.K Dalglish (KRA)0.857
5.A Farrah Fowler (LAL)0.840
6.P Buchanan (ALM)0.786
7.B Stinson (LAL)0.737
8.H Winkler (KCC)0.714
T Jordan (LAL)0.714
10.J Furyk (ALM)0.712
FB Zone Rating
1.Coricopat (SAO)1.000 (14)
GS Traft (MTG)1.000 (10)
JG Vongerichten (KCC)1.000 (4)
G Chiarini (KCC)1.000 (4)
M Coluna (KRA)1.000 (1)
6.J Winger (LAL)0.967
7.K Jennings (ALM)0.963
8.R Thorhalsson (ALM)0.957
9.H Walker (ALM)0.950
G Anchovy (SAO)0.950
LD Zone Rating
1.Gideon (KRA)0.667
2.T Jordan (LAL)0.375
3.Atarka (MTG)0.333
Geppetto (SAO)0.333
5.K Jennings (ALM)0.308
6.R Swanson (LAL)0.300
7.V il-Dal (MTG)0.250
8.R Singh (LAL)0.200
9.Nag (MTG)0.167
10.J Bateman (ALM)0.154
OF Assists
1.J Winger (LAL)2
A Russo (LAL)2
R Thorhalsson (ALM)2
4.R Singh (LAL)1
H Walker (ALM)1
B Spiner (SAO)1
V il-Dal (MTG)1
GS Traft (MTG)1
T Wolfblood (MTG)1
Defensive Runs Above Position
1.J Winger (LAL)2.6
K Jennings (ALM)2.6
3.R Thorhalsson (ALM)1.9
4.C Fiorina (ALM)1.8
A Russo (LAL)1.8
6.A Farrah Fowler (LAL)1.6
7.Obzedat (MTG)1.5
8.P Buchanan (ALM)1.4
9.Muezza (SAO)1.2
10.B Stinson (LAL)1.1

Minimum 1/2 of team games needed to qualify at a position

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