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Cyberspace Internet Schedule and Results

1at CanaveralW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayWheezyWaiterA ShepardP Morley-SouterM Khare28,914
2at CanaveralW, 4-2boxloggraphreplayLil Nas XP DatsyukS LimK Cole24,408
3at ArkhamL, 2-10boxloggraphreplayThe Star-SeedC Neistat Harbinger of Doom40,494
4at ArkhamL, 0-7boxloggraphreplayHe Who is Not to be NamedS Nygaard Eater of the Insane41,192
5at MultiverseL, 1-6boxloggraphreplayEmrakulR Song F Sunspeaker46,100
6at MultiverseL, 5-8boxloggraphreplayKorvoldS NygaardJ JohanssonS Mystic46,956
7BaltimoreL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayKe WalkerC NeistatL AlcindorHugo20,001
8BaltimoreL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayE BaylorC FrantaL AlcindorD DeBusschere17,469
9Tel AvivW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayS LimJ Connelly T DeLonge15,273
10Tel AvivW, 7-2boxloggraphreplayLil Nas XJ Favreau T DeLonge22,686
11Sao PauloW, 6-5boxloggraphreplayC NeistatC PeanutbutterC FrantaK Cole26,514
12Sao PauloW, 5-4boxloggraphreplayS NygaardFan ZP Morley-SouterDr Mike27,923
13at CircusL, 5-8boxloggraphreplayD WinstonC NeistatR FunchesFlying Fox of the Yard52,182
14at CircusL, 5-9boxloggraphreplaySt T AquinasR Song J Morrison52,720
15at GallifreyL, 2-4boxloggraphreplayAshildrWheezyWaiterE LightAzmodan36,054
16at GallifreyL, 0-9boxloggraphreplayBig BoiKuroKy M Cook40,534
17at MilanL, 1-9boxloggraphreplayA ChungLil Nas X M Bear31,170
18at MilanW, 9-8boxloggraphreplayS NygaardA de PaulaYosemitebear62Zach37,368
19PaddingtonL, 2-4boxloggraphreplayL PevensieKuroKyTrumpkinJ Spratt20,553
20PaddingtonW, 5-2boxloggraphreplayR SongPuddleglumC FrantaF Wong18,292
21StratfordW, 5-1boxloggraphreplayLil Nas XC Ligarius Dr Mike24,891
22StratfordL, 0-2boxloggraphreplayST BelchS NygaardSA AguecheekCordelia28,103
23KratovoW, 4-1boxloggraphreplayKuroKyI CasillasP Morley-SouterK Cole21,241
24KratovoW, 7-4boxloggraphreplayR SongS HislopC FrantaZach25,064
25at HollywooW, 7-6boxloggraphreplayYosemitebear62D NguyenLil Nas XDr Mike26,044
26at HollywooW, 8-7boxloggraphreplayS NygaardS JacobsLil Nas Xoneredpaperclip22,764
27at HollywooL, 3-5 (12)boxloggraphreplayC MooreP Morley-Souter H Kazzaz23,450
28at HollywooW, 2-1boxloggraphreplayS LimS Jacobs jamescharles28,775
29at HollywooL, 5-7boxloggraphreplayH PlatchkeyS Lim R Rabbitowitz25,792
30San JoseW, 4-3 (14)boxloggraphreplayYosemitebear62B Botes K Cole26,057
31San JoseL, 0-4boxloggraphreplayCB DiscoS Nygaard G Booty30,047
32San JoseL, 7-9 (11)boxloggraphreplayO CatsP Morley-Souter A Freska24,512
33San JoseL, 1-4boxloggraphreplayM PowersKuroKyB Botes 21,618
34San JoseW, 4-3boxloggraphreplayS LimB BotesC FrantaK Cole19,147
35Los AngelesL, 1-13boxloggraphreplayFleabagS Nygaard D McGuire27,811
36Los AngelesL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayN VulvokovR SongR HendricksM March24,079
37Los AngelesL, 3-12boxloggraphreplayT SelanneKuroKy E Reid20,330
38Los AngelesW, 5-2boxloggraphreplayS NygaardFleabagC FrantaM Khare19,773
39Los AngelesL, 4-7boxloggraphreplayN VulvokovR Song J Tweedy25,698
40at ComptonW, 6-3boxloggraphreplayKuroKyM BeanS LimEL Yang8,884
41at ComptonL, 1-7boxloggraphreplayM FreshS Nygaard MM Elliott8,923
42at ComptonL, 3-4 (11)boxloggraphreplayL HearstWheezyWaiter L Romeo16,408
43at ComptonW, 9-8boxloggraphreplayKuroKyM FreshLil Nas XM Khare20,693
44at ComptonL, 5-10boxloggraphreplayM BeanS Nygaard M Def17,120
45at SeattleW, 7-0boxloggraphreplayR SongRo Williams oneredpaperclip22,863
46at SeattleL, 4-7boxloggraphreplayB BestKuroKyDel BoyI George17,587
47at SeattleL, 0-3boxloggraphreplayA EastonR SongDel BoyS Bareilles21,116
48SeattleW, 6-1boxloggraphreplayS NygaardB EilishS LimK Cole14,603
49SeattleW, 2-1boxloggraphreplayWheezyWaiterLizzo Dr Mike20,048
50SeattleL, 6-12boxloggraphreplayA EastonR Song S Bareilles21,493