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Year 77 Pitching Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

Run Average / SP
1.B Holmes (SJS)2.08
2.C Anagonye (LAL)2.12
3.Herbert (CIR)2.20
4.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)2.31
5.P Maldini (KRA)2.38
6.R Baxter (LAL)2.78
7.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)2.89
8.D Scabin (OMS)3.01
9.S Rai (MTG)3.24
10.Judith (CIR)3.27
Run Average / RP
1.D Gale (CIR)1.27
2.IP Harris (SJS)1.62
3.Flavius (KRA)1.69
4.V Adamkus (STR-SAO)1.80
5.L Jenkins (SEA)2.02
6.P Rabbit (SEA)2.10
7.M Alajmo (OMS)2.26
8.J Gad (TAT)2.45
9.V Wilder Jr. (ARK)2.56
10.C Bruna (MIL)2.57
1.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)14
2.B Holmes (SJS)12
3.J Hammond-Hammond (BAL)10
P Maldini (KRA)10
Method Man (CPT)10
F Coffee (SJS)10
7.S Rai (MTG)9
R Baxter (LAL)9
A Earhart (COL)9
10.4 with8
Win-Loss %
1.B Holmes (SJS)1.000
2.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)0.933
3.P Maldini (KRA)0.909
4.F Coffee (SJS)0.833
5.S Rai (MTG)0.818
6.J Beukeboom (OMS)0.800
7.P Rabbit (SEA)0.778
Flavius (KRA)0.778
9.Judith (CIR)0.727
Herbert (CIR)0.727
Win Probability Added
1.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)2.788
2.Flavius (KRA)2.642
3.B Holmes (SJS)2.484
4.P Rabbit (SEA)2.224
5.V Adamkus (STR-SAO)2.138
6.D Gale (CIR)2.126
7.Herbert (CIR)2.096
8.IP Harris (SJS)1.949
9.P Maldini (KRA)1.917
10.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)1.826
Win Shares
1.P Maldini (KRA)5.10
2.R Baxter (LAL)4.80
3.J Hammond-Hammond (BAL)4.67
4.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)4.52
5.V Adamkus (STR-SAO)4.43
6.Flavius (KRA)4.35
7.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)4.11
8.P Rabbit (SEA)3.91
9.Herbert (CIR)3.87
10.B Holmes (SJS)3.77
Support-Neutral Wins
1.P Maldini (KRA)8.51
2.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)8.02
3.Herbert (CIR)7.88
4.B Holmes (SJS)7.67
5.R Baxter (LAL)7.54
6.J Hammond-Hammond (BAL)7.32
7.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)7.09
8.A Earhart (COL)7.07
9.F Coffee (SJS)6.71
10.C Anagonye (LAL)6.55
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.Herbert (CIR)2.51
2.B Holmes (SJS)2.38
3.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)2.16
4.C Anagonye (LAL)2.03
5.P Maldini (KRA)2.00
6.R Baxter (LAL)1.86
7.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)1.74
8.D Scabin (OMS)1.30
9.Judith (CIR)1.11
10.S Rai (MTG)1.10
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.R Baxter (LAL)21.7
2.P Maldini (KRA)17.9
3.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)17.5
4.Herbert (CIR)15.9
5.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)14.3
6.V Adamkus (STR-SAO)13.3
7.F Coffee (SJS)12.5
8.D Boulud (OMS)11.8
9.B Holmes (SJS)10.2
10.C Anagonye (LAL)9.2
1.R Baxter (LAL)0.94
2.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)0.96
Herbert (CIR)0.96
4.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)0.97
5.C Anagonye (LAL)1.08
F Coffee (SJS)1.08
Judith (CIR)1.08
8.P Maldini (KRA)1.12
9.B Holmes (SJS)1.16
10.R Winner (LAL)1.18
Hits per 9 IP
1.B Holmes (SJS)4.89
2.Herbert (CIR)6.34
3.C Anagonye (LAL)6.36
4.F Coffee (SJS)6.90
5.D Scabin (OMS)6.92
6.R Van Winkle (ARK)7.30
7.S Rai (MTG)7.36
8.A Earhart (COL)7.40
9.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)7.83
10.J Jágr (OMS)7.87
Walks per 9 IP
1.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)0.08
2.R Baxter (LAL)0.25
3.Reg (CIR)0.54
4.P Maldini (KRA)0.62
5.Judith (CIR)0.75
6.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)0.90
7.Guenhwyvar (STR-SAO)1.17
8.O Jordan (MIL)1.22
9.Thrall (COL)1.32
10.K Bock (SAO)1.43
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.J Beukeboom (OMS)9.92
2.P Maldini (KRA)8.56
3.Jack (PAD)8.55
4.Judith (CIR)8.41
5.Thrall (COL)8.02
6.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)7.45
7.Zoot (KRA)7.44
8.S Rogen (SAO)7.32
9.J Hammond-Hammond (BAL)7.14
10.2 with6.96
OPS Against
1.B Holmes (SJS)0.546
2.Herbert (CIR)0.559
3.C Anagonye (LAL)0.587
4.R Baxter (LAL)0.617
5.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)0.618
6.S Rai (MTG)0.654
7.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)0.663
8.P Maldini (KRA)0.667
9.F Coffee (SJS)0.670
10.R Winner (LAL)0.700
1.R Baxter (LAL)8.5
2.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)9.9
3.Herbert (CIR)11.1
4.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)11.2
5.Guenhwyvar (STR-SAO)11.3
Judith (CIR)11.3
7.R Winner (LAL)11.5
8.hankgreen (INT)11.6
O Jordan (MIL)11.6
10.2 with11.7
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.J Jágr (OMS)0.59
2.I Grover (SJS)0.61
3.B Holmes (SJS)0.63
4.R Baxter (LAL)0.74
5.Othello (STR)0.82
6.Herbert (CIR)1.01
7.Di Barry (PAD)1.08
8.hankgreen (INT)1.51
9.F Coffee (SJS)1.73
10.D Scabin (OMS)1.79
1.O Kahn (KRA)33
2.L Hollins (BAL)32
P Rabbit (SEA)32
Flavius (KRA)32
5.Itchy (HSC)31
J Finn (HSC)31
7.Archimonde (KRA)30
8.4 with29
1.P Rabbit (SEA)13
2.Flavius (KRA)11
3.FT Kiddoo (SJS)9
4.L Hollins (BAL)8
5.danisnotonfire (INT)7
V Dong (SAO)7
7.B Savage (TAT)6
8.4 with5
Innings Pitched
1.J Hammond-Hammond (BAL)126.0
2.O Jordan (MIL)125.2
3.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)118.1
4.A Earhart (COL)118.0
5.R Baxter (LAL)110.0
6.K Bock (SAO)106.2
7.J Jágr (OMS)106.1
8.F Coffee (SJS)104.1
9.JW Sawyer (HSC)103.0
10.P Maldini (KRA)102.0
1.J Hammond-Hammond (BAL)100
2.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)98
3.P Maldini (KRA)97
4.Judith (CIR)90
5.Jack (PAD)89
6.J Beukeboom (OMS)86
7.Thrall (COL)79
8.F Coffee (SJS)77
9.J Jágr (OMS)75
10.K Bock (SAO)72
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA)98.00
2.P Maldini (KRA)13.86
3.R Baxter (LAL)12.33
4.Judith (CIR)11.25
5.Reg (CIR)11.00
6.Thrall (COL)6.08
7.Jack (PAD)5.56
8.Guenhwyvar (STR-SAO)4.50
9.K Bock (SAO)4.24
10.O Rodriguez-Lopez (SEA)4.22
HR per 9 IP
1.David (TAT)0.48
2.S Rai (MTG)0.56
C Anagonye (LAL)0.56
4.J Hammond-Hammond (BAL)0.71
P Maldini (KRA)0.71
6.Thrall (COL)0.81
7.Reg (CIR)0.86
Method Man (CPT)0.86
9.B Holmes (SJS)0.91
10.2 with1.00
1.IP Harris (SJS)13
2.O Kahn (KRA)12
Zoot (KRA)12
4.Kel'Thuzad (COL)11
5.L Jenkins (SEA)10
V Adamkus (STR-SAO)10
T Numminen (OMS)10
8.A Bulltron (SJS)9
Archimonde (KRA)9
C Bosh (BAL)9
Reliever %
1.J Scott-Key (SEA)1.000
2.IP Harris (SJS)0.944
3.FT Kiddoo (SJS)0.933
4.A Bulltron (SJS)0.929
O Kahn (KRA)0.929
A Vespucci (COL)0.929
7.C Bosh (BAL)0.923
D Gale (CIR)0.923
9.Mr Lewis (COL)0.917
10.J Gad (TAT)0.909

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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