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Year 87 Playoff Batting Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

1.J Morrison (SEA)0.444
2.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)0.429
3.CJO Moon (PAD)0.357
4.R Dvořák (SEA)0.355
5.B Hitler-Smith (HSC)0.333
F Brown (CPT)0.333
B Sigel (CPT)0.333
8.Ferdinand (PAD)0.323
L Bear (PAD)0.323
10.B Padilla (MIL)0.316
On-Base %
1.J Morrison (SEA)0.487
2.Uyo (CPT)0.430
3.B Hitler-Smith (HSC)0.429
OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)0.429
Mirandous (PAD)0.429
T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)0.429
7.B Padilla (MIL)0.409
8.Del (CPT)0.385
9.T Fares (MIL)0.368
10.2 with0.357
Slugging %
1.J Morrison (SEA)0.722
2.R Stilton (HSC)0.667
3.Ferdinand (PAD)0.645
K Gerber (MIL)0.645
5.M Bear (PAD)0.615
6.F Brown (CPT)0.583
7.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)0.571
8.H Snchez (MIL)0.556
9.T Hedren (SAO)0.524
10.2 with0.500
1.J Morrison (SEA)1.209
2.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)1.000
3.M Bear (PAD)0.972
4.Ferdinand (PAD)0.968
5.R Stilton (HSC)0.953
6.F Brown (CPT)0.916
7.K Gerber (MIL)0.914
8.H Snchez (MIL)0.877
9.Del (CPT)0.840
10.R Dvořák (SEA)0.839
Win Probability Added
1.K Gerber (MIL)0.839
2.J Morrison (SEA)0.764
3.T Hedren (SAO)0.670
L Van Houten (SAO)0.670
5.J Cromwell (SAO)0.377
6.H Loob (SEA)0.332
7.H Snchez (MIL)0.280
8.R Stilton (HSC)0.201
9.M Lambert (SEA)0.182
10.Joshua (SEA)0.180
Win Shares
1.L Van Houten (SAO)0.57
2.J Morrison (SEA)0.53
3.T Hedren (SAO)0.49
4.Alarak (SAO)0.46
5.Joshua (SEA)0.39
6.H Loob (SEA)0.35
M Lambert (SEA)0.35
8.K Gerber (MIL)0.34
9.J Cromwell (SAO)0.31
10.H Snchez (MIL)0.29
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.J Morrison (SEA)5.1
2.L Van Houten (SAO)2.9
3.K Gerber (MIL)1.9
4.D Auerbach (SEA)1.3
5.Ferdinand (PAD)1.2
6.M Bear (PAD)1.0
7.Joshua (SEA)0.9
8.Uyo (CPT)0.8
9.3 with0.6
Runs Above Position
1.J Morrison (SEA)3.3
Alarak (SAO)3.3
3.L Van Houten (SAO)2.9
4.M Bear (PAD)2.1
5.T Hedren (SAO)1.9
6.D Auerbach (SEA)1.8
7.Del (CPT)1.5
8.M Lambert (SEA)1.1
Ferdinand (PAD)1.1
10.2 with0.9
Games Played
1.Jn Hall (SAO)12
J Cromwell (SAO)12
Overmind (SAO)12
T Hedren (SAO)12
5.B Campbell (SAO)11
C Ejiofor (SAO)11
Tiberius (SAO)11
8.5 with10
1.Jn Hall (SAO)48
2.J Cromwell (SAO)47
3.Overmind (SAO)46
4.H Loob (SEA)44
5.C Ejiofor (SAO)43
6.B Campbell (SAO)42
T Hedren (SAO)42
8.Tiberius (SAO)41
9.Joshua (SEA)40
10.2 with36
Plate Appearances
1.Jn Hall (SAO)52
2.Overmind (SAO)49
3.J Cromwell (SAO)47
4.C Ejiofor (SAO)46
5.H Loob (SEA)45
Joshua (SEA)45
7.B Campbell (SAO)44
8.T Hedren (SAO)43
9.Tiberius (SAO)42
10.J Morrison (SEA)39
Runs Scored
1.J Morrison (SEA)11
2.Jn Hall (SAO)6
H Loob (SEA)6
Z Nehoda (SAO)6
5.H Snchez (MIL)5
R Dvořák (SEA)5
T Hedren (SAO)5
C Ejiofor (SAO)5
T DeLonge (SEA)5
10.5 with4
1.J Morrison (SEA)16
2.J Cromwell (SAO)13
3.Overmind (SAO)12
4.H Loob (SEA)11
R Dvořák (SEA)11
Joshua (SEA)11
7.B Campbell (SAO)10
Alarak (SAO)10
T Hedren (SAO)10
10.2 with9
Line Drives
1.B Campbell (SAO)7
Joshua (SEA)7
3.Jn Hall (SAO)6
R Dvořák (SEA)6
T Hedren (SAO)6
T DeLonge (SEA)6
7.J Morrison (SEA)5
J Tweedy (SEA)5
9.5 with4
1.T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)4.29
2.Del (CPT)3.92
3.S Lynn (HSC)3.67
4.Mordechai (CPT)3.64
5.H Snchez (MIL)3.54
6.T Fares (MIL)3.53
7.D Braga (MIL)3.52
M Jackson (MIL)3.52
9.M Bear (PAD)3.50
10.J Peck (CPT)3.40
Total Bases
1.J Morrison (SEA)26
2.H Loob (SEA)22
J Cromwell (SAO)22
T Hedren (SAO)22
5.Joshua (SEA)19
6.Jn Hall (SAO)17
7.Z Nehoda (SAO)16
C Ejiofor (SAO)16
9.H Snchez (MIL)15
R Dvořák (SEA)15
1.L Van Houten (SAO)4
2.H Loob (SEA)3
3.12 with2
1.J Morrison (SEA)1
H Loob (SEA)1
J Cromwell (SAO)1
Alarak (SAO)1
R Dvořák (SEA)1
C Bruni (MIL)1
Tiberius (SAO)1
Home Runs
1.T Hedren (SAO)4
2.Z Nehoda (SAO)3
C Ejiofor (SAO)3
4.9 with2
1.Joshua (SEA)9
2.J Cromwell (SAO)7
K Gerber (MIL)7
4.H Loob (SEA)6
Z Nehoda (SAO)6
T Hedren (SAO)6
7.J Morrison (SEA)5
C North (MIL)5
C Ejiofor (SAO)5
M Lambert (SEA)5
1.Joshua (SEA)5
2.Jn Hall (SAO)4
Mirandous (PAD)4
4.8 with3
Stolen Bases
1.J Morrison (SEA)3
M Lambert (SEA)3
3.Alarak (SAO)2
Overmind (SAO)2
C Ejiofor (SAO)2
6.7 with1
Stolen Base %
1.F Brown (CPT)1.000
2.M Lambert (SEA)0.750
3.J Morrison (SEA)0.500
Alarak (SAO)0.500
Overmind (SAO)0.500
H Snchez (MIL)0.500
M Jackson (MIL)0.500
T Fares (MIL)0.500
C Ejiofor (SAO)0.500
K Gerber (MIL)0.500
1.J Morrison (SEA)11
Overmind (SAO)11
3.J Cromwell (SAO)9
B Campbell (SAO)9
5.R Dvořák (SEA)8
6.Alarak (SAO)7
M Lambert (SEA)7
Joshua (SEA)7
9.T Hedren (SAO)6
B Padilla (MIL)6
Times on Base
1.J Morrison (SEA)19
2.Joshua (SEA)16
3.Overmind (SAO)15
4.Jn Hall (SAO)13
J Cromwell (SAO)13
6.H Loob (SEA)12
B Campbell (SAO)12
8.R Dvořák (SEA)11
T Hedren (SAO)11
M Lambert (SEA)11
Extra-Base Hits
1.H Loob (SEA)6
2.J Morrison (SEA)5
Z Nehoda (SAO)5
4.Jn Hall (SAO)4
J Cromwell (SAO)4
T Hedren (SAO)4
L Van Houten (SAO)4
Joshua (SEA)4
9.8 with3
Isolated Power
1.R Stilton (HSC)0.500
2.K Gerber (MIL)0.376
3.S Lynn (HSC)0.375
4.Ferdinand (PAD)0.323
5.Z Nehoda (SAO)0.322
6.M Bear (PAD)0.307
7.T Hedren (SAO)0.286
8.J Morrison (SEA)0.278
9.C North (MIL)0.273
10.H Snchez (MIL)0.260
Avg on Balls in Play
1.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)0.500
J Morrison (SEA)0.500
CJO Moon (PAD)0.500
4.R Dvořák (SEA)0.407
5.M Bear (PAD)0.375
M Lambert (SEA)0.375
7.B Hitler-Smith (HSC)0.333
T Fares (MIL)0.333
T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)0.333
B Sigel (CPT)0.333
Game-winning RBI
1.Joshua (SEA)3
2.J Cromwell (SAO)2
H Snchez (MIL)2
T Hedren (SAO)2
5.9 with1

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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