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Year 1 Batting Leaders (before games of day 52)

1.K Graham (PUS-SEA)0.428
2.B Banner (TER)0.418
3.KK Bundy (BKL)0.401
4.B Saget (HOL)0.398
5.L Mathe (LVG)0.384
6.Aeschylus (BWY)0.383
7.A Bee (TER-LAL)0.377
8.S Seymour (MIL)0.373
9.L Casta (MIL)0.372
10.K Novoselic (SEA)0.371
On-Base %
1.C Xavier (HOL)0.533
2.K Graham (PUS-SEA)0.455
KK Bundy (BKL)0.455
LL Rasmussen (BRU-TER)0.455
5.A Bester (BKL)0.452
6.L Mathe (LVG)0.448
7.I Asimov (BKL)0.444
8.K Novoselic (SEA)0.440
9.B Saget (HOL)0.435
10.Aeschylus (BWY)0.429
Slugging %
1.B Banner (TER)0.721
2.S Seymour (MIL)0.676
3.S Belmont (PIT-SJS)0.658
4.A Bee (TER-LAL)0.633
5.A Bester (BKL)0.612
6.K Graham (PUS-SEA)0.611
7.E Culbertson (LVG)0.604
8.Aeschylus (BWY)0.590
9.E Smith (SEA)0.572
10.A Sheinwold (LVG)0.570
1.B Banner (TER)1.145
2.C Xavier (HOL)1.077
3.S Seymour (MIL)1.069
4.K Graham (PUS-SEA)1.066
5.A Bester (BKL)1.064
6.A Bee (TER-LAL)1.019
Aeschylus (BWY)1.019
8.E Culbertson (LVG)1.011
9.LL Rasmussen (BRU-TER)1.008
10.KK Bundy (BKL)1.004
Win Probability Added
1.L Mathe (LVG)2.833
2.A Bester (BKL)2.576
3.S Seymour (MIL)1.967
4.S Berlusconi (BRU-BKL)1.866
5.T Malloy (PIT)1.743
6.S Belmont (PIT-SJS)1.723
7.C Xavier (HOL)1.679
8.K Novoselic (SEA)1.675
9.E Smith (SEA)1.629
10.E Culbertson (LVG)1.597
Win Shares
1.B Banner (TER)4.65
2.A Bester (BKL)4.57
3.L Ricardo (PIT-LAL)3.72
4.S Seymour (MIL)3.58
5.S Berlusconi (BRU-BKL)3.47
6.K Graham (PUS-SEA)3.22
7.E Culbertson (LVG)3.03
8.KK Bundy (BKL)3.00
9.A Bee (TER-LAL)2.93
10.T Roosevelt (STO)2.92
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.B Banner (TER)26.6
2.A Bester (BKL)23.4
3.C Xavier (HOL)20.0
4.K Graham (PUS-SEA)18.1
5.E Culbertson (LVG)17.5
6.S Seymour (MIL)15.7
Aeschylus (BWY)15.7
8.LL Rasmussen (BRU-TER)15.4
9.KK Bundy (BKL)14.0
10.L Mathe (LVG)13.8
Runs Above Position
1.B Banner (TER)33.0
2.A Bester (BKL)27.2
3.L Ricardo (PIT-LAL)19.2
4.K Graham (PUS-SEA)18.5
5.S Seymour (MIL)17.4
6.T Roosevelt (STO)16.7
7.E Culbertson (LVG)16.5
8.KK Bundy (BKL)16.4
9.A Singer (PIT)15.1
K Novoselic (SEA)15.1
Games Played
1.A Sheinwold (LVG)50
G Hanson (PIT)50
Calderon (BWY)50
4.J Olarticoechea (KRA)49
AG Bell (IND)49
S Berlusconi (BRU-BKL)49
Fenix (PUS)49
8.R Philbin (HOL)48
J Probst (HOL)48
Wyatt (PIT)48
1.B Banner (TER)208
2.Fenix (PUS)204
A Bubnov (KRA)204
4.G Hanson (PIT)203
5.E Culbertson (LVG)202
J Probst (HOL)202
7.A Sheinwold (LVG)200
8.A Bee (TER-LAL)199
9.3 with194
Plate Appearances
1.A Sheinwold (LVG)223
2.J Probst (HOL)218
3.E Culbertson (LVG)216
4.S Berlusconi (BRU-BKL)215
5.L Ricardo (PIT-LAL)212
G Hanson (PIT)212
7.S Gompers (STO)211
O Blokhin (KRA)211
9.5 with210
Runs Scored
1.A Bester (BKL)42
2.A Huxley (BKL)40
3.A Sheinwold (LVG)38
4.E Culbertson (LVG)37
E Smith (SEA)37
6.B Banner (TER)36
7.P Buck (PUS-SEA)35
8.K Graham (PUS-SEA)34
9.3 with33
1.B Banner (TER)87
2.K Graham (PUS-SEA)77
3.A Bee (TER-LAL)75
4.E Culbertson (LVG)74
5.Aeschylus (BWY)72
B Saget (HOL)72
7.S Seymour (MIL)69
E Smith (SEA)69
9.L Casta (MIL)68
10.F Reinfeldt (BRU-BKL)67
Line Drives
1.Aeschylus (BWY)69
2.F Reinfeldt (BRU-BKL)68
E Smith (SEA)68
4.L Casta (MIL)57
K Graham (PUS-SEA)57
6.E Culbertson (LVG)56
7.T Malloy (PIT)54
8.B Banner (TER)51
JD Rockefeller (SEA)51
B Saget (HOL)51
1.Calderon (BWY)3.76
2.A Mellon (IND)3.59
3.E O'Neill (BWY)3.54
4.L Ricardo (PIT-LAL)3.53
5.S Rogers (TER)3.51
6.B Crane (LVG)3.47
7.D Cameron (BRU)3.46
8.JV Goethe (MIL)3.44
P Buck (PUS-SEA)3.44
10.L de Vega (BWY)3.43
Total Bases
1.B Banner (TER)150
2.A Bee (TER-LAL)126
3.S Seymour (MIL)125
4.E Culbertson (LVG)122
5.A Sheinwold (LVG)114
6.E Smith (SEA)111
Aeschylus (BWY)111
8.K Graham (PUS-SEA)110
9.A Bester (BKL)109
10.S Berlusconi (BRU-BKL)108
1.B Banner (TER)26
2.S Gompers (STO)22
3.K Graham (PUS-SEA)19
4.C Kent (TER)18
5.Aeschylus (BWY)17
6.E Culbertson (LVG)16
7.5 with15
1.B Banner (TER)8
2.AG Bell (IND)6
B Wayne (TER)6
4.S Seymour (MIL)5
B Eubanks (HOL)5
A Giant (STA)5
P Parker (SJS)5
8.8 with4
Home Runs
1.A Sheinwold (LVG)12
A Bee (TER-LAL)12
3.S Seymour (MIL)11
Glorfindel (PUS)11
5.7 with10
1.S Berlusconi (BRU-BKL)45
2.S Seymour (MIL)42
A Sheinwold (LVG)42
4.A Bee (TER-LAL)41
5.A Bester (BKL)38
6.Fenix (PUS)35
7.H Kuttner (BKL)34
8.Gorath (PUS)33
9.3 with32
1.C Xavier (HOL)48
2.I Asimov (BKL)38
3.LL Rasmussen (BRU-TER)37
4.P Buck (PUS-SEA)33
D Daring (SJS)33
6.A Bester (BKL)32
S Rogers (TER)32
Calderon (BWY)32
9.B Crane (LVG)31
10.3 with30
Stolen Bases
1.A Huxley (BKL)28
2.G Hanson (PIT)26
3.L Ricardo (PIT-LAL)23
4.K Graham (PUS-SEA)22
5.A Trebek (HOL)19
P Buck (PUS-SEA)19
7.B Banner (TER)17
8.A Singer (PIT)16
9.M Bialystock (PIT)14
10.T Banks (MIL)13
Stolen Base %
1.M Bialystock (PIT)0.824
2.G Hanson (PIT)0.812
3.A Huxley (BKL)0.800
4.L Ricardo (PIT-LAL)0.793
5.K Graham (PUS-SEA)0.786
6.B Banner (TER)0.773
7.T Banks (MIL)0.765
8.A Singer (PIT)0.762
9.P Buck (PUS-SEA)0.760
10.C Xavier (HOL)0.706
1.B Saget (HOL)63
2.K Graham (PUS-SEA)52
3.L Casta (MIL)51
4.A Bee (TER-LAL)50
5.KK Bundy (BKL)49
6.E Smith (SEA)48
7.5 with47
Times on Base
1.C Xavier (HOL)98
2.A Bester (BKL)95
3.B Banner (TER)89
4.E Culbertson (LVG)88
5.S Berlusconi (BRU-BKL)87
Aeschylus (BWY)87
A Huxley (BKL)87
8.K Graham (PUS-SEA)86
9.S Gompers (STO)85
10.4 with84
Extra-Base Hits
1.B Banner (TER)41
2.S Seymour (MIL)29
3.A Sheinwold (LVG)28
4.E Culbertson (LVG)27
S Belmont (PIT-SJS)27
6.S Gompers (STO)26
7.K Graham (PUS-SEA)25
A Bee (TER-LAL)25
G Hanson (PIT)25
Aeschylus (BWY)25
Isolated Power
1.S Belmont (PIT-SJS)0.329
2.S Seymour (MIL)0.303
B Banner (TER)0.303
4.A Sheinwold (LVG)0.265
5.A Bester (BKL)0.258
6.N Merchant (IND)0.257
7.A Bee (TER-LAL)0.256
8.B Wayne (TER)0.253
9.A Guinness (IND)0.248
10.E von Spielburg (PUS)0.244
Avg on Balls in Play
1.K Graham (PUS-SEA)0.500
2.B Corgan (BRU-SEA)0.464
3.B Banner (TER)0.455
4.JD Rockefeller (SEA)0.436
5.L Casta (MIL)0.424
6.B Saget (HOL)0.423
7.Aeschylus (BWY)0.420
8.KK Bundy (BKL)0.418
9.L Mathe (LVG)0.414
10.E Culbertson (LVG)0.403
Game-winning RBI
1.S Seymour (MIL)9
A Bester (BKL)9
3.E Kantar (LVG)8
4.S Berlusconi (BRU-BKL)7
E Smith (SEA)7
6.6 with6

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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