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Year 72 Playoff Pitching Leaders (before games of day 3-6)

Run Average / SP
1.Guenhwyvar (TAT)0.00
2.I Morton (PAD)2.38
3.P Dunphy (LAL)2.75
4.Judith (CIR)3.08
5.M Hassan (SAO)3.50
6.R Baxter (LAL)4.09
7.Othello (STR)5.40
8.Herbert (CIR)5.64
9.B Rhymes (STR)6.43
10.A Shirley (PAD)7.88
Run Average / RP
1.Robin (CIR)0.00 (7.1)
Ha Ford (CIR)0.00 (6.1)
2D (TAT)0.00 (4.0)
H Finn (PAD)0.00 (3.1)
G Ward (STR)0.00 (2.1)
D Gale (PAD)0.00 (2.1)
C Howard (TAT)0.00 (2.0)
Rachel (TAT)0.00 (2.0)
9.J Garofalo (SAO)0.96
10.A Lindbergh (CIR)1.42
1.Alonzo (LAL)3
O Voldaren (CIR)3
3.Judith (CIR)2
4.11 with1
Win-Loss %
1.O Voldaren (CIR)1.000 (3)
Judith (CIR)1.000 (2)
Alm-Uncle (PAD)1.000 (1)
Guenhwyvar (TAT)1.000 (1)
5.Alonzo (LAL)0.600
6.9 with0.500
Win Probability Added
1.Judith (CIR)1.223
2.Ha Ford (CIR)0.795
3.A Lindbergh (CIR)0.711
4.J Garofalo (SAO)0.495
5.Guenhwyvar (TAT)0.408
6.G Cohen (SAO)0.349
7.R Baxter (LAL)0.347
8.Robin (CIR)0.328
9.2D (TAT)0.304
10.Lancelot (CIR)0.302
Win Shares
1.Judith (CIR)1.81
2.Ha Ford (CIR)0.98
3.A Lindbergh (CIR)0.82
4.R Baxter (LAL)0.77
5.P Dunphy (LAL)0.69
6.O Voldaren (CIR)0.58
7.Herbert (CIR)0.52
M Hassan (SAO)0.52
9.G Marchesi (SAO)0.44
10.I Morton (PAD)0.42
Support-Neutral Wins
1.Judith (CIR)2.44
2.R Baxter (LAL)1.83
3.Herbert (CIR)1.20
4.M Hassan (SAO)1.18
5.P Dunphy (LAL)0.96
6.Guenhwyvar (TAT)0.88
7.I Morton (PAD)0.85
8.M Politano (LAL)0.74
9.A Lindbergh (CIR)0.58
10.JM Santos (SAO)0.50
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.Judith (CIR)0.48
2.Guenhwyvar (TAT)0.42
3.I Morton (PAD)0.24
4.G Cohen (SAO)0.23
5.A Lindbergh (CIR)0.20
6.M Hassan (SAO)0.17
7.JM Santos (SAO)0.15
8.P Dunphy (LAL)0.13
9.R Baxter (LAL)0.12
10.S Rogen (SAO)0.11
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.P Dunphy (LAL)3.9
Judith (CIR)3.9
3.A Lindbergh (CIR)3.4
4.Guenhwyvar (TAT)3.2
5.I Morton (PAD)3.1
6.Robin (CIR)2.7
Ha Ford (CIR)2.7
8.2D (TAT)2.2
G Cohen (SAO)2.2
10.2 with1.1
1.Guenhwyvar (TAT)0.35
2.Judith (CIR)0.89
3.P Dunphy (LAL)0.97
4.R Baxter (LAL)1.06
5.M Hassan (SAO)1.22
6.I Morton (PAD)1.24
7.B Rhymes (STR)1.29
8.Othello (STR)1.40
9.A Shirley (PAD)1.50
10.Herbert (CIR)1.66
Hits per 9 IP
1.Guenhwyvar (TAT)2.08
2.P Dunphy (LAL)5.49
3.I Morton (PAD)6.35
4.M Hassan (SAO)6.50
5.Judith (CIR)7.82
6.R Baxter (LAL)8.73
7.Othello (STR)9.00
8.Herbert (CIR)10.88
9.B Rhymes (STR)11.57
10.A Shirley (PAD)12.38
Walks per 9 IP
1.B Rhymes (STR)0.00
2.Judith (CIR)0.24
3.R Baxter (LAL)0.82
4.Guenhwyvar (TAT)1.04
5.A Shirley (PAD)1.12
6.Peter (PAD)2.84
7.P Dunphy (LAL)3.20
8.Othello (STR)3.60
9.Herbert (CIR)4.03
10.M Hassan (SAO)4.50
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.P Dunphy (LAL)8.69
2.Rachel (TAT)8.00
3.Judith (CIR)7.58
4.Guenhwyvar (TAT)7.27
5.S Rogen (SAO)6.86
6.I Morton (PAD)6.35
7.C Howard (TAT)6.00
2D (TAT)6.00
9.A Shirley (PAD)5.62
10.Herbert (CIR)5.24
OPS Against
1.Guenhwyvar (TAT)0.218
2.I Morton (PAD)0.507
3.P Dunphy (LAL)0.559
4.Judith (CIR)0.599
5.M Hassan (SAO)0.682
6.R Baxter (LAL)0.712
7.Othello (STR)0.754
8.Herbert (CIR)0.903
9.A Shirley (PAD)0.962
10.Peter (PAD)0.973
1.B Rhymes (STR)8.4
2.Guenhwyvar (TAT)9.7
3.Judith (CIR)10.6
4.R Baxter (LAL)10.7
5.Othello (STR)12.2
6.M Hassan (SAO)13.3
7.A Shirley (PAD)13.4
8.P Dunphy (LAL)13.5
9.I Morton (PAD)13.6
10.Herbert (CIR)14.8
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.I Morton (PAD)0.00 (11.1)
Othello (STR)0.00 (5.0)
3.Guenhwyvar (TAT)1.04
4.B Rhymes (STR)1.29
5.M Hassan (SAO)1.50
6.Herbert (CIR)1.61
7.P Dunphy (LAL)2.29
8.R Baxter (LAL)2.45
9.Peter (PAD)4.26
10.A Shirley (PAD)5.62
1.Ha Ford (CIR)7
2.Alonzo (LAL)6
Lancelot (CIR)6
G Marchesi (SAO)6
5.Ed O'Neill (SAO)5
Judith (CIR)5
A Lindbergh (CIR)5
R Baxter (LAL)5
9.6 with4
1.G Marchesi (SAO)2
Ha Ford (CIR)2
3.Lancelot (CIR)1
A Lindbergh (CIR)1
A Brie (TAT)1
D Gale (PAD)1
Robin (CIR)1
G Cohen (SAO)1
Innings Pitched
1.Judith (CIR)38.0
2.R Baxter (LAL)33.0
3.Herbert (CIR)22.1
4.P Dunphy (LAL)19.2
5.M Hassan (SAO)18.0
6.O Voldaren (CIR)13.0
7.M Politano (LAL)12.2
A Lindbergh (CIR)12.2
9.I Morton (PAD)11.1
10.J Garofalo (SAO)9.1
1.Judith (CIR)32
2.P Dunphy (LAL)19
3.R Baxter (LAL)17
4.Herbert (CIR)13
5.A Lindbergh (CIR)10
6.M Hassan (SAO)9
Ha Ford (CIR)9
8.S Rogen (SAO)8
M Politano (LAL)8
I Morton (PAD)8
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.B Rhymes (STR)99.99
2.Judith (CIR)32.00
3.Guenhwyvar (TAT)7.00
4.R Baxter (LAL)5.67
5.A Shirley (PAD)5.00
6.P Dunphy (LAL)2.71
7.Peter (PAD)1.50
8.I Morton (PAD)1.33
9.Herbert (CIR)1.30
10.M Hassan (SAO)1.00
HR per 9 IP
1.I Morton (PAD)0.00 (11.1)
Guenhwyvar (TAT)0.00 (8.2)
3.P Dunphy (LAL)0.92
4.Judith (CIR)1.18
5.M Hassan (SAO)1.50
6.Othello (STR)1.80
7.R Baxter (LAL)1.91
8.Herbert (CIR)2.42
9.Peter (PAD)2.84
10.A Shirley (PAD)3.38
1.Ed O'Neill (SAO)3
2.J Garofalo (SAO)2
W Ferrell (SAO)2
Ha Ford (CIR)2
5.7 with1
Reliever %
1.Ha Ford (CIR)1.000 (4)
Lancelot (CIR)1.000 (2)
A Lindbergh (CIR)1.000 (2)
G Cohen (SAO)1.000 (2)
J Garofalo (SAO)1.000 (2)
W Ferrell (SAO)1.000 (2)
Rachel (TAT)1.000 (1)
A Brie (TAT)1.000 (1)
2D (TAT)1.000 (1)
D Gale (PAD)1.000 (1)

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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