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Year 66 Pitching Leaders (before games of day 3-7)

Run Average / SP
1.K Garnett (BAL)2.44
2.Quote (CPT-LAL)2.61
3.2Pac (CPT)2.64
4.D Mutombo (BAL)2.80
5.R Santorum (ALM)3.12
6.Munkustrap (WAS)3.26
7.D Hoffman (SEA)3.49
8.L Hofstadter (LAL)3.52
9.hankgreen (INT)3.54
10.Simba (ALM)3.62
Run Average / RP
1.Alm-Uncle (PAD)0.90
2.E Ballestrero (KRA)1.05
3.T Meadows (STR)1.20
4.S Lopez (MIL)1.30
5.Real Quiet (ALM)1.37
6.Ra Berry (KCC)1.45
7.W Ferrell (SAO)1.91
8.J Pereira (CAR)1.93
9.Ice-T (CPT)2.01
10.G Marchesi (KCC)2.18
1.hankgreen (INT)10
Simba (ALM)10
3.J Cabot (CAR)9
Ruric Thar (MTG)9
O Voldaren (MTG)9
6.P Pan (PAD)8
G Facchetti (KRA)8
Munkustrap (WAS)8
K Garnett (BAL)8
S Maier (KRA)8
Win-Loss %
1.K Garnett (BAL)0.889
2.hankgreen (INT)0.833
3.D Mutombo (BAL)0.778
4.S Maier (KRA)0.727
5.Sting (SEA)0.700
6.Ruric Thar (MTG)0.692
7.B Heinen (MIL)0.667
Quote (CPT-LAL)0.667
9.O Voldaren (MTG)0.643
10.Simba (ALM)0.625
Win Probability Added
1.Quote (CPT-LAL)2.231
2.E Ballestrero (KRA)2.136
3.K Garnett (BAL)2.043
4.W Ferrell (SAO)1.899
5.Ra Berry (KCC)1.890
6.X Arien (MTG)1.858
7.D Mutombo (BAL)1.712
8.Alm-Uncle (PAD)1.688
9.NB Hilmarsdottir (SEA)1.414
10.Simba (ALM)1.405
Win Shares
1.Quote (CPT-LAL)4.28
2.K Garnett (BAL)4.19
3.Munkustrap (WAS)3.95
4.Simba (ALM)3.90
5.hankgreen (INT)3.83
6.E DeLome (WAS)3.75
7.Ruric Thar (MTG)3.64
8.J Cabot (CAR)3.61
9.G Facchetti (KRA)3.59
10.O Voldaren (MTG)3.55
Support-Neutral Wins
1.Quote (CPT-LAL)9.14
2.Munkustrap (WAS)8.00
3.K Garnett (BAL)7.81
4.J Cabot (CAR)7.47
5.Simba (ALM)7.32
6.G Facchetti (KRA)7.10
7.A Chu (ALM)6.95
8.L Hofstadter (LAL)6.81
9.D Mutombo (BAL)6.78
10.O Voldaren (MTG)6.28
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.Quote (CPT-LAL)2.37
2.K Garnett (BAL)2.32
3.D Mutombo (BAL)1.62
4.NB Hilmarsdottir (SEA)1.59
5.2Pac (CPT)1.55
6.Munkustrap (WAS)1.38
7.R Santorum (ALM)1.27
8.Simba (ALM)1.19
9.L Hofstadter (LAL)1.07
A Chu (ALM)1.07
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.Quote (CPT-LAL)18.6
2.K Garnett (BAL)18.0
3.Simba (ALM)14.5
4.R Santorum (ALM)14.4
5.A Chu (ALM)10.6
6.L Hofstadter (LAL)10.3
7.T Lung (CPT)10.1
8.J Cabot (CAR)9.9
9.hankgreen (INT)9.4
10.Ra Berry (KCC)8.8
1.Quote (CPT-LAL)0.96
2.J Cabot (CAR)1.04
3.R Santorum (ALM)1.05
4.Sting (SEA)1.08
K Garnett (BAL)1.08
6.L Hofstadter (LAL)1.09
7.Munkustrap (WAS)1.14
8.D Hoffman (SEA)1.15
9.A Chu (ALM)1.17
10.2 with1.19
Hits per 9 IP
1.Quote (CPT-LAL)5.94
2.D Mutombo (BAL)6.02
3.OM Pytheas (CAR)7.44
T Lung (CPT)7.44
5.D Hoffman (SEA)7.47
6.Simba (ALM)7.49
7.R Santorum (ALM)7.58
8.A Earhart (CAR)7.62
9.T Keller (KCC)7.77
J Cabot (CAR)7.77
Walks per 9 IP
1.M Lahiri (LAL)0.71
2.K Garnett (BAL)0.81
3.O Voldaren (MTG)1.26
4.Munkustrap (WAS)1.32
5.Ruric Thar (MTG)1.40
6.Peter (PAD)1.57
7.J Cabot (CAR)1.64
8.Seal (STR)1.68
9.P Pan (PAD)1.71
A Chu (ALM)1.71
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.K Garnett (BAL)9.57
2.GV Hecke (KCC)8.81
3.D Hoffman (SEA)7.77
4.B Flay (KCC)7.76
5.P Breitner (KRA)7.68
6.T Lung (CPT)7.55
7.Simba (ALM)7.49
8.A Chu (ALM)7.16
9.K Bock (MIL)7.07
10.R Strijd (MIL)6.87
OPS Against
1.Quote (CPT-LAL)0.584
2.D Mutombo (BAL)0.611
3.T Lung (CPT)0.619
4.R Santorum (ALM)0.626
5.OM Pytheas (CAR)0.642
6.2Pac (CPT)0.647
7.Simba (ALM)0.649
8.K Garnett (BAL)0.670
9.Peter (PAD)0.690
10.Ruric Thar (MTG)0.695
1.L Hofstadter (LAL)10.5
2.Sting (SEA)11.1
3.J Cabot (CAR)11.4
4.Ruric Thar (MTG)11.6
M Lahiri (LAL)11.6
6.Munkustrap (WAS)11.7
7.A Chu (ALM)11.8
8.Seal (STR)11.9
K Garnett (BAL)11.9
10.2 with12.0
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.hankgreen (INT)0.10
2.Quote (CPT-LAL)0.71
3.Sting (SEA)0.81
4.O Voldaren (MTG)0.84
5.J Cabot (CAR)0.93
6.L Hofstadter (LAL)1.01
7.T Keller (KCC)1.02
8.G Facchetti (KRA)1.29
9.D Mutombo (BAL)1.35
10.Simba (ALM)1.68
1.Alm-Uncle (PAD)32
E DeLome (WAS)32
3.Arthur (CIR)30
R Koothrappali (LAL)30
X Arien (MTG)30
6.Ra Berry (KCC)29
Ni! (CIR)29
8.6 with28
1.E DeLome (WAS)8
X Arien (MTG)8
3.S Queen (PAD)7
linklamont (INT)7
5.Rachel (TAT)6
6.A Tasman (CAR)5
R Bertram (MIL)5
R Koothrappali (LAL)5
9.10 with4
Innings Pitched
1.J Cabot (CAR)126.1
2.T Keller (KCC)124.0
3.Munkustrap (WAS)116.0
4.Quote (CPT-LAL)113.2
5.F von Karma (SJS)112.0
6.A Chu (ALM)110.2
7.M Lewis (SJS)108.1
8.L Hofstadter (LAL)107.1
O Voldaren (MTG)107.1
10.2 with107.0
1.K Garnett (BAL)106
2.Simba (ALM)89
3.Munkustrap (WAS)88
A Chu (ALM)88
5.Quote (CPT-LAL)79
6.D Hoffman (SEA)78
7.GV Hecke (KCC)77
8.R Strijd (MIL)72
S Maier (KRA)72
10.F von Karma (SJS)71
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.K Garnett (BAL)11.78
2.M Lahiri (LAL)7.67
3.Munkustrap (WAS)5.18
4.O Voldaren (MTG)4.60
5.Ruric Thar (MTG)4.20
6.A Chu (ALM)4.19
7.R Santorum (ALM)3.56
8.Sting (SEA)3.05
K Bock (MIL)3.05
10.P Pan (PAD)2.82
HR per 9 IP
1.2Pac (CPT)0.36
2.OM Pytheas (CAR)0.46
3.Peter (PAD)0.52
4.Simba (ALM)0.59
5.T Lung (CPT)0.69
6.K Garnett (BAL)0.72
7.Ruric Thar (MTG)0.74
8.K Bock (MIL)0.84
9.Seal (STR)0.93
10.2 with1.00
1.D Savage (MTG)13
2.Alm-Uncle (PAD)10
3.GF Romagnoli (KCC)9
H Brinker (PAD)9
C Briggs (WAS)9
2D (SEA)9
7.R Cat (WAS)8
Red Alert (SAO)8
JM Jay (MTG)8
10.7 with7
Reliever %
1.Alm-Uncle (PAD)1.000 (11)
E Ballestrero (KRA)1.000 (10)
IISuperwomanII (INT)1.000 (9)
2D (SEA)1.000 (9)
5.X Arien (MTG)0.938
6.D Savage (MTG)0.929
7.A Tasman (CAR)0.909
Ra Berry (KCC)0.909
D Horrible (INT)0.909
10.3 with0.900

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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