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Year 89 Fielding Leaders (before games of day 3-7)

C Caught Stealing %
1.B Sigel (CPT)0.667
2.R Hamrlík (CAN)0.395
3.The Crawling Chaos (ARK)0.379
4.Ferdinand (PAD)0.356
5.Hugo (BAL)0.338
6.B Padilla (MIL)0.321
7.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)0.310
8.EL Yang (INT)0.304
9.N Meha (MTG)0.296
10.Jo Chan (LAL)0.286
C Stolen Bases/Game
1.B Sigel (CPT)0.02
2.S Cesario (STR)0.18
3.T Cantalicio (SJS)0.35
4.The Crawling Chaos (ARK)0.43
5.EL Yang (INT)0.46
6.Bomber (CIR)0.54
7.R Hamrlík (CAN)0.58
8.Ferdinand (PAD)0.64
9.N Meha (MTG)0.68
10.Jo Chan (LAL)0.81
C Wild Pitches/Game
1.R Hamrlík (CAN)0.04
2.Jo Chan (LAL)0.05
3.Bomber (CIR)0.08
4.OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)0.09
5.T Cantalicio (SJS)0.10
6.N Meha (MTG)0.11
7.The Crawling Chaos (ARK)0.12
8.Azmodan (GAL)0.14
Esther (SAO)0.14
B Padilla (MIL)0.14
C Defensive Runs Above Position
1.R Hamrlík (CAN)5.9
2.The Crawling Chaos (ARK)3.5
3.Jo Chan (LAL)2.6
OMM Fuzzyface (HSC)2.6
5.B Padilla (MIL)2.4
6.Ferdinand (PAD)2.1
7.N Meha (MTG)1.3
8.T Cantalicio (SJS)1.1
9.Bomber (CIR)0.7
10.2 with0.5
1B Zone Rating
1.C North (MIL)0.747
2.Olivia (CAN)0.738
3.Turk (LAL)0.685
4.HM Camacho (SJS)0.682
5.R Rabbitowitz (HSC)0.678
6.A Mackenzie (MTG)0.670
7.Duriel (GAL)0.638
8.M Khare (INT)0.633
9.D Majerle (CPT)0.611
10.Albatross! (CIR)0.607
1B Range Factor
1.Olivia (CAN)2.11
2.M Khare (INT)1.62
3.A Mackenzie (MTG)1.52
4.Be March (PAD)1.42
C Ejiofor (SAO)1.42
6.C North (MIL)1.40
7.R Rabbitowitz (HSC)1.37
8.Turk (LAL)1.27
Albatross! (CIR)1.27
10.D Majerle (CPT)1.23
1B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Olivia (CAN)8.1
2.C North (MIL)3.9
3.R Rabbitowitz (HSC)2.6
4.Turk (LAL)2.3
5.HM Camacho (SJS)1.7
6.A Mackenzie (MTG)1.6
7.The Ravenous One (ARK)1.5
8.M Khare (INT)-0.3
9.Be March (PAD)-0.4
10.F Flute (STR)-1.1
2B Zone Rating
1.The Soul-Chilling Ice-God (ARK)0.752
2.H Loob (SEA)0.751
3.CS Buckalew (SJS)0.741
4.Ms Hunt (GAL)0.714
5.F Wong (INT)0.701
6.F Bear (PAD)0.696
7.Nas (CPT)0.694
8.T Meighan (LAL)0.690
9.A Kos (MTG)0.689
10.Confucius (CIR)0.686
2B Range Factor
1.H Loob (SEA)3.45
2.P Lovenkrands (KRA)3.27
3.F Wong (INT)2.92
4.T Meighan (LAL)2.86
5.B Scott (BAL)2.80
6.CS Buckalew (SJS)2.79
7.The Soul-Chilling Ice-God (ARK)2.75
8.V Adultman (HSC)2.67
9.Ms Hunt (GAL)2.64
A Kos (MTG)2.64
2B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.The Soul-Chilling Ice-God (ARK)6.7
2.CS Buckalew (SJS)4.7
3.H Loob (SEA)4.6
4.P Lovenkrands (KRA)4.4
5.F Wong (INT)3.1
6.F Bear (PAD)2.1
7.Ms Hunt (GAL)1.8
8.L Uris (TAT)1.6
9.A Kos (MTG)0.5
T Meighan (LAL)0.5
3B Zone Rating
1.C Valderrama (SEA)0.757
2.B Leroy (LAL)0.728
3.LH Çelebi (CAN)0.721
4.J Mangum (HSC)0.720
5.IMM Pastika (SJS)0.689
6.J Rule (CPT)0.668
7.JM Montgolfier (STR)0.660
8.Tiberius (SAO)0.658
9.daviddobrik (INT)0.643
10.F Sunspeaker (MTG)0.630
3B Range Factor
1.C Valderrama (SEA)3.12
2.Tiberius (SAO)3.02
3.B Leroy (LAL)2.79
4.LH Çelebi (CAN)2.74
F Sunspeaker (MTG)2.74
6.daviddobrik (INT)2.53
7.Jochebed (TAT)2.51
8.D Braga (MIL)2.49
9.J Mangum (HSC)2.48
10.J Rule (CPT)2.46
3B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.LH Çelebi (CAN)7.7
2.C Valderrama (SEA)5.9
3.B Leroy (LAL)5.4
4.IMM Pastika (SJS)5.1
5.J Mangum (HSC)4.6
6.JM Montgolfier (STR)1.4
7.Jochebed (TAT)1.1
8.J Rule (CPT)1.0
9.daviddobrik (INT)0.4
10.Tiberius (SAO)-0.5
SS Zone Rating
1.M Jackson (MIL)0.712
2.J Yanggu (MTG)0.709
3.J Morrison (SEA)0.707
4.Viola (STR)0.696
5.T Hedren (SAO)0.691
6.S St. Clair (HSC)0.690
7.Zach (INT)0.685
8.G Whitehead (CAN)0.678
9.MM Elliott (CPT)0.676
10.S Burke (LAL)0.675
SS Range Factor
1.J Morrison (SEA)4.92
2.T Hedren (SAO)4.82
3.Zach (INT)4.64
4.G Whitehead (CAN)4.16
5.M March (PAD)4.14
6.J Yanggu (MTG)4.09
7.M Jackson (MIL)4.02
8.Viola (STR)3.96
9.S St. Clair (HSC)3.87
10.H Hairston (BAL)3.84
SS Defensive Runs Above Position
1.J Yanggu (MTG)5.3
2.S St. Clair (HSC)5.0
3.M March (PAD)4.6
Viola (STR)4.6
5.M Jackson (MIL)3.4
6.Zach (INT)3.0
7.G Whitehead (CAN)2.6
8.S Burke (LAL)1.2
9.T Hedren (SAO)0.7
MM Elliott (CPT)0.7
LF Zone Rating
1.F Boe (GAL)0.865
2.L Figo (LAL)0.860
3.Half-a-Bee (CIR)0.857
4.M Peanutbutter (HSC)0.829
5.H Ferguson (MIL)0.818
6.Joshua (SEA)0.807
7.CJO Moon (PAD)0.797
8.G Mikan (BAL)0.789
9.Prospero (STR)0.786
10.B Campbell (SAO)0.780
LF Range Factor
1.F Boe (GAL)3.28
2.G Mikan (BAL)2.89
3.CP Lane (SJS)2.79
4.Half-a-Bee (CIR)2.67
5.M Peanutbutter (HSC)2.62
6.JS Diva (MTG)2.44
7.J Schroeder (TAT)2.43
8.The Aether Anemone (ARK)2.42
9.CJO Moon (PAD)2.32
10.L Figo (LAL)2.31
LF Runner Advance %
1.Joshua (SEA)0.089
2.F Boe (GAL)0.102
3.The Aether Anemone (ARK)0.162
4.JS Diva (MTG)0.185
5.B Campbell (SAO)0.188
6.D Brat (CPT)0.194
7.CJO Moon (PAD)0.207
8.Half-a-Bee (CIR)0.233
9.H Ferguson (MIL)0.254
10.Prospero (STR)0.267
LF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.F Boe (GAL)9.3
2.L Figo (LAL)5.1
3.Half-a-Bee (CIR)4.9
4.JS Diva (MTG)4.1
5.CJO Moon (PAD)3.7
6.Joshua (SEA)3.3
7.B Campbell (SAO)2.8
8.The Aether Anemone (ARK)2.2
9.M Peanutbutter (HSC)0.4
10.2 with-0.3
CF Zone Rating
1.M Lambert (SEA)0.834
2.M Premise (MIL)0.833
3.M Michaels (LAL)0.832
4.Flying Fox of the Yard (CIR)0.830
5.M Johnson (BAL)0.824
6.S Mystic (MTG)0.816
7.F Totti (KRA)0.809
8.D Trezeguet (CPT)0.805
9.Skirt of Snakes (ARK)0.789
10.Overmind (SAO)0.782
CF Range Factor
1.M Johnson (BAL)4.55
2.Skirt of Snakes (ARK)4.37
3.Levi (TAT)4.17
4.M Michaels (LAL)4.16
5.Ariel (STR)4.09
6.M Bronzebeard (PAD)4.06
7.F Totti (KRA)3.96
8.M Premise (MIL)3.91
9.S Mystic (MTG)3.90
10.Copernicus (HSC)3.69
CF Runner Advance %
1.M Lambert (SEA)0.101 (109)
D Trezeguet (CPT)0.101 (79)
3.M Bronzebeard (PAD)0.122
4.Overmind (SAO)0.127
5.M Premise (MIL)0.172
6.M Michaels (LAL)0.191
7.Flying Fox of the Yard (CIR)0.211
8.Copernicus (HSC)0.214
9.M Johnson (BAL)0.223
10.Ariel (STR)0.244
CF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.M Premise (MIL)8.1
2.M Lambert (SEA)7.2
3.Overmind (SAO)6.9
4.M Johnson (BAL)6.7
5.M Michaels (LAL)3.4
6.Copernicus (HSC)2.0
F Totti (KRA)2.0
8.D Trezeguet (CPT)1.7
9.M Bronzebeard (PAD)1.3
10.S Mystic (MTG)0.6
RF Zone Rating
1.M Conclusion (CIR)0.878
2.Herald of S'glhuo (ARK)0.854
Dr Mike (INT)0.854
4.E Blackadder (LAL)0.849
5.A Pond (GAL)0.827
6.G Wallace (BAL)0.825
7.M Abdullah (CPT)0.820
8.J Albuquerque-Crossaint (SJS)0.818
9.P Goatherd (SEA)0.810
10.Jn Hall (SAO)0.808
RF Range Factor
1.M Abdullah (CPT)2.53
2.J Monday (TAT)2.12
3.M Yanling (MTG)2.00
4.J Albuquerque-Crossaint (SJS)1.93
E Blackadder (LAL)1.93
6.M Conclusion (CIR)1.91
7.G Wallace (BAL)1.89
8.R Starveling (STR)1.83
T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)1.83
10.Herald of S'glhuo (ARK)1.82
RF Runner Advance %
1.M Abdullah (CPT)0.020
2.P Goatherd (SEA)0.141
3.Herald of S'glhuo (ARK)0.154
4.M Conclusion (CIR)0.179
5.J Monday (TAT)0.188
E Blackadder (LAL)0.188
7.Mirandous (PAD)0.195
8.R Starveling (STR)0.232
9.M Yanling (MTG)0.247
10.T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)0.258
RF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.J Monday (TAT)12.6
2.Herald of S'glhuo (ARK)6.8
3.M Abdullah (CPT)5.5
4.E Blackadder (LAL)5.0
5.M Conclusion (CIR)3.9
6.Dr Mike (INT)2.4
7.T Jumbo-Grumbo (HSC)2.1
8.R Starveling (STR)1.4
9.M Yanling (MTG)1.2
10.P Goatherd (SEA)0.9
GB Zone Rating
1.C North (MIL)0.829
2.E Hirsch (CPT)0.821
3.TH Hightower (CPT)0.804
4.R Rabbitowitz (HSC)0.803
5.Olivia (CAN)0.802
J Mangum (HSC)0.802
CS Buckalew (SJS)0.802
8.M Laurent (INT)0.798
9.The Soul-Chilling Ice-God (ARK)0.796
10.P Lovenkrands (KRA)0.794
FB Zone Rating
1.Dr Mike (INT)1.000 (75)
M Conclusion (CIR)1.000 (60)
3.E Blackadder (LAL)0.987
4.M Peanutbutter (HSC)0.979
5.Herald of S'glhuo (ARK)0.975
6.L Figo (LAL)0.970
7.A Pond (GAL)0.969
8.J Monday (TAT)0.964
G Zol (MIL)0.964
10.F Boe (GAL)0.950
LD Zone Rating
1.IMM Pastika (SJS)0.560
2.Olivia (CAN)0.480
3.S St. Clair (HSC)0.465
4.LH Çelebi (CAN)0.464
Dr Mike (INT)0.464
6.M March (PAD)0.429
7.F Totti (KRA)0.423
8.S Shapiro (GAL)0.417
9.L Uris (TAT)0.404
10.CJO Moon (PAD)0.393
OF Assists
1.J Monday (TAT)17
2.M Johnson (BAL)12
F Totti (KRA)12
R Garros (CAN)12
5.J Schroeder (TAT)11
6.Skirt of Snakes (ARK)10
M Premise (MIL)10
Jn Hall (SAO)10
9.4 with9
Defensive Runs Above Position
1.J Monday (TAT)12.6
2.F Boe (GAL)9.3
3.Olivia (CAN)8.1
M Premise (MIL)8.1
5.LH Çelebi (CAN)7.7
6.M Lambert (SEA)7.2
7.Overmind (SAO)6.9
8.Herald of S'glhuo (ARK)6.8
9.The Soul-Chilling Ice-God (ARK)6.7
M Johnson (BAL)6.7

Minimum 1/2 of team games needed to qualify at a position

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