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Year 2 Batting Leaders (before games of day 52)

1.A Bee (TER)0.394
2.JD Rockefeller (SEA)0.380
3.G Hanson (PIT)0.373
4.E Smith (SEA)0.369
5.Aeschylus (BWY)0.367
6.L Ricardo (PIT)0.363
7.J Daniel (IND)0.359
8.B Wayne (TER)0.356
9.J Gould (SEA)0.350
10.2 with0.345
On-Base %
1.C Xavier (HOL)0.495
2.FO Bandeirinha (STA-BKL)0.449
3.A Fire (STO)0.429
4.JV Goethe (MIL)0.422
J Daniel (IND)0.422
6.L Ricardo (PIT)0.420
7.P Buck (PUS)0.416
8.J Burruchaga (KRA)0.415
9.3 with0.414
Slugging %
1.Fenix (PUS)0.736
2.JD Rockefeller (SEA)0.712
3.A Bee (TER)0.681
4.E Smith (SEA)0.651
5.N Kay (BRU)0.650
6.Aeschylus (BWY)0.633
7.B Wayne (TER)0.631
8.G Hanson (PIT)0.613
9.S Berlusconi (BKL)0.610
10.S Belmont (PIT)0.591
1.JD Rockefeller (SEA)1.102
2.Fenix (PUS)1.081
A Bee (TER)1.081
4.E Smith (SEA)1.045
5.Aeschylus (BWY)1.040
6.G Hanson (PIT)1.027
7.B Wayne (TER)1.025
8.J Daniel (IND)1.008
9.L Ricardo (PIT)1.002
10.A Fire (STO)1.001
Win Probability Added
1.Fenix (PUS)2.794
2.N Kay (BRU)2.307
3.S Berlusconi (BKL)2.086
4.B Wayne (TER)2.056
5.Aeschylus (BWY)2.031
6.L Mathe (LVG)1.934
7.C Xavier (HOL)1.851
8.I Asimov (BKL)1.828
9.JV Goethe (MIL)1.792
10.JD Rockefeller (SEA)1.717
Win Shares
1.G Hanson (PIT)4.24
2.A Bee (TER)3.99
3.JD Rockefeller (SEA)3.66
4.E Culbertson (LVG)3.36
5.Aeschylus (BWY)3.23
6.Fenix (PUS)3.06
7.S Berlusconi (BKL)3.05
8.C Xavier (HOL)2.93
9.J Cena (STA)2.80
10.B Allen (TER)2.77
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.G Hanson (PIT)23.1
2.Fenix (PUS)20.8
3.A Bee (TER)19.6
4.C Xavier (HOL)18.9
5.JD Rockefeller (SEA)18.8
6.Aeschylus (BWY)17.2
7.S Berlusconi (BKL)16.1
8.B Wayne (TER)16.0
9.E Culbertson (LVG)15.7
10.A Fire (STO)15.2
Runs Above Position
1.G Hanson (PIT)29.3
2.JD Rockefeller (SEA)21.5
3.A Bee (TER)19.5
4.E Culbertson (LVG)18.2
Fenix (PUS)18.2
6.Aeschylus (BWY)18.0
7.A Fire (STO)16.5
8.B Allen (TER)15.6
9.J Cena (STA)15.5
10.L Ricardo (PIT)15.4
Games Played
1.G Papandreou (BRU-BKL)50
G Hanson (PIT)50
Zehir (PUS-PIT)50
4.A Sheinwold (LVG)49
A Bester (BKL)49
J King (MIL)49
A Bee (TER)49
8.7 with48
1.G Hanson (PIT)217
2.A Bee (TER)213
3.Aeschylus (BWY)207
4.B Banner (TER)206
5.O Protasov (KRA)203
6.S Seymour (MIL)202
7.A Giant (STA)200
8.E Herzigova (MIL)197
R Philbin (HOL)197
Fenix (PUS)197
Plate Appearances
1.G Hanson (PIT)232
2.R Philbin (HOL)221
Aeschylus (BWY)221
4.Zehir (PUS-PIT)220
5.A Sheinwold (LVG)217
6.A Bee (TER)215
7.E Herzigova (MIL)214
8.A Bester (BKL)213
C Kent (TER)213
10.5 with207
Runs Scored
1.A Huxley (BKL)41
2.G Hanson (PIT)39
3.A Bester (BKL)37
JD Rockefeller (SEA)37
Aeschylus (BWY)37
6.A Fire (STO)35
Fenix (PUS)35
Zehir (PUS-PIT)35
9.P Buck (PUS)34
A Bee (TER)34
1.A Bee (TER)84
2.G Hanson (PIT)81
3.Aeschylus (BWY)76
4.B Banner (TER)71
5.JD Rockefeller (SEA)70
6.L Ricardo (PIT)66
7.A Giant (STA)65
E Herzigova (MIL)65
C Kent (TER)65
10.2 with64
Line Drives
1.JD Rockefeller (SEA)63
2.O Protasov (KRA)55
3.A Bee (TER)52
4.A Giant (STA)50
C Kent (TER)50
E Smith (SEA)50
7.E Culbertson (LVG)49
Aeschylus (BWY)49
9.F Reinfeldt (BKL)47
10.L Casta (MIL)46
1.E Otis (BRU)3.78
2.A Bester (BKL)3.58
3.P Buck (PUS)3.54
4.J Olarticoechea (KRA)3.46
5.J Iha (STA-SEA)3.45
MA Summers (LAL)3.45
7.B Crane (LVG)3.43
S Berlusconi (BKL)3.43
C Xavier (HOL)3.43
10.G Burcsa (KRA)3.42
Total Bases
1.Fenix (PUS)145
A Bee (TER)145
3.G Hanson (PIT)133
4.JD Rockefeller (SEA)131
Aeschylus (BWY)131
6.S Belmont (PIT)114
7.B Banner (TER)113
8.A DiFranco (SEA)111
S Berlusconi (BKL)111
10.L Ricardo (PIT)106
1.E Smith (SEA)22
2.A Bee (TER)21
3.S Berlusconi (BKL)18
4.L Ricardo (PIT)15
G Hanson (PIT)15
Aeschylus (BWY)15
7.N Merchant (IND)14
C Kent (TER)14
9.6 with13
1.B Banner (TER)7
2.K Graham (HOL)5
L Ricardo (PIT)5
G Hanson (PIT)5
5.A Fire (STO)4
E Herzigova (MIL)4
S Belmont (PIT)4
K Annan (STO)4
G Papandreou (BRU-BKL)4
M Stipe (SEA)4
Home Runs
1.Fenix (PUS)23
2.JD Rockefeller (SEA)16
3.N Kay (BRU)15
4.A DiFranco (SEA)14
5.S Belmont (PIT)13
Zehir (PUS-PIT)13
7.S Berlusconi (BKL)12
A Bee (TER)12
Aeschylus (BWY)12
10.2 with11
1.Fenix (PUS)52
2.A Bee (TER)47
3.S Belmont (PIT)46
4.S Berlusconi (BKL)43
5.JD Rockefeller (SEA)41
6.Aeschylus (BWY)36
Zehir (PUS-PIT)36
8.N Kay (BRU)35
G Hanson (PIT)35
10.S Gompers (STO)34
1.C Xavier (HOL)47
2.LL Rasmussen (TER)38
P Buck (PUS)38
T Banks (MIL)38
5.Zehir (PUS-PIT)37
6.A Bester (BKL)34
7.E Otis (BRU)32
8.A Huxley (BKL)31
9.I Asimov (BKL)30
10.2 with29
Stolen Bases
1.A Huxley (BKL)28
2.B Allen (TER)19
3.G Hanson (PIT)16
4.J King (MIL)15
5.L Ricardo (PIT)12
6.E Hemingway (STO)10
B Banner (TER)10
T Banks (MIL)10
O Protasov (KRA)10
10.P Buck (PUS)9
Stolen Base %
1.B Allen (TER)0.905
2.J King (MIL)0.882
3.G Hanson (PIT)0.842
4.A Huxley (BKL)0.800
5.L Ricardo (PIT)0.706
6.E Hemingway (STO)0.588
B Banner (TER)0.588
T Banks (MIL)0.588
O Protasov (KRA)0.588
10.P Buck (PUS)0.529
1.J Carter (STO)54
2.G Hanson (PIT)52
3.A Giant (STA)49
E Herzigova (MIL)49
A Bee (TER)49
6.J Gould (SEA)47
C Kent (TER)47
Aeschylus (BWY)47
9.B Banner (TER)46
10.4 with43
Times on Base
1.C Xavier (HOL)97
2.G Hanson (PIT)96
3.Aeschylus (BWY)90
4.A Bester (BKL)88
5.C Kent (TER)87
6.A Bee (TER)86
7.Zehir (PUS-PIT)85
8.L Ricardo (PIT)84
9.3 with82
Extra-Base Hits
1.Fenix (PUS)35
A Bee (TER)35
3.S Berlusconi (BKL)31
4.JD Rockefeller (SEA)29
E Smith (SEA)29
G Hanson (PIT)29
Aeschylus (BWY)29
8.S Belmont (PIT)27
9.3 with25
Isolated Power
1.Fenix (PUS)0.411
2.N Kay (BRU)0.357
3.JD Rockefeller (SEA)0.332
4.S Berlusconi (BKL)0.308
5.Yokozuna (STA)0.307
6.S Belmont (PIT)0.296
7.A Bee (TER)0.287
8.E Smith (SEA)0.282
9.O Taylor (LAL)0.279
10.B Wayne (TER)0.275
Avg on Balls in Play
1.Aeschylus (BWY)0.424
2.J Daniel (IND)0.421
3.JD Rockefeller (SEA)0.419
4.G Hanson (PIT)0.407
5.L Ricardo (PIT)0.394
6.B Banner (TER)0.393
7.K Graham (HOL)0.387
8.M Stipe (SEA)0.386
FO Bandeirinha (STA-BKL)0.386
10.2 with0.383
Game-winning RBI
1.S Berlusconi (BKL)7
Fenix (PUS)7
3.10 with6

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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