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Year 72 Pitching Leaders (before games of day 3-6)

Run Average / SP
1.A Earhart (COL)2.27
2.A Shirley (PAD)2.57
3.R Baxter (LAL)2.71
4.Peter (PAD)2.79
5.Herbert (CIR)2.87
6.P Rudd (TAT)2.95
7.J Scott-Key (SEA)3.00
8.F Coffee (SJS)3.03
9.Munkustrap (WAS)3.20
10.Titania (STR)3.36
Run Average / RP
1.Alonzo (CPT-LAL)1.39
2.J Charlton (CPT)1.51
3.Lancelot (CIR)1.55
4.A Brie (TAT)1.60
5.Ed O'Neill (SAO)1.79
J Smith (BAL)1.79
7.Superfruit (INT)1.80
8.S Koufax (TAT)1.88
9.Tim (SJS)2.08
J Keeler (WAS)2.08
1.R Baxter (LAL)11
2.Judith (CIR)10
Sting (MIL)10
4.JM Santos (SAO)9
J Scott-Key (SEA)9
6.A Earhart (COL)8
D Mutombo (BAL)8
P Rudd (TAT)8
A Shirley (PAD)8
10.4 with7
Win-Loss %
1.A Earhart (COL)0.889
2.Judith (CIR)0.833
3.P Rudd (TAT)0.800
A Shirley (PAD)0.800
5.B Holmes (SJS)0.778
6.R Baxter (LAL)0.733
7.D Mutombo (BAL)0.727
8.JM Santos (SAO)0.692
J Scott-Key (SEA)0.692
10.5 with0.667
Win Probability Added
1.I Morton (PAD)2.962
2.A Earhart (COL)2.790
3.R Baxter (LAL)2.732
4.Nath (MTG)2.731
5.F Coffee (SJS)2.013
6.A Shirley (PAD)1.935
7.Herbert (CIR)1.797
8.P Rudd (TAT)1.760
9.Alonzo (CPT-LAL)1.751
10.A Brie (TAT)1.738
Win Shares
1.R Baxter (LAL)5.91
2.J Scott-Key (SEA)5.37
3.I Morton (PAD)4.78
4.F Coffee (SJS)4.44
5.A Earhart (COL)4.36
6.J Cabot (COL)4.29
7.J Keeler (WAS)4.07
8.T Andrion (MTG)4.06
A Shirley (PAD)4.06
10.Herbert (CIR)3.97
Support-Neutral Wins
1.R Baxter (LAL)10.61
2.Sting (MIL)8.12
3.J Cabot (COL)7.97
4.F Coffee (SJS)7.93
5.Herbert (CIR)7.70
6.P Rudd (TAT)7.46
7.Munkustrap (WAS)7.41
8.A Earhart (COL)7.34
9.T Andrion (MTG)7.30
10.hankgreen (INT)6.67
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.R Baxter (LAL)2.78
2.A Earhart (COL)2.35
3.Herbert (CIR)2.04
4.F Coffee (SJS)1.97
5.A Shirley (PAD)1.81
6.J Scott-Key (SEA)1.75
7.P Rudd (TAT)1.62
8.Peter (PAD)1.61
9.Munkustrap (WAS)1.41
10.2 with1.19
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.R Baxter (LAL)22.4
2.F Coffee (SJS)20.0
3.Herbert (CIR)19.3
4.A Earhart (COL)17.7
5.J Scott-Key (SEA)17.5
6.hankgreen (INT)17.2
7.A Shirley (PAD)15.6
8.I Morton (PAD)14.5
9.Judith (CIR)13.0
10.J Cabot (COL)12.7
1.F Coffee (SJS)0.94
2.hankgreen (INT)0.95
3.A Earhart (COL)0.96
4.I Morton (PAD)0.99
5.Herbert (CIR)1.03
6.P Rudd (TAT)1.04
R Baxter (LAL)1.04
8.Judith (CIR)1.06
9.J Cabot (COL)1.08
10.A Shirley (PAD)1.15
Hits per 9 IP
1.A Earhart (COL)5.04
2.P Rudd (TAT)5.62
3.I Morton (PAD)6.22
4.Herbert (CIR)6.28
5.F Coffee (SJS)6.61
6.hankgreen (INT)6.64
7.D Mutombo (BAL)6.75
8.T Andrion (MTG)7.49
9.B Holmes (SJS)7.55
10.J Cabot (COL)7.71
Walks per 9 IP
1.B Rhymes (CPT-STR)0.24
2.Judith (CIR)0.67
3.R Baxter (LAL)0.73
4.A Shirley (PAD)0.75
5.Guenhwyvar (TAT)0.79
6.Peter (PAD)1.20
7.J Scott-Key (SEA)1.59
8.Munkustrap (WAS)1.72
9.F Coffee (SJS)1.83
10.hankgreen (INT)1.87
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.K Garnett (BAL)9.53
2.D Palmer (WAS)9.36
3.J Beukeboom (OMS)8.32
4.Judith (CIR)8.11
5.M Politano (LAL)7.80
6.I Morton (PAD)7.16
7.Munkustrap (WAS)7.14
8.S Rogen (SAO)6.96
9.P Rudd (TAT)6.91
10.hankgreen (INT)6.90
OPS Against
1.A Earhart (COL)0.534
2.Herbert (CIR)0.585
3.I Morton (PAD)0.592
4.P Rudd (TAT)0.614
5.hankgreen (INT)0.630
6.F Coffee (SJS)0.633
7.R Baxter (LAL)0.635
8.B Holmes (SJS)0.660
9.Titania (STR)0.662
10.Judith (CIR)0.664
1.J Cabot (COL)10.4
2.B Rhymes (CPT-STR)10.6
R Baxter (LAL)10.6
4.Titania (STR)11.0
5.Peter (PAD)11.1
6.Sting (MIL)11.2
7.F Coffee (SJS)11.4
Judith (CIR)11.4
hankgreen (INT)11.4
10.2 with11.9
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.F Coffee (SJS)0.64
2.hankgreen (INT)0.68
3.I Morton (PAD)0.70
4.Titania (STR)1.01
5.Othello (STR)1.06
6.J Cabot (COL)1.12
7.D Mutombo (BAL)1.28
8.P Rudd (TAT)1.29
9.M Hassan (SAO)1.33
10.Herbert (CIR)1.35
1.Itchy (WAS)32
F Day (INT)32
3.J Niinimaa (OMS)31
G Marchesi (SAO)31
5.Tim (SJS)30
6.P Rabbit (SEA)29
7.6 with28
1.G Marchesi (SAO)12
2.Superfruit (INT)10
3.P Rabbit (SEA)9
4.Ha Ford (CIR)8
R Koothrappali (LAL)8
6.Tim (SJS)6
Alm-Uncle (PAD)6
M Adjei (MIL)6
9.7 with5
Innings Pitched
1.R Baxter (LAL)136.0
2.J Cabot (COL)128.1
3.Sting (MIL)115.0
4.F Coffee (SJS)113.0
5.B Rhymes (CPT-STR)112.0
6.R Crumpton (VAN)111.2
7.Othello (STR)110.1
8.Munkustrap (WAS)109.2
9.T Andrion (MTG)109.1
10.hankgreen (INT)105.2
1.Munkustrap (WAS)87
2.Judith (CIR)85
3.K Garnett (BAL)84
4.F Coffee (SJS)83
5.J Beukeboom (OMS)82
6.hankgreen (INT)81
7.D Palmer (WAS)78
8.P Rudd (TAT)75
R Crumpton (VAN)75
10.J Scott-Key (SEA)70
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.B Rhymes (CPT-STR)19.00
2.Judith (CIR)12.14
3.A Shirley (PAD)7.00
4.Guenhwyvar (TAT)6.86
5.R Baxter (LAL)4.18
6.Munkustrap (WAS)4.14
7.J Scott-Key (SEA)4.12
8.hankgreen (INT)3.68
9.K Garnett (BAL)3.65
10.F Coffee (SJS)3.61
HR per 9 IP
1.JP Ryan (WAS)0.51
2.B Holmes (SJS)0.53
3.J Scott-Key (SEA)0.56
4.A Earhart (COL)0.59
5.A Shirley (PAD)0.64
6.P Palmer (CPT)0.66
7.R Rubio (BAL)0.68
8.J Beukeboom (OMS)0.71
9.Herbert (CIR)0.72
10.M Alajmo (OMS)0.81
1.J Charlton (CPT)12
2.Lancelot (CIR)11
J Garofalo (SAO)11
4.C Bixler-Zavala (SEA)9
A Brie (TAT)9
6.M Phan (INT)8
2D (TAT)8
D Gale (PAD)8
9.4 with7
Reliever %
1.Lancelot (CIR)1.000 (13)
Alm-Uncle (PAD)1.000 (10)
M Bottura (OMS)1.000 (9)
S Koufax (TAT)1.000 (9)
5.J Charlton (CPT)0.923
D Gale (PAD)0.923
A Brie (TAT)0.923
8.Ed O'Neill (SAO)0.909
9.3 with0.900

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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