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Year 87 Playoff Fielding Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

C Caught Stealing %
1.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)0.500
2.B Padilla (MIL)0.333
3.Z Nehoda (SAO)0.200
4.B Pizzarelli (SEA)0.125
C Stolen Bases/Game
1.B Sigel (CPT)0.00
2.Z Nehoda (SAO)0.40
3.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)0.50
Ferdinand (PAD)0.50
5.B Padilla (MIL)0.67
6.B Pizzarelli (SEA)1.17
C Wild Pitches/Game
1.Z Nehoda (SAO)0.00 (10)
B Pizzarelli (SEA)0.00 (6)
B Padilla (MIL)0.00 (6)
B Sigel (CPT)0.00 (3)
Ferdinand (PAD)0.00 (2)
6.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)0.50
C Defensive Runs Above Position
1.B Padilla (MIL)0.5
2.Z Nehoda (SAO)0.3
3.B Sigel (CPT)0.2
4.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)-0.0
5.Ferdinand (PAD)-0.1
6.B Pizzarelli (SEA)-0.3
1B Zone Rating
1.C North (MIL)0.857
2.M Bear (PAD)0.833
3.Juvenile (CPT)0.714
4.J Tweedy (SEA)0.688
5.C Ejiofor (SAO)0.613
1B Range Factor
1.C Ejiofor (SAO)1.73
2.Juvenile (CPT)1.67
M Bear (PAD)1.67
4.J Tweedy (SEA)1.38
5.C North (MIL)1.00
1B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.M Bear (PAD)1.1
2.C North (MIL)0.7
3.C Ejiofor (SAO)0.3
4.J Tweedy (SEA)0.1
Juvenile (CPT)0.1
6.R Rabbitowitz (HSC)-0.3
2B Zone Rating
1.V Adultman (HSC)1.000 (6)
C Jackson-Jackson (HSC)1.000 (3)
3.Nas (CPT)0.778
4.H Loob (SEA)0.765
5.V Varekova (MIL)0.692
6.J Cromwell (SAO)0.611
7.K Gerber (MIL)0.533
8.L Bear (PAD)0.500
2B Range Factor
1.V Adultman (HSC)6.00
2.C Jackson-Jackson (HSC)3.00
3.J Cromwell (SAO)2.75
4.H Loob (SEA)2.60
5.Nas (CPT)2.33
6.V Varekova (MIL)2.25
7.K Gerber (MIL)1.60
8.L Bear (PAD)1.50
2B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.C Jackson-Jackson (HSC)0.8
V Adultman (HSC)0.8
3.H Loob (SEA)0.6
4.Nas (CPT)0.4
5.V Varekova (MIL)0.1
6.L Bear (PAD)-0.1
7.J Cromwell (SAO)-0.9
8.K Gerber (MIL)-1.0
3B Zone Rating
1.C Valderrama (SEA)0.792
2.Tiberius (SAO)0.759
3.M Shultz (PAD)0.706
4.D Braga (MIL)0.700
5.B Hitler-Smith (HSC)0.556
6.Uyo (CPT)0.500
3B Range Factor
1.M Shultz (PAD)4.00
2.Tiberius (SAO)3.73
3.D Braga (MIL)2.80
4.B Hitler-Smith (HSC)2.50
5.C Valderrama (SEA)2.38
6.Uyo (CPT)0.50
3B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Tiberius (SAO)1.1
2.C Valderrama (SEA)1.0
3.M Shultz (PAD)0.4
4.D Braga (MIL)0.3
5.Uyo (CPT)-0.2
6.B Hitler-Smith (HSC)-0.5
SS Zone Rating
1.N Mating (CPT)0.875
2.S St. Clair (HSC)0.778
3.T Hedren (SAO)0.744
4.J Morrison (SEA)0.623
5.M Jackson (MIL)0.500
6.M March (PAD)0.364
SS Range Factor
1.T Hedren (SAO)5.33
2.J Morrison (SEA)3.80
3.S St. Clair (HSC)3.50
4.M Jackson (MIL)2.40
5.N Mating (CPT)2.33
6.M March (PAD)2.00
SS Defensive Runs Above Position
1.T Hedren (SAO)2.0
2.N Mating (CPT)0.7
3.S St. Clair (HSC)0.3
4.M March (PAD)-0.6
5.M Jackson (MIL)-1.5
6.J Morrison (SEA)-1.8
LF Zone Rating
1.Del (CPT)1.000
2.T Fares (MIL)0.917
3.Joshua (SEA)0.909
4.M Peanutbutter (HSC)0.750
5.B Campbell (SAO)0.650
6.CJO Moon (PAD)0.400
LF Range Factor
1.Del (CPT)3.67
2.Joshua (SEA)3.00
3.T Fares (MIL)2.20
4.M Peanutbutter (HSC)1.50
5.B Campbell (SAO)1.44
6.CJO Moon (PAD)1.33
LF Runner Advance %
1.CJO Moon (PAD)0.125
2.M Peanutbutter (HSC)0.200
Joshua (SEA)0.200
4.B Campbell (SAO)0.231
5.Del (CPT)0.333
6.T Fares (MIL)0.455
LF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Del (CPT)1.2
2.Joshua (SEA)-0.1
3.M Peanutbutter (HSC)-0.2
4.CJO Moon (PAD)-0.5
5.B Campbell (SAO)-0.9
6.T Fares (MIL)-1.0
CF Zone Rating
1.M Lambert (SEA)0.875
2.M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.857
3.S Lynn (HSC)0.846
4.C Bruni (MIL)0.833
5.Overmind (SAO)0.754
6.Mordechai (CPT)0.739
CF Range Factor
1.M Bronzebeard (PAD)8.00
2.Mordechai (CPT)5.67
3.S Lynn (HSC)5.50
4.Overmind (SAO)3.83
5.M Lambert (SEA)3.50
6.C Bruni (MIL)3.33
CF Runner Advance %
1.Overmind (SAO)0.111 (27)
M Lambert (SEA)0.111 (18)
3.M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.222
4.S Lynn (HSC)0.250
5.C Bruni (MIL)0.273
6.Mordechai (CPT)0.429
CF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.M Bronzebeard (PAD)2.4
2.Overmind (SAO)1.3
3.M Lambert (SEA)0.7
4.C Bruni (MIL)0.3
5.S Lynn (HSC)0.2
6.Mordechai (CPT)-2.1
RF Zone Rating
1.J Peck (CPT)1.000
2.T DeLonge (SEA)0.931
3.Mirandous (PAD)0.889
4.Alarak (SAO)0.875
5.T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)0.750
6.M Stetten (MIL)0.667
RF Range Factor
1.T DeLonge (SEA)3.00
2.Mirandous (PAD)2.67
3.T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)1.50
4.Alarak (SAO)1.40
5.M Stetten (MIL)1.33
6.J Peck (CPT)1.00
RF Runner Advance %
1.J Peck (CPT)0.000 (2)
T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)0.000 (2)
3.Alarak (SAO)0.087
4.T DeLonge (SEA)0.333
5.M Stetten (MIL)0.364
6.Mirandous (PAD)0.400
RF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Alarak (SAO)3.4
2.J Peck (CPT)0.8
T DeLonge (SEA)0.8
4.Mirandous (PAD)0.1
5.M Stetten (MIL)-0.1
6.T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)-0.4
GB Zone Rating
1.N Mating (CPT)1.000 (7)
V Adultman (HSC)1.000 (6)
C North (MIL)1.000 (6)
C Jackson-Jackson (HSC)1.000 (2)
5.Nas (CPT)0.875
6.C Valderrama (SEA)0.826
7.V Varekova (MIL)0.818
8.T Hedren (SAO)0.787
9.S St. Clair (HSC)0.778
10.H Loob (SEA)0.765
FB Zone Rating
1.Del (CPT)1.000 (11)
T Fares (MIL)1.000 (11)
D Auerbach (SEA)1.000 (11)
M Peanutbutter (HSC)1.000 (3)
5.T DeLonge (SEA)0.964
6.M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.955
7.Alarak (SAO)0.929
8.S Lynn (HSC)0.909
Joshua (SEA)0.909
10.C Bruni (MIL)0.905
LD Zone Rating
1.M Bear (PAD)1.000 (2)
C Jackson-Jackson (HSC)1.000 (1)
3.S Lynn (HSC)0.500
M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.500
L Bear (PAD)0.500
M Shultz (PAD)0.500
7.J Cromwell (SAO)0.333
C Bruni (MIL)0.333
M March (PAD)0.333
10.Overmind (SAO)0.231
OF Assists
1.Alarak (SAO)3
2.M Stetten (MIL)2
B Campbell (SAO)2
Overmind (SAO)2
5.9 with1
Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Alarak (SAO)3.4
2.M Bronzebeard (PAD)2.4
3.T Hedren (SAO)2.0
4.Overmind (SAO)1.3
5.Del (CPT)1.2
6.Tiberius (SAO)1.1
M Bear (PAD)1.1
8.C Valderrama (SEA)1.0
9.4 with0.8

Minimum 1/2 of team games needed to qualify at a position

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