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Year 74 Batting Losers (before games of day 3-8)

1.Scarecrow (PAD)0.132
2.B Walton (BAL)0.141
3.R Baloth (MTG)0.160
4.Caz (CPT)0.169
5.B Cunningham (BAL)0.171
6.J Proudmoore (CPT)0.181
7.Toto (PAD)0.193
LM Miranda (PAD)0.193
9.W Oz (PAD)0.196
10.A Brody (TAT)0.197
On-Base %
1.Scarecrow (PAD)0.171
2.J Proudmoore (CPT)0.216
3.B Cunningham (BAL)0.231
4.LM Miranda (PAD)0.232
5.A Brody (TAT)0.237
6.Caz (CPT)0.239
7.Dres (INT)0.247
8.R Baloth (MTG)0.248
9.P Glass (TAT)0.254
10.T-Loc (CPT)0.258
Slugging %
1.R Baloth (MTG)0.201
2.B Walton (BAL)0.203
3.Scarecrow (PAD)0.216
4.Elesh (MTG)0.241
5.J Proudmoore (CPT)0.256
6.W Oz (PAD)0.261
7.Caz (CPT)0.275
8.M Gale (MIL)0.286
9.R Milla (KRA)0.289
10.N Baxter (CPT)0.294
1.Scarecrow (PAD)0.387
2.R Baloth (MTG)0.449
3.B Walton (BAL)0.465
4.J Proudmoore (CPT)0.472
5.Caz (CPT)0.514
6.Elesh (MTG)0.544
7.W Oz (PAD)0.546
8.R Milla (KRA)0.548
9.Dres (INT)0.558
10.N Baxter (CPT)0.562
Win Probability Added
1.Scarecrow (PAD)-2.611
2.B Walton (BAL)-2.519
3.J Proudmoore (CPT)-2.177
4.LM Miranda (PAD)-1.956
5.C Knight (PAD)-1.952
6.Dres (INT)-1.743
7.R Baloth (MTG)-1.616
8.A Harmon (COL)-1.576
9.Elesh (MTG)-1.557
10.Caz (CPT)-1.423
Loss Shares
1.D Dederer (WAS)4.56
2.Scarecrow (PAD)4.11
3.J van Eyck (VAN)3.81
4.B Walton (BAL)3.50
5.Caz (CPT)3.46
6.Toto (PAD)3.19
7.N Combin (BAL)3.15
8.Romario (KRA)3.04
9.C Knight (PAD)2.94
10.W Oz (PAD)2.93
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.B Walton (BAL)-19.4
2.Scarecrow (PAD)-19.3
3.J Proudmoore (CPT)-15.4
4.R Baloth (MTG)-14.7
5.E de Paula (MIL)-14.6
6.Caz (CPT)-13.5
7.LM Miranda (PAD)-13.1
8.M Lennox (PAD)-12.2
9.Dres (INT)-12.1
10.2 with-11.7
Runs Above Position
1.D Dederer (WAS)-29.6
2.Caz (CPT)-25.5
3.N Baxter (CPT)-22.1
4.Scarecrow (PAD)-20.0
5.B Walton (BAL)-19.4
6.N Combin (BAL)-18.5
7.Romario (KRA)-17.0
8.J van Eyck (VAN)-16.7
9.J Proudmoore (CPT)-16.6
10.C Hagan (BAL)-16.0
1.A Farrah Fowler (SAO)2.32
2.MK Snow (VAN)2.34
3.S Waterhouse (MIL)2.50
4.H Greer (BAL)2.51
5.UDFM Pinky (WAS)2.53
6.T-Loc (CPT)2.58
7.W Pooh (PAD)2.63
8.D Dederer (WAS)2.66
9.G Vancouver (VAN)2.69
10.3 with2.70
Outs Made
1.R van Persie (KRA)166
2.B Walton (BAL)163
3.Toto (PAD)158
4.M Lennox (PAD)156
5.Kanga (TAT)155
A Brody (TAT)155
7.B Butcher (KRA)154
8.N Persson (SEA)153
9.Romario (KRA)151
tyleroakley (INT)151
1.B Walton (BAL)11
2.M Lennox (PAD)10
3.D Puppa (OMS)9
M Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)9
E de Paula (MIL)9
6.9 with8
1.N Combin (BAL)58
2.E Shackleton (COL)50
W Truman (CPT)50
4.N Persson (SEA)47
5.Eeyore (SEA)46
6.B Butcher (KRA)45
7.K Schmidt (LAL)44
8.S Irvine (COL)43
9.L Ribero (MIL)42
10.2 with41
Caught Stealing
1.P Chopra (STR)14
2.N Persson (SEA)10
3.Biggie (CIR)8
4.E Burnett (SAO)7
T Sweetster (SJS)7
6.A 2S Jackson (CIR)6
7.7 with5
Avg on Balls in Play
1.B Cunningham (BAL)0.139
2.Scarecrow (PAD)0.141
3.B Walton (BAL)0.156
4.Caz (CPT)0.169
5.R Baloth (MTG)0.178
6.Toto (PAD)0.197
7.LM Miranda (PAD)0.200
8.D Puppa (OMS)0.204
9.J Proudmoore (CPT)0.206
10.W Oz (PAD)0.215

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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