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Year 86 Batting Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

1.D Brat (GAL)0.400
2.C Ejiofor (SAO)0.382
3.Overmind (SAO)0.370
4.M Lambert (SEA)0.361
5.M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.358
6.L Sivvi (SEA)0.355
7.Tichondrius (GAL)0.354
H Loob (SEA)0.354
9.M Laurent (INT)0.353
10.Prospero (STR)0.352
On-Base %
1.Overmind (SAO)0.458
2.Mirandous (STR)0.450
3.M Jackson (MIL)0.434
4.M Bear (PAD)0.421
5.D Brat (GAL)0.420
C Ejiofor (SAO)0.420
7.Jn Hall (SAO)0.410
8.D Lillard (BAL)0.405
9.The Shambler from the Stars (ARK)0.404
10.Prospero (STR)0.403
Slugging %
1.J Tweedy (SEA)0.632
2.Overmind (SAO)0.613
3.H Loob (SEA)0.605
4.L Sivvi (SEA)0.604
5.Tichondrius (GAL)0.603
6.M Laurent (INT)0.592
7.The Shambler from the Stars (ARK)0.591
8.M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.574
9.Z Nehoda (KRA-SAO)0.572
10.Joshua (TAT)0.569
1.Overmind (SAO)1.071
2.J Tweedy (SEA)1.003
3.L Sivvi (SEA)0.995
The Shambler from the Stars (ARK)0.995
5.Tichondrius (GAL)0.993
6.M Laurent (INT)0.988
7.H Loob (SEA)0.987
8.M Bear (PAD)0.974
9.M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.973
10.Ferdinand (STR)0.959
Win Probability Added
1.Duriel (GAL)2.213
2.J Tweedy (SEA)2.154
3.Halibut (CIR)2.142
4.Overmind (SAO)1.970
5.N Meha (MTG)1.863
6.Joshua (TAT)1.819
7.H Loob (SEA)1.687
8.M Jackson (MIL)1.677
9.Mordechai (TAT-CPT)1.657
10.Z Nehoda (KRA-SAO)1.615
Win Shares
1.M Laurent (INT)4.11
2.Overmind (SAO)3.98
3.H Loob (SEA)3.55
4.M Jackson (MIL)3.38
5.M Bronzebeard (PAD)3.19
6.M Lambert (SEA)3.13
7.M Bear (PAD)3.11
J Tweedy (SEA)3.11
9.Mordechai (TAT-CPT)2.92
10.Duriel (GAL)2.84
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.Overmind (SAO)18.6
2.J Tweedy (SEA)17.1
3.M Jackson (MIL)16.8
4.M Laurent (INT)16.7
M Bronzebeard (PAD)16.7
6.Tichondrius (GAL)15.8
7.H Loob (SEA)14.5
8.Joshua (TAT)14.4
9.C Ejiofor (SAO)13.8
10.M Bear (PAD)13.5
Runs Above Position
1.H Loob (SEA)25.2
2.Overmind (SAO)23.8
3.M Laurent (INT)22.5
4.M Bronzebeard (PAD)21.7
5.M Jackson (MIL)21.3
6.M Lambert (SEA)18.8
7.M Bear (PAD)18.4
8.J Tweedy (SEA)18.3
9.Mordechai (TAT-CPT)16.6
10.T DeLonge (SEA)15.5
Games Played
1.The Destroying Eye (ARK)50
J Morrison (SEA)50
J Peck (TAT)50
B Padilla (MIL)50
B Masters (STR)50
6.7 with49
1.J Morrison (SEA)209
2.The Oatmeal (INT)204
3.A Mackenzie (MTG)200
Aaron (TAT)200
5.J Cromwell (SAO)198
6.The Destroying Eye (ARK)197
P LaFontaine (CAN)197
8.M Clavel (PAD)196
J Peck (TAT)196
10.H Loob (SEA)195
Plate Appearances
1.Aaron (TAT)229
2.J Morrison (SEA)224
3.T Andronicus (STR)219
4.The Oatmeal (INT)217
P LaFontaine (CAN)217
S Orefice (BAL)217
7.P Westphal (BAL)215
8.A Mackenzie (MTG)214
I Broflovski (TAT)214
M Clavel (PAD)214
Runs Scored
1.Overmind (SAO)39
2.J Morrison (SEA)38
3.P LaFontaine (CAN)37
4.M Jackson (MIL)36
J Tweedy (SEA)36
H Loob (SEA)36
7.Tichondrius (GAL)34
8.Jn Hall (SAO)33
M Lambert (SEA)33
C Ejiofor (SAO)33
1.D Brat (GAL)70
2.M Lambert (SEA)69
H Loob (SEA)69
4.M Bronzebeard (PAD)68
5.Tichondrius (GAL)67
6.J Morrison (SEA)66
7.A Mackenzie (MTG)65
M Laurent (INT)65
C Ejiofor (SAO)65
10.3 with64
Line Drives
1.D Brat (GAL)57
2.Prospero (STR)53
3.J Yanggu (MTG)52
4.Tichondrius (GAL)48
5.J March (PAD)46
6.The Destroying Eye (ARK)45
Lin C (MIL)45
8.P Westphal (BAL)42
9.3 with40
1.CJO Moon (PAD)3.66
2.T Andronicus (STR)3.59
3.T Fares (MIL)3.54
4.J Albuquerque-Crossaint (SJS)3.53
5.Uyo (CPT)3.51
6.O Garithos (GAL)3.49
7.D Lillard (BAL)3.46
8.D Braga (MIL)3.45
9.H Sánchez (MIL)3.44
10.B Masters (STR)3.43
Total Bases
1.J Tweedy (SEA)122
2.H Loob (SEA)118
3.J Morrison (SEA)115
4.Tichondrius (GAL)114
5.M Laurent (INT)109
M Bronzebeard (PAD)109
7.Joshua (TAT)107
8.Overmind (SAO)106
9.L Sivvi (SEA)102
10.The Shambler from the Stars (ARK)101
1.H Loob (SEA)18
2.M Laurent (INT)17
3.L Sivvi (SEA)16
Jn Hall (SAO)16
5.Tichondrius (GAL)15
Overmind (SAO)15
7.D Lillard (BAL)14
Joshua (TAT)14
9.5 with13
1.T Fares (MIL)5
2.V Adultman (HSC)4
T DeLonge (SEA)4
Half-a-Bee (CIR)4
M Bronzebeard (PAD)4
Alarak (SAO)4
7.10 with3
Home Runs
1.J Tweedy (SEA)15
2.Halibut (CIR)13
Joshua (TAT)13
4.J Morrison (SEA)12
Z Nehoda (KRA-SAO)12
The Shambler from the Stars (ARK)12
7.H Ferguson (MIL)11
Zach (INT)11
B Sigel (CPT)11
S Orefice (BAL)11
1.Ferdinand (STR)49
2.J Tweedy (SEA)45
3.Joshua (TAT)43
4.R Rabbitowitz (HSC)36
Z Nehoda (KRA-SAO)36
6.B Padilla (MIL)35
7.Duriel (GAL)34
B Sigel (CPT)34
9.H Sánchez (MIL)33
10.4 with32
1.Mirandous (STR)44
2.MC Serch (LAL)36
O Garithos (GAL)36
T Andronicus (STR)36
5.M Jackson (MIL)32
J Albuquerque-Crossaint (SJS)32
7.D Lillard (BAL)29
Jn Hall (SAO)29
9.3 with28
Stolen Bases
1.M Bronzebeard (PAD)24
2.M Jackson (MIL)23
3.L Figo (KRA)19
4.M Lambert (SEA)18
5.J Morrison (SEA)16
M Wilmots (STR)16
C Ejiofor (SAO)16
8.T Fares (MIL)14
ŠPálffy (CAN)14
10.3 with13
Stolen Base %
1.M Jackson (MIL)0.885
2.T Fares (MIL)0.824
3.M Lambert (SEA)0.818
4.M Wilmots (STR)0.800
C Ejiofor (SAO)0.800
6.M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.774
7.C Peterson (INT)0.765
Lin C (MIL)0.765
S Shapiro (TAT)0.765
10.J Morrison (SEA)0.762
1.D Brat (GAL)55
2.M Lambert (SEA)54
3.A Mackenzie (MTG)53
C Ejiofor (SAO)53
5.Lin C (MIL)51
6.I Broflovski (TAT)47
M Bronzebeard (PAD)47
8.J Peck (TAT)45
Alarak (SAO)45
10.2 with44
Times on Base
1.Overmind (SAO)92
2.Mirandous (STR)90
3.Aaron (TAT)87
4.M Jackson (MIL)85
5.M Bear (PAD)82
I Broflovski (TAT)82
7.J Morrison (SEA)81
O Garithos (GAL)81
M Bronzebeard (PAD)81
10.2 with80
Extra-Base Hits
1.H Loob (SEA)29
2.Joshua (TAT)27
J Tweedy (SEA)27
4.Tichondrius (GAL)26
M Laurent (INT)26
6.L Sivvi (SEA)25
Overmind (SAO)25
8.Duriel (GAL)24
9.Jn Hall (SAO)23
S Orefice (BAL)23
Isolated Power
1.Z Nehoda (KRA-SAO)0.302
2.J Tweedy (SEA)0.300
3.Joshua (TAT)0.282
4.Halibut (CIR)0.274
5.Zach (INT)0.270
6.H Ferguson (MIL)0.265
7.The Shambler from the Stars (ARK)0.264
8.H Loob (SEA)0.251
9.L Sivvi (SEA)0.249
Tichondrius (GAL)0.249
Avg on Balls in Play
1.D Brat (GAL)0.511
2.Prospero (STR)0.445
3.M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.429
4.H Loob (SEA)0.411
5.Tichondrius (GAL)0.390
6.M Lambert (SEA)0.387
7.Ferdinand (STR)0.386
8.C Ejiofor (SAO)0.382
9.A Schumer (TAT)0.374
C Hawkins (BAL)0.374
Game-winning RBI
1.H Loob (SEA)8
2.10 with6

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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