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Year 67 Playoff Pitching Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

Run Average / SP
1.T Keller (KCC)1.32
2.johngreen (INT)2.40
3.I Morton (PAD)2.57
4.B Heinen (MIL)3.00
5.HB Bowers (SEA)3.38
griernash (INT)3.38
7.J Klinghoffer (SEA)3.86
Sting (SEA)3.86
9.hankgreen (INT)4.41
10.O Voldaren (CPT)4.50
Run Average / RP
1.GF Romagnoli (KCC)0.00 (10.0)
T Sawyer (PAD)0.00 (8.2)
linklamont (INT)0.00 (6.1)
Eazy-E (CPT)0.00 (2.1)
Run (SEA)0.00 (1.2)
6.M Monaghan (MIL)1.69
7.I Morton (PAD)2.57
8.G Marchesi (KCC)2.89
9.2D (SEA)3.38
10.Alm-Uncle (PAD)3.68
1.T Keller (KCC)4
2.H Brinker (PAD)2
Ra Berry (KCC)2
GF Romagnoli (KCC)2
griernash (INT)2
6.I Morton (PAD)1
B Heinen (MIL)1
S Queen (PAD)1
G Marchesi (KCC)1
hankgreen (INT)1
Win-Loss %
1.T Keller (KCC)1.000 (4)
GF Romagnoli (KCC)1.000 (2)
griernash (INT)1.000 (2)
B Heinen (MIL)1.000 (1)
5.H Brinker (PAD)0.667
Ra Berry (KCC)0.667
7.I Morton (PAD)0.500
S Queen (PAD)0.500
G Marchesi (KCC)0.500
hankgreen (INT)0.500
Win Probability Added
1.T Keller (KCC)1.111
2.linklamont (INT)0.826
3.GF Romagnoli (KCC)0.600
4.B Heinen (MIL)0.567
5.S Queen (PAD)0.425
6.I Morton (PAD)0.411
7.G Marchesi (KCC)0.352
8.B Flay (KCC)0.326
9.griernash (INT)0.146
10.johngreen (INT)0.138
Win Shares
1.T Keller (KCC)1.78
2.B Heinen (MIL)0.69
3.GF Romagnoli (KCC)0.65
4.hankgreen (INT)0.61
5.S Queen (PAD)0.60
6.I Morton (PAD)0.48
G Marchesi (KCC)0.48
8.Ra Berry (KCC)0.46
9.B Flay (KCC)0.41
10.linklamont (INT)0.38
Support-Neutral Wins
1.T Keller (KCC)2.95
2.Peter (PAD)1.15
3.johngreen (INT)1.05
4.B Heinen (MIL)1.03
5.hankgreen (INT)0.87
6.griernash (INT)0.67
7.J Oliver (KCC)0.62
8.S Queen (PAD)0.56
9.I Morton (PAD)0.53
10.J Klinghoffer (SEA)0.43
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.T Keller (KCC)1.14
2.B Heinen (MIL)0.33
3.johngreen (INT)0.27
4.S Queen (PAD)0.20
5.I Morton (PAD)0.16
6.griernash (INT)0.07
7.HB Bowers (SEA)0.05
8.hankgreen (INT)0.02
9.J Klinghoffer (SEA)0.01
Sting (SEA)0.01
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.T Keller (KCC)3.8
2.B Heinen (MIL)3.4
3.S Queen (PAD)2.1
4.hankgreen (INT)2.0
5.T Sawyer (PAD)1.9
6.B Flay (KCC)1.7
GF Romagnoli (KCC)1.7
8.I Morton (PAD)1.3
9.3 with0.9
1.griernash (INT)0.94 (10.2)
HB Bowers (SEA)0.94 (5.1)
3.I Morton (PAD)1.00
O Voldaren (CPT)1.00
5.B Heinen (MIL)1.08
6.Sting (SEA)1.14
7.T Keller (KCC)1.29
J Klinghoffer (SEA)1.29
9.hankgreen (INT)1.41
10.johngreen (INT)1.47
Hits per 9 IP
1.HB Bowers (SEA)3.38
2.I Morton (PAD)5.79
3.J Klinghoffer (SEA)6.43
4.T Keller (KCC)6.88
5.griernash (INT)7.59
6.B Heinen (MIL)8.25
7.hankgreen (INT)8.27
8.O Voldaren (CPT)9.00
johngreen (INT)9.00
10.Sting (SEA)10.29
Walks per 9 IP
1.O Voldaren (CPT)0.00 (8.0)
Sting (SEA)0.00 (7.0)
M Monaghan (MIL)0.00 (5.1)
4.griernash (INT)0.84
5.B Heinen (MIL)1.50
6.Peter (PAD)2.66
7.R Strijd (MIL)2.84
8.I Morton (PAD)3.21
9.johngreen (INT)4.20
10.hankgreen (INT)4.41
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.Sting (SEA)11.57
2.Quote (CPT)10.80
3.J Klinghoffer (SEA)9.00
4.R Strijd (MIL)7.11
5.M Monaghan (MIL)6.75
6.hankgreen (INT)6.06
7.B Bill (CPT)6.00
G Marchesi (KCC)6.00
Eazy-E (CPT)6.00
10.I Morton (PAD)5.79
OPS Against
1.HB Bowers (SEA)0.349
2.J Klinghoffer (SEA)0.554
3.B Heinen (MIL)0.578
4.I Morton (PAD)0.592
5.T Keller (KCC)0.605
6.griernash (INT)0.635
7.hankgreen (INT)0.700
8.O Voldaren (CPT)0.711
9.johngreen (INT)0.770
10.Sting (SEA)0.786
1.griernash (INT)8.8
2.HB Bowers (SEA)9.2
3.Sting (SEA)10.0
4.M Monaghan (MIL)10.1
5.B Heinen (MIL)12.0
6.I Morton (PAD)12.1
7.T Keller (KCC)12.5
8.O Voldaren (CPT)12.6
9.Peter (PAD)13.6
10.J Klinghoffer (SEA)14.1
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.hankgreen (INT)0.00 (16.1)
O Voldaren (CPT)0.00 (8.0)
Sting (SEA)0.00 (7.0)
Quote (CPT)0.00 (5.0)
5.T Keller (KCC)1.06
6.I Morton (PAD)1.29
7.B Heinen (MIL)3.00
8.HB Bowers (SEA)3.38
9.Peter (PAD)5.70
10.johngreen (INT)6.00
1.G Marchesi (KCC)7
Ra Berry (KCC)7
GF Romagnoli (KCC)7
4.T Keller (KCC)6
B Flay (KCC)6
6.6 with5
1.B Flay (KCC)3
2.linklamont (INT)2
3.Thumbelina (PAD)1
IISuperwomanII (INT)1
G Marchesi (KCC)1
Ra Berry (KCC)1
GF Romagnoli (KCC)1
Innings Pitched
1.T Keller (KCC)34.0
2.Peter (PAD)23.2
3.hankgreen (INT)16.1
4.johngreen (INT)15.0
5.I Morton (PAD)14.0
6.B Heinen (MIL)12.0
7.J Oliver (KCC)11.2
8.S Queen (PAD)10.2
griernash (INT)10.2
10.GF Romagnoli (KCC)10.0
1.Peter (PAD)12
2.hankgreen (INT)11
3.G Marchesi (KCC)10
4.I Morton (PAD)9
johngreen (INT)9
Ra Berry (KCC)9
Sting (SEA)9
8.B Heinen (MIL)7
J Klinghoffer (SEA)7
10.3 with6
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.Sting (SEA)99.99 (9)
M Monaghan (MIL)99.99 (4)
O Voldaren (CPT)99.99 (4)
4.B Heinen (MIL)3.50
5.R Strijd (MIL)2.50
6.Quote (CPT)2.00
7.I Morton (PAD)1.80
8.J Klinghoffer (SEA)1.75
9.Peter (PAD)1.71
10.hankgreen (INT)1.38
HR per 9 IP
1.B Heinen (MIL)0.00 (12.0)
J Klinghoffer (SEA)0.00 (7.0)
M Monaghan (MIL)0.00 (5.1)
HB Bowers (SEA)0.00 (5.1)
5.T Keller (KCC)0.53
6.hankgreen (INT)1.10
7.johngreen (INT)1.20
8.I Morton (PAD)1.29
9.R Strijd (MIL)1.42
10.griernash (INT)1.69
1.G Marchesi (KCC)4
2.Ra Berry (KCC)3
GF Romagnoli (KCC)3
rudymancuso (INT)3
5.F Drescher (KCC)2
6.7 with1
Reliever %
1.G Marchesi (KCC)1.000 (5)
B Flay (KCC)1.000 (4)
GF Romagnoli (KCC)1.000 (4)
linklamont (INT)1.000 (3)
rudymancuso (INT)1.000 (3)
F Drescher (KCC)1.000 (2)
7.Ra Berry (KCC)0.800
8.6 with0.500

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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