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Year 74 Playoff Pitching Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

Run Average / SP
1.B Holmes (SJS)2.25
2.JM Santos (SAO)3.00
3.R Baxter (LAL)4.08
4.Judith (CIR)4.50
5.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)5.59
6.J Scott-Key (SEA)7.11
7.M Hassan (SAO)7.50
8.B Rhymes (STR)7.59
9.R Winner (LAL)7.92
10.Othello (STR)10.24
Run Average / RP
1.P Dunphy (LAL)0.00 (11.2)
D McSwiggin (SJS)0.00 (2.2)
Robin (CIR)0.00 (2.2)
4.Titania (STR)1.93
5.P Rabbit (SEA)2.45
6.L Jenkins (SEA)3.18
7.Ed O'Neill (SAO)3.38
V Adamkus (SAO)3.38
9.V Dong (SJS)4.15
10.I Morton (STR)5.19
1.R Baxter (LAL)5
2.C Bixler-Zavala (SEA)2
J Scott-Key (SEA)2
4.11 with1
Win-Loss %
1.S Rogen (SAO)1.000 (1)
B Holmes (SJS)1.000 (1)
3.R Baxter (LAL)0.714
4.C Bixler-Zavala (SEA)0.667
J Scott-Key (SEA)0.667
6.6 with0.500
Win Probability Added
1.P Rabbit (SEA)0.703
2.T Wheeler (SEA)0.298
3.Ed O'Neill (SAO)0.190
4.B Holmes (SJS)0.144
5.JM Santos (SAO)0.138
6.M Politano (LAL)0.099
7.JC Cash (SEA)0.086
8.FJ Pritchett (LAL)0.075
9.Robin (CIR)0.065
10.P Dunphy (LAL)0.053
Win Shares
1.R Baxter (LAL)1.78
2.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)0.98
3.J Scott-Key (SEA)0.87
4.P Rabbit (SEA)0.74
5.B Holmes (SJS)0.71
6.JC Cash (SEA)0.62
7.JM Santos (SAO)0.49
8.I Morton (STR)0.44
Titania (STR)0.44
10.M Politano (LAL)0.41
Support-Neutral Wins
1.R Baxter (LAL)2.60
2.M Politano (LAL)1.16
3.JC Cash (SEA)0.93
4.Judith (CIR)0.76
5.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)0.71
6.J Scott-Key (SEA)0.64
7.B Holmes (SJS)0.58
R Winner (LAL)0.58
9.B Rhymes (STR)0.50
10.JM Santos (SAO)0.46
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.B Holmes (SJS)0.21
2.JM Santos (SAO)0.17
3.R Baxter (LAL)0.15
4.JC Cash (SEA)0.12
5.M Politano (LAL)0.09
6.I Morton (STR)0.05
7.28 with0.00
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.R Baxter (LAL)7.7
2.P Dunphy (LAL)3.4
3.JM Santos (SAO)1.6
4.A Dunphy (LAL)1.5
5.B Holmes (SJS)1.3
6.Robin (CIR)1.0
7.F Baresi (SEA)0.9
8.P Rabbit (SEA)0.8
9.JC Cash (SEA)0.7
10.3 with0.6
1.JM Santos (SAO)1.00
2.R Baxter (LAL)1.06
3.Judith (CIR)1.21
4.B Holmes (SJS)1.25
5.J Scott-Key (SEA)1.53
6.R Winner (LAL)1.76
O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)1.76
8.M Hassan (SAO)1.83
9.B Rhymes (STR)2.06
10.Othello (STR)2.17
Hits per 9 IP
1.B Holmes (SJS)2.25
2.JM Santos (SAO)6.00
3.R Baxter (LAL)8.94
4.Judith (CIR)9.64
5.J Scott-Key (SEA)10.42
6.M Hassan (SAO)12.00
7.R Winner (LAL)12.60
8.Othello (STR)13.03
9.3 with13.50
Walks per 9 IP
1.R Baxter (LAL)0.58
2.Judith (CIR)1.29
3.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)2.33
4.JM Santos (SAO)3.00
5.R Winner (LAL)3.24
6.J Scott-Key (SEA)3.32
7.B Rhymes (STR)4.22
8.M Hassan (SAO)4.50
9.Othello (STR)6.52
10.Herbert (CIR)7.50
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.F Coffee (SJS)9.64
2.JM Santos (SAO)9.00
3.V Dong (SJS)8.00
4.M Politano (LAL)7.29
5.Judith (CIR)7.07
6.S Rogen (SAO)6.00
V Adamkus (SAO)6.00
8.B Holmes (SJS)5.62
9.J Scott-Key (SEA)5.21
10.I Grover (SJS)5.06
OPS Against
1.B Holmes (SJS)0.395
2.JM Santos (SAO)0.499
3.R Baxter (LAL)0.683
4.Judith (CIR)0.785
5.J Scott-Key (SEA)0.788
6.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)0.862
7.R Winner (LAL)0.880
8.Herbert (CIR)0.915
9.B Rhymes (STR)1.061
10.I Grover (SJS)1.093
1.R Baxter (LAL)9.6
2.Judith (CIR)10.9
3.JM Santos (SAO)12.5
4.R Winner (LAL)12.6
J Scott-Key (SEA)12.6
6.B Rhymes (STR)12.8
7.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)13.2
8.B Holmes (SJS)13.4
9.M Hassan (SAO)13.5
10.Othello (STR)16.4
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.B Holmes (SJS)0.00 (8.0)
Herbert (CIR)0.00 (6.0)
I Grover (SJS)0.00 (5.1)
4.M Hassan (SAO)0.75
5.Othello (STR)0.93
6.F Coffee (SJS)1.93
7.R Baxter (LAL)2.33
8.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)3.26
9.B Rhymes (STR)4.22
10.JM Santos (SAO)4.50
1.P Dunphy (LAL)10
2.R Baxter (LAL)7
3.Alonzo (LAL)6
L Jenkins (SEA)6
J Charlton (LAL)6
6.Guildenstern (STR)5
7.10 with4
1.P Rabbit (SEA)1
I Morton (STR)1
T Wheeler (SEA)1
SM Gellar (STR)1
W Ferrell (SAO)1
Innings Pitched
1.R Baxter (LAL)46.1
2.R Winner (LAL)25.0
3.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)19.1
4.J Scott-Key (SEA)19.0
5.M Politano (LAL)18.2
6.Judith (CIR)14.0
JC Cash (SEA)14.0
8.M Hassan (SAO)12.0
9.P Dunphy (LAL)11.2
10.L Jenkins (SEA)11.1
1.R Baxter (LAL)23
2.M Politano (LAL)17
3.Judith (CIR)11
J Scott-Key (SEA)11
5.R Winner (LAL)9
6.P Dunphy (LAL)8
7.Alonzo (LAL)7
O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)7
JC Cash (SEA)7
10.2 with6
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.R Baxter (LAL)7.67
2.Judith (CIR)5.50
3.JM Santos (SAO)3.00
4.J Scott-Key (SEA)1.57
5.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)1.40
6.R Winner (LAL)1.00
7.F Coffee (SJS)0.83
8.Othello (STR)0.71
9.M Hassan (SAO)0.67
10.B Holmes (SJS)0.62
HR per 9 IP
1.B Holmes (SJS)0.00 (8.0)
JM Santos (SAO)0.00 (6.0)
3.J Scott-Key (SEA)0.47
4.R Baxter (LAL)0.97
5.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)1.40
6.Herbert (CIR)1.50
7.I Grover (SJS)1.69
8.R Winner (LAL)1.80
9.Judith (CIR)1.93
10.B Rhymes (STR)2.53
1.F Baresi (SEA)2
Titania (STR)2
T Wheeler (SEA)2
Guildenstern (STR)2
5.P Rabbit (SEA)1
Ed O'Neill (SAO)1
O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)1
C Bixler-Zavala (SEA)1
FJ Pritchett (LAL)1
T Allen (SAO)1
Reliever %
1.T Wheeler (SEA)1.000 (3)
F Baresi (SEA)1.000 (2)
Titania (STR)1.000 (2)
Guildenstern (STR)1.000 (2)
Ed O'Neill (SAO)1.000 (1)
W Ferrell (SAO)1.000 (1)
T Allen (SAO)1.000 (1)
8.P Rabbit (SEA)0.667
9.4 with0.500

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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