Career Playoff Batting Leaders (before games of day 84/3-8)

1.R Singh (MTG-LAL)0.428
2.J Brigance (CPT)0.414
A Franken (BAL-STO)0.414
4.M McFly (BRU)0.409
5.Na Kress (STR)0.400
6.Sm Beckett (ACT)0.394
7.B Saget (IND-SEA)0.392
8.Markiplier (INT)0.389
9.M Wilmots (KRA-STR)0.386
K Okereke (SEA)0.386
On-Base %
1.LJ Silver (ALM-PAD)0.524
2.Sigarda (MTG)0.500
3.I Netto (BER-KRA)0.482
4.Teysa (PAD-MTG)0.473
T Doctor (ACT)0.473
6.R Singh (MTG-LAL)0.463
7.J Brigance (CPT)0.452
A Franken (BAL-STO)0.452
G Moore (BRU)0.452
A Huxley (BKL)0.452
Slugging %
1.Yokozuna (STA)0.808
2.A von Baeyer (STO)0.766
3.I Netto (BER-KRA)0.718
4.A Franken (BAL-STO)0.713
A Johnson (STA)0.713
6.P LaFontaine (OMS)0.706
O Nejedly (KRA)0.706
8.C York (SAO)0.698
9.P Zakharov (SJS)0.688
10.H Ibsen (BWY)0.684
1.I Netto (BER-KRA)1.200
2.Yokozuna (STA)1.183
3.A Franken (BAL-STO)1.165
4.C York (SAO)1.149
5.A von Baeyer (STO)1.141
6.P Zakharov (SJS)1.134
7.J Brigance (CPT)1.124
8.G Moore (BRU)1.101
9.H Ibsen (BWY)1.077
10.Cm Tucker (LAL)1.068
Win Probability Added
1.Teysa (PAD-MTG)4.036
2.J Cash (SEA-PHI)2.967
3.Bárbara (CIR-CPT)2.931
4.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)2.690
5.L Straujuma (PAD-SEA-KRA)2.534
6.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)2.452
7.R Singh (MTG-LAL)2.274
8.Foxes (CIR-SEA)2.101
9.G Savoy (KCC)2.043
10.H Sánchez (KRA-MIL)2.042
Win Shares
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)8.37
2.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)5.09
3.Foxes (CIR-SEA)5.04
4.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)4.82
5.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)4.58
6.Teysa (PAD-MTG)4.29
7.Cm Tucker (LAL)4.21
8.L Straujuma (PAD-SEA-KRA)3.94
9.J Kaczynski (BRU-IND-BKL)3.84
10.I Netto (BER-KRA)3.80
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)28.0
2.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)25.7
3.Teysa (PAD-MTG)25.6
4.Foxes (CIR-SEA)23.4
5.Cm Tucker (LAL)21.6
6.R Singh (MTG-LAL)19.9
7.L Straujuma (PAD-SEA-KRA)19.6
8.I Netto (BER-KRA)19.4
9.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)18.0
10.M Wilmots (KRA-STR)17.0
Runs Above Position
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)45.6
2.I Netto (BER-KRA)27.3
3.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)23.7
4.Foxes (CIR-SEA)22.9
5.Cm Tucker (LAL)22.0
6.Teysa (PAD-MTG)21.4
7.Karapet (LVG)19.6
8.R Singh (MTG-LAL)18.6
9.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)17.8
L Straujuma (PAD-SEA-KRA)17.8
Games Played
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)122
2.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)95
A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)95
4.Bono (SEA-SAO)92
5.M Doughty (BRU-SEA)87
6.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)84
S Truth (SEA-PIT-BKL)84
8.J Pritchett (TAT-LAL)82
9.M Broderick (SAO-STR)79
10.2 with78
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)517
2.Bono (SEA-SAO)384
3.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)382
4.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)368
5.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)349
6.S Truth (SEA-PIT-BKL)340
7.J Pritchett (TAT-LAL)334
8.Gerson (SAO-KRA)306
9.A Voltaire (MIL-SEA)301
10.N Persson (SEA-OMS)293
Plate Appearances
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)525
2.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)423
3.Bono (SEA-SAO)412
4.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)396
5.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)376
6.J Pritchett (TAT-LAL)353
7.J Kaczynski (BRU-IND-BKL)352
Foxes (CIR-SEA)352
9.S Truth (SEA-PIT-BKL)348
10.Gerson (SAO-KRA)330
Runs Scored
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)79
2.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)65
3.Gerson (SAO-KRA)54
4.L Lemon (CPT-LAL)51
Teysa (PAD-MTG)51
6.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)50
7.C MacKinnon (KCC-BER-STR)49
Foxes (CIR-SEA)49
9.Bono (SEA-SAO)48
10.Biggie (CPT-CIR)46
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)160
2.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)114
3.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)105
4.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)104
5.JG Vongerichten (KCC-CPT)101
6.Bono (SEA-SAO)100
7.V Corleone (SJS-PIT)93
8.W de Backer (SEA)92
9.S Truth (SEA-PIT-BKL)90
10.Gerson (SAO-KRA)89
Line Drives
1.V Corleone (SJS-PIT)96
2.G Rosenkranz (LVG)77
3.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)74
4.JD Rockefeller (IND-SEA-MIL)60
5.Bono (SEA-SAO)59
E Clapton (SEA)59
7.GS Traft (MTG-PAD)58
J Socrates (BRU-TER)58
9.J Kaczynski (BRU-IND-BKL)57
JG Vongerichten (KCC-CPT)57
1.T Andronicus (STR)4.16
2.G Moore (BRU)4.10
3.S Rogers (TER)3.91
4.A Sabonis (BAL)3.84
A Bester (SEA-BKL)3.84
6.L Shepard (BKL)3.79
7.L Bastianich (STR-KCC)3.76
8.L Grant (LAL)3.74
9.J Kaczynski (BRU-IND-BKL)3.73
K Hinze (MIL)3.73
Total Bases
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)312
2.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)251
3.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)197
4.Bono (SEA-SAO)181
5.Gerson (SAO-KRA)167
6.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)166
7.A Voltaire (MIL-SEA)152
W de Backer (SEA)152
9.3 with150
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)38
2.Bono (SEA-SAO)27
3.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)26
4.V Corleone (SJS-PIT)24
5.G Rosenkranz (LVG)23
6.JM Ayrault (MIL-BRU-BKL)22
7.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)21
8.D Fo (BWY)19
S Beatty (SEA)19
10.Teysa (PAD-MTG)17
1.JM Ayrault (MIL-BRU-BKL)7
2.J Cash (SEA-PHI)6
B Banner (TER)6
4.B Allen (TER-BWY)5
Phoenix (STR-SJS)5
Karapet (LVG)5
M Belvedere (LAL-MIL)5
DJ Fever (KRA-STA)5
J Pritchett (TAT-LAL)5
10.6 with4
Home Runs
1.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)38
2.J Cash (SEA-PHI)34
3.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)22
Gerson (SAO-KRA)22
5.A Voltaire (MIL-SEA)19
6.Bono (SEA-SAO)18
Foxes (CIR-SEA)18
8.Cm Tucker (LAL)17
9.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)16
10.5 with15
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)77
2.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)74
3.Gerson (SAO-KRA)66
4.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)64
5.Bono (SEA-SAO)62
6.Foxes (CIR-SEA)53
7.S Truth (SEA-PIT-BKL)52
8.A Voltaire (MIL-SEA)51
9.J Pritchett (TAT-LAL)49
10.M Broderick (SAO-STR)47
1.Teysa (PAD-MTG)73
2.J Kaczynski (BRU-IND-BKL)65
Foxes (CIR-SEA)65
4.C MacKinnon (KCC-BER-STR)54
5.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)53
6.Macbeth (STR)52
7.A Bambaataa (LAL-CPT)50
8.S Meyer (LAL)46
M Morehouse (SEA)46
J Socrates (BRU-TER)46
Stolen Bases
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)40
2.JM Ayrault (MIL-BRU-BKL)35
3.T Adams (DOD-SEA)28
4.J Pritchett (TAT-LAL)26
5.Biggie (CPT-CIR)25
6.R Dvořák (SEA-OMS)24
Beck (SEA)24
8.L Lemon (CPT-LAL)22
9.J Chaban-Delmas (BRU-BWY)21
10.KC Gillette (IND-SEA)20
Stolen Base %
1.17 with1.000
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)82
2.JG Vongerichten (KCC-CPT)79
3.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)77
4.R Singh (MTG-LAL)70
5.V Corleone (SJS-PIT)64
R Alley (SEA-STR)64
N Persson (SEA-OMS)64
8.GS Traft (MTG-PAD)63
Biggie (CPT-CIR)63
10.W de Backer (SEA)62
Times on Base
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)168
2.T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)159
3.Foxes (CIR-SEA)152
4.Teysa (PAD-MTG)149
5.J Kaczynski (BRU-IND-BKL)147
6.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)132
7.C MacKinnon (KCC-BER-STR)131
8.Bono (SEA-SAO)128
A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)128
10.2 with121
Extra-Base Hits
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)78
2.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)60
3.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)48
4.Bono (SEA-SAO)45
5.Gerson (SAO-KRA)34
A Voltaire (MIL-SEA)34
7.D Fo (BWY)33
8.S Weiland (SEA-DOD)31
Cm Tucker (LAL)31
10.4 with30
Isolated Power
1.Yokozuna (STA)0.481
2.A Johnson (STA)0.463
3.A von Baeyer (STO)0.404
4.P LaFontaine (OMS)0.382
5.O Nejedly (KRA)0.373
6.Sal (PAD)0.366
7.A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)0.359
8.PD James (PAD-STR)0.351
9.C York (SAO)0.349
10.2 with0.345
Avg on Balls in Play
1.M Wilmots (KRA-STR)0.500
2.R Singh (MTG-LAL)0.470
3.JD Rockefeller (IND-SEA-MIL)0.467
4.V Corleone (SJS-PIT)0.466
5.Na Kress (STR)0.460
6.M McFly (BRU)0.457
7.Skee-Lo (CPT)0.452
8.PA Jacob (BKL-STO)0.441
Prodigy (CPT-SJS)0.441
10.G Rosenkranz (LVG)0.437
Game-winning RBI
1.J Cash (SEA-PHI)12
2.J Hendrix (SEA-BKL-BRU)10
T Tiger (SAO-KCC-CPT)10
A Voltaire (MIL-SEA)10
5.I Radicova (BRU-TER)9
Bono (SEA-SAO)9
A Farrah Fowler (LAL-SAO-SEA)9
8.Gerson (SAO-KRA)8
R Singh (MTG-LAL)8
10.4 with7

Minimum 620 plate appearances needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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