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Year 108 Fielding Leaders (before games of day 3-9)

Defensive Runs Above Position
1.K Clarkson (KRA)12.8
2.N Pekarek (SEA-LAL)11.4
3.C Elbow (STR)11.3
4.Rosa (INT)10.2
5.Mariana (STR)10.0
6.D Champ (LAL)8.6
7.J Butler (BAL)8.3
8.D Matthews (MIL)8.2
9.M Mental (SJS)7.5
10.W Frazier (BAL)7.1
GB Zone Rating
1.Mariana (STR)0.823
2.P Pablo (CPT)0.818
3.xQc (INT)0.807
4.K Clarkson (KRA)0.802
E Andre (TAT)0.802
6.D Matthews (MIL)0.800
7.N Pekarek (SEA-LAL)0.795
8.Winn-Dixie (CAN)0.786
9.Myth (INT)0.784
10.B Witherbloom (MTG)0.781
FB Zone Rating
1.S Tennant (MIL)0.987
2.R Pilatus (SEA)0.980
3.B Bull (LAL)0.976
4.Alexis (KRA)0.972
JiffPom (INT)0.972
6.Mr McGrath (CAN)0.971
7.I Chesterton (LPM)0.967
8.C Rudder (SEA-MTG)0.959
9.E Gloucester (TAT)0.956
10.Vision (LAL)0.955
LD Zone Rating
1.C Elbow (STR)0.586
2.Hippodamos (APX)0.500
3.JiffPom (INT)0.444
Pytheos (APX)0.444
5.D Champ (LAL)0.439
6.J Butler (BAL)0.438
7.D Vincentio (STR)0.424
8.N Pekarek (SEA-LAL)0.420
9.E Bourne (CPT)0.386
10.The Forest-Goddess (ARK)0.385
Runner Advance %
1.R Park (TAT)0.052
2.M Mental (SJS)0.067
3.R Balkman (SEA)0.078
4.Lil Jon (CPT)0.097
5.St Zephyrinus (VAT)0.110
6.Monarch of the Night (ARK)0.127
7.D Dunning (LIS)0.135
Rosa (INT)0.135
Daedalus (APX)0.135
10.Z Tibby (MIL)0.141
OF Assists
1.W Frazier (BAL)16
2.G Stefani (SEA)11
3.Mr McGrath (CAN)10
Te Brands (LPM)10
5.2 with9
C Caught Stealing %
1.IV Seacat (SJS)1.000
2.Phaeax (APX)0.500
bellapoarch (INT)0.500
4.G Welcome (KRA)0.467
5.L Kravitz (TAT)0.455
C Stolen Bases/Game
1.hudabeauty (LAL)0.00 (45)
IV Seacat (SJS)0.00 (41)
3.Phaeax (APX)0.17
Isabella (STR)0.17
EM Saint (VAT)0.17
C Wild Pitches/Game
1.J Nuisance (CAN)0.02 (42)
G Welcome (KRA)0.02 (42)
3.N Nichols (SEA)0.03
4.IV Seacat (SJS)0.05
5.2 with0.07
C Defensive Runs Above Position
1.G Welcome (KRA)3.8
2.N Nichols (SEA)2.8
3.IV Seacat (SJS)2.4
4.hudabeauty (LAL)1.8
F Daniels (LIS)1.8
1B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Togo (CAN)3.0
2.R-B'nk (ARK)2.6
3.R Emanuel (TAT)2.4
4.L Kebede (MIL)2.3
5.Q McQuack (LIS)1.9
2B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Mariana (STR)10.0
2.E Andre (TAT)6.3
3.The Forest-Goddess (ARK)5.2
4.Pytheos (APX)4.4
5.V Salt (LAL)3.3
3B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.D Matthews (MIL)8.2
2.xQc (INT)6.6
3.B Witherbloom (MTG)4.9
4.A Di Maria (KRA)3.7
5.M Tin (SJS)3.2
SS Defensive Runs Above Position
1.K Clarkson (KRA)12.8
2.N Pekarek (SEA-LAL)11.4
3.H von Grafrath (CAN)7.0
4.L Pimpin (SJS)5.6
5.D Vincentio (STR)5.2
LF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.C Elbow (STR)11.3
2.Alexis (KRA)5.2
3.S Tennant (MIL)4.7
4.JiffPom (INT)3.7
5.Goldberg (TAT)3.4
CF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Rosa (INT)10.2
2.D Champ (LAL)8.6
3.J Butler (BAL)8.3
4.St Zephyrinus (VAT)5.5
5.2 with3.3
RF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.W Frazier (BAL)7.1
2.W Bender (SJS)6.3
3.Mr McGrath (CAN)5.3
4.Vision (LAL)4.6
5.CC Creamerman (INT)4.4

Minimum 1/2 of team games needed to qualify at a position

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