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Captains of Industry Schedule and Results

1at PittsburghW, 14-1boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonM Hall SP Chase42,723
2at PittsburghL, 4-7boxloggraphreplayH LecterW Colgate J Gunn38,631
3at PittsburghW, 8-3boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonD VaderC ChanelKC Gillette40,298
4at PittsburghW, 9-6boxloggraphreplayC HiltonSir ArthurC ChanelC Vanderbilt40,682
5BroadwayW, 7-2boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonA Wilson EI du Pont32,193
6BroadwayW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayC ChanelJ Vance KC Gillette31,256
7BroadwayW, 6-2boxloggraphreplayB ObamaB FettWm. Wrigley Jr.A Busch27,357
8BroadwayL, 2-3boxloggraphreplayJ VanceC HiltonVoltaireB Jonson31,366
9at StamfordW, 14-2boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonL Brackett SP Chase29,503
10at StamfordW, 11-2boxloggraphreplayW ColgateL British S Walton32,483
11at StamfordL, 4-11boxloggraphreplayL BrackettC Hilton N Merchant32,875
12at StamfordW, 4-0boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottGD JeanC ChanelC Vanderbilt26,432
13TerraL, 1-4 (10)boxloggraphreplayA BrooksT TurnerC SmithC Kent27,383
14TerraW, 8-1boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonL Carroll S Walton29,989
15PusanW, 5-0boxloggraphreplayAP SloanR Ironfist KC Gillette24,038
16PusanW, 3-0boxloggraphreplayT TurnerWarraxWm. Wrigley Jr.A Busch26,596
17BrooklynL, 5-6boxloggraphreplayMZ BradleyJW MarriottJ CrowleyEarl28,106
18BrooklynL, 4-7boxloggraphreplayT DischTJ WatsonJ CrowleyF Leiber28,349
19at StockholmL, 5-8boxloggraphreplayG Garcia MarquezW ColgateH DurantR Ross30,798
20at StockholmL, 1-3boxloggraphreplayA GobatT TurnerT MommsenS Chu28,747
21at Las VegasW, 12-6boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonWB Hickok CW Post35,337
22at Las VegasL, 2-5boxloggraphreplayD BrunsonAP SloanM NguyenG Belladonna36,179
23at HollywoodW, 12-2boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonG Smiley SP Chase19,252
24at HollywoodW, 5-0boxloggraphreplayW ColgateF Flav H Hughes17,133
25KratovoW, 4-0boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonJ MunaronC ChanelTA Edison28,788
26KratovoL, 0-8boxloggraphreplayL YashinAP Sloan J Buckley28,267
27San JoseW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayC ChanelProtomanWm. Wrigley Jr.C Vanderbilt28,042
28San JoseW, 4-3boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottRyu WK Kellogg26,015
29BrusselsL, 5-7boxloggraphreplayT HalonenAP SloanQ Margrethe III Radicova29,881
30BrusselsL, 1-5 (12)boxloggraphreplayQ Margrethe IIT Turner A Landale29,885
31SeattleW, 5-2boxloggraphreplayW ColgateFB Cobain A Carnegie26,782
32SeattleL, 0-5boxloggraphreplayT MarsTJ Watson S Weiland27,060
33at MilanW, 7-0boxloggraphreplayAP SloanD Richards KC Gillette30,594
34at MilanL, 4-5 (12)boxloggraphreplayC SwanepoelC Chanel C Murphy29,177
35at BrooklynW, 2-1boxloggraphreplayT TurnerT DischV KlausDE Shaw20,759
36at BrooklynL, 2-3boxloggraphreplayG WolfeC Hilton J Williamson18,030
37at BrooklynW, 5-2boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonG WolfeC ChanelA Carnegie18,720
38PittsburghL, 0-6boxloggraphreplayH LecterW Colgate  30,633
39PittsburghW, 6-5boxloggraphreplayC ChanelO Ishii S Walton29,732
40PittsburghW, 5-4boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonL ColeC ChanelKC Gillette31,439
41at BroadwayL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayJ VanceWm. Wrigley Jr.VoltaireH Ibsen34,000
42at BroadwayL, 2-6boxloggraphreplayJ VanceWm. Wrigley Jr. O Kurylenko39,473
43at BroadwayW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottJ VanceC ChanelSP Chase37,959
44at Los AngelesW, 9-3boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonJ Grumby S Walton41,695
45at Los AngelesL, 1-2boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternC Chanel M Brady37,336
46StamfordL, 2-8boxloggraphreplayGD JeanTJ Watson A Johnson29,830
47StamfordL, 0-8boxloggraphreplayB MageW Colgate N Merchant28,372
48StamfordW, 7-3boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonF Krueger DE Shaw33,624
49BrooklynW, 5-4boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottMZ Bradley SP Chase26,739
50BrooklynL, 5-6 (11)boxloggraphreplayG WolfeJW MarriottMZ BradleyJ Hatfield27,650
1-1at Los AngelesL, 5-14boxloggraphreplayJ GrumbyTJ Watson M Brady
1-2at Los AngelesW, 7-5boxloggraphreplayW ColgateN DandolosC ChanelSP Chase
1-3Los AngelesL, 7-11boxloggraphreplayJ GrumbyTJ Watson L Grant
1-4Los AngelesL, 3-8boxloggraphreplayM RichardsT Turner L Grant
1-5Los AngelesW, 5-1boxloggraphreplayTJ WatsonJ Grumby SP Chase
1-6at Los AngelesW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayW ColgateN DandolosC ChanelEI du Pont
1-7at Los AngelesL, 8-9boxloggraphreplayM RichardsTJ WatsonEW HowellV Vinge