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Captains of Industry Schedule and Results

1StamfordL, 0-5boxloggraphreplayB MageW Colgate S Scott32,432
2StamfordW, 7-2boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonGD Jean S Walton30,979
3StamfordL, 1-7boxloggraphreplayB MageW Colgate Mr Perfect30,390
4StamfordW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayWm. Wrigley Jr.K Deal S Walton27,905
5at BroadwayL, 1-3boxloggraphreplayA RobinsonW Colgate Terence38,965
6at BroadwayW, 10-9boxloggraphreplayC ChanelJ VanceWm. Wrigley Jr.SP Chase36,210
7at PusanW, 10-2boxloggraphreplayC HiltonWarrax S Walton24,606
8at PusanW, 9-3boxloggraphreplayW ColgateDogmeat S Walton25,285
9StockholmW, 5-4boxloggraphreplayC ChanelP Samuelson TA Edison30,490
10StockholmL, 3-5boxloggraphreplayR KiplingWm. Wrigley Jr.B von SuttnerR Ross35,330
11HollywoodW, 7-1boxloggraphreplayC HiltonP Lakshmi A Busch29,724
12HollywoodL, 1-6boxloggraphreplayT McClureW Colgate H Mandel30,881
13at BroadwayL, 4-5boxloggraphreplayB BrechtJW Marriott B Jonson37,264
14at BroadwayL, 5-6 (12)boxloggraphreplayL PirandelloAP Sloan A Miller28,913
15at San JoseL, 0-3boxloggraphreplayEccoC HiltonKenNess27,210
16at San JoseW, 10-6boxloggraphreplayWm. Wrigley Jr.X SP Chase30,196
17at BrooklynL, 5-6boxloggraphreplayJ CrowleyJW Marriott J Hatfield23,247
18at BrooklynW, 7-4boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonT Disch A Busch27,594
19at BrooklynW, 6-1boxloggraphreplayC HiltonT BergeronC ChanelC Vanderbilt26,286
20at BrooklynW, 16-9boxloggraphreplayJ HoffaT Disch C Vanderbilt27,143
21TerraW, 8-2boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonPele S Walton31,815
22TerraW, 7-5boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottA Brooks A Busch34,033
23BrusselsL, 1-6boxloggraphreplayM McAleeseC Hilton J Socrates35,811
24BrusselsL, 1-8boxloggraphreplayT HalonenTJ Watson Zero34,487
25Los AngelesL, 2-6boxloggraphreplayGilliganC Chanel C Goren32,226
26Los AngelesL, 1-6boxloggraphreplayJ GrumbyC Hilton H Pierce33,795
27BroadwayL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayVoltaireC ChanelB BrechtA Miller26,263
28BroadwayW, 9-6boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonA RobinsonJW MarriottEI du Pont28,158
29BroadwayW, 7-4boxloggraphreplayC HiltonVoltaire S Ingersoll29,593
30at MilanL, 0-4boxloggraphreplayD RichardsW Colgate D Lloyd26,586
31at MilanL, 5-7boxloggraphreplayE HeathertonWm. Wrigley Jr.R RomijnD Lloyd31,172
32at Las VegasL, 1-4boxloggraphreplayG GrecoTJ WatsonK Albert IIO Sharif40,863
33at Las VegasL, 1-5boxloggraphreplayD BrunsonW ColgateK Albert IIR Hinkley49,101
34PittsburghW, 14-5boxloggraphreplayC HiltonD Vader SP Chase25,464
35PittsburghW, 6-1boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonM Hall DE Shaw31,443
36PittsburghL, 6-9boxloggraphreplayH LecterW Colgate A Poulain33,361
37PittsburghL, 4-5 (10)boxloggraphreplayO IshiiC Chanel S Slaughter27,644
38at StamfordL, 1-5boxloggraphreplayB MageW Colgate Mr Perfect35,869
39at StamfordW, 2-0boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottJ RobertsWm. Wrigley Jr.A Carnegie38,833
40at StamfordL, 0-6boxloggraphreplayL BrackettC Hilton Mr Perfect37,487
41BrooklynL, 4-7boxloggraphreplayB MalzbergW Colgate J Haldeman27,583
42BrooklynW, 11-0boxloggraphreplayC HiltonL Niven A Busch25,962
43BrooklynW, 4-2boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonT DischJW MarriottS Walton28,848
44SeattleW, 1-0boxloggraphreplayAP SloanT Mars DE Shaw27,170
45SeattleW, 8-1boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottD Seuss TA Edison29,160
46at KratovoL, 1-4boxloggraphreplayJ MunaronJW MarriottD ZoffE Scifo28,553
47at KratovoL, 6-8boxloggraphreplayA RustAP SloanD ZoffLeonidas29,950
48at PittsburghW, 13-0boxloggraphreplayC HiltonM Hall SP Chase40,858
49at PittsburghW, 8-1boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonH Lecter DE Shaw41,792
50at PittsburghW, 4-2boxloggraphreplayC HiltonM HallC ChanelC Vanderbilt40,367