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Year 108 Batting Leaders (before games of day 3-9)

1.Mr McGrath (CAN)0.400
2.L Kebede (MIL)0.397
3.W Maximoff (LAL)0.396
4.Tybalt (STR)0.395
5.Togo (CAN)0.387
6.Alexis (KRA)0.372
7.P Pablo (CPT)0.362
8.MA Rothschild (TAT)0.354
R Cash (SEA-MTG)0.354
10.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)0.352
On-Base %
1.W Maximoff (LAL)0.480
2.N Flanders (MIL)0.462
3.C Smulders (LAL)0.446
4.D Champ (LAL)0.444
5.K Clarkson (KRA)0.437
6.Tybalt (STR)0.422
7.P Pablo (CPT)0.421
8.B Witherbloom (MTG)0.418
Imhotep (APX)0.418
10.Togo (CAN)0.411
Slugging %
1.Togo (CAN)0.653
2.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)0.643
3.Nug (ARK)0.631
4.C Rudder (SEA-MTG)0.626
5.L Kebede (MIL)0.625
6.U Bolt (LPM)0.615
7.Alexis (KRA)0.612
8.The Charnel God (ARK)0.607
9.Tybalt (STR)0.600
10.JT Bo (LPM)0.598
1.W Maximoff (LAL)1.066
2.Togo (CAN)1.064
3.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)1.038
4.L Kebede (MIL)1.035
5.Tybalt (STR)1.022
6.K Clarkson (KRA)1.017
7.C Rudder (SEA-MTG)1.014
8.The Charnel God (ARK)1.013
9.Alexis (KRA)0.997
10.U Bolt (LPM)0.994
Win Probability Added
1.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)2.270
2.B Mendler (TAT)1.974
3.P Sinclair (SEA)1.854
4.L Kebede (MIL)1.783
5.Kozilek (MTG)1.675
6.Alexis (KRA)1.533
7.MA Rothschild (TAT)1.519
8.L Kravitz (TAT)1.493
9.K Clarkson (KRA)1.444
10.W Maximoff (LAL)1.424
Win Shares
1.K Clarkson (KRA)4.39
2.MA Rothschild (TAT)3.66
3.W Maximoff (LAL)3.55
4.Tybalt (STR)3.53
5.hudabeauty (LAL)3.48
6.D Champ (LAL)3.44
7.B Witherbloom (MTG)3.35
8.Togo (CAN)3.30
9.P Pablo (CPT)3.16
Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)3.16
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.W Maximoff (LAL)24.0
2.K Clarkson (KRA)19.1
3.Tybalt (STR)18.3
4.MA Rothschild (TAT)17.8
5.Togo (CAN)17.5
6.P Pablo (CPT)15.7
7.hudabeauty (LAL)15.4
8.Alexis (KRA)14.3
9.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)14.2
10.U Bolt (LPM)14.0
Runs Above Position
1.K Clarkson (KRA)31.9
2.W Maximoff (LAL)22.2
3.MA Rothschild (TAT)20.5
Togo (CAN)20.5
5.Alexis (KRA)19.5
P Pablo (CPT)19.5
7.Tybalt (STR)19.4
8.D Champ (LAL)19.2
9.hudabeauty (LAL)17.2
10.L Kebede (MIL)15.9
Games Played
1.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)51
Z Tibby (MIL)51
C Elbow (STR)51
4.Te Brands (LPM)50
P Jackson (BAL)50
Edgar (LAL)50
Al Graham (MIL)50
8.7 with49
1.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)230
2.Z Tibby (MIL)211
3.I Chesterton (LPM)209
4.F Daniels (LIS)203
5.Romeo (STR)201
6.W Ockels (CAN)200
7.Togo (CAN)199
JT Bo (LPM)199
9.MA Rothschild (TAT)198
10.3 with196
Plate Appearances
1.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)232
2.Z Tibby (MIL)224
3.Goldberg (TAT)220
4.Edgar (LAL)219
5.K Clarkson (KRA)215
6.I Chesterton (LPM)213
7.L Kravitz (TAT)212
C Elbow (STR)212
M von Richthofen (CAN)212
Kozilek (MTG)212
Runs Scored
1.MA Rothschild (TAT)44
2.Togo (CAN)41
3.W Maximoff (LAL)38
4.Alexis (KRA)37
L Kebede (MIL)37
U Bolt (LPM)37
Tybalt (STR)37
8.JT Bo (LPM)36
9.3 with35
1.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)77
Togo (CAN)77
Tybalt (STR)77
4.Mr McGrath (CAN)74
5.Alexis (KRA)73
L Kebede (MIL)73
7.MA Rothschild (TAT)70
8.W Maximoff (LAL)67
I Chesterton (LPM)67
10.JT Bo (LPM)66
Line Drives
1.L Kebede (MIL)60
2.Alexis (KRA)56
P Pablo (CPT)56
4.R Pilatus (SEA)55
Togo (CAN)55
6.S Tennant (MIL)51
7.Z Tibby (MIL)49
hudabeauty (LAL)49
9.IV Seacat (SJS)48
10.W Hartnell (LPM)47
1.D Champ (LAL)3.71
2.G Stefani (SEA)3.62
3.Syr Cadian (STR)3.53
4.M Tin (SJS)3.52
5.A Hagerman (LIS)3.46
hudabeauty (LAL)3.46
PGL Dirichlet (LIS)3.46
8.H Morenstein (INT)3.44
9.Eupalinos (APX)3.43
10.C Ward (BAL)3.42
Total Bases
1.Togo (CAN)130
2.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)122
3.Alexis (KRA)120
4.JT Bo (LPM)119
5.MA Rothschild (TAT)118
U Bolt (LPM)118
7.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)117
Tybalt (STR)117
9.L Kebede (MIL)115
10.Kozilek (MTG)113
1.Alexis (KRA)20
2.Togo (CAN)18
3.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)15
P Pablo (CPT)15
Goldberg (TAT)15
6.C Rudder (SEA-MTG)14
7.E Cavani (KRA)13
The Charnel God (ARK)13
W Hartnell (LPM)13
10.6 with12
1.Tybalt (STR)8
2.Mr McGrath (CAN)6
3.Nug (ARK)5
MA Rothschild (TAT)5
5.Romeo (STR)4
E Gloucester (TAT)4
7.8 with3
Home Runs
1.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)16
E Andre (TAT)16
3.St Felix I (VAT)15
Kozilek (MTG)15
5.G Spider (INT)14
Edgar (LAL)14
7.U Bolt (LPM)13
JT Bo (LPM)13
9.7 with12
1.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)55
2.Kozilek (MTG)54
3.E Andre (TAT)51
4.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)47
5.L Kravitz (TAT)41
JT Bo (LPM)41
7.B King (BAL)40
8.T Bayes (LIS)39
9.M von Richthofen (CAN)38
Edgar (LAL)38
1.B Witherbloom (MTG)41
2.M Tin (SJS)40
3.N Flanders (MIL)39
4.D Champ (LAL)38
5.C Oakley (BAL)36
6.Goldberg (TAT)34
7.G Stefani (SEA)33
K Clarkson (KRA)33
9.4 with31
Stolen Bases
1.W Maximoff (LAL)33
Tybalt (STR)33
3.MA Rothschild (TAT)22
4.Syr Cadian (STR)17
5.Mr McGrath (CAN)15
R Cash (SEA-MTG)15
7.L Kravitz (TAT)12
Juliet (STR)12
C Smulders (LAL)12
Prince (SEA-MTG)12
Stolen Base %
1.Syr Cadian (STR)0.895
2.Tybalt (STR)0.846
3.W Maximoff (LAL)0.825
4.MA Rothschild (TAT)0.759
5.L Kravitz (TAT)0.706
6.Mr McGrath (CAN)0.682
7.Juliet (STR)0.667
C Smulders (LAL)0.667
Prince (SEA-MTG)0.667
10.R Cash (SEA-MTG)0.652
1.Mr McGrath (CAN)59
2.Tybalt (STR)57
3.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)52
R Cash (SEA-MTG)52
5.L Kebede (MIL)51
I Chesterton (LPM)51
7.W Maximoff (LAL)50
8.D Vincentio (STR)48
9.Togo (CAN)47
IV Seacat (SJS)47
Times on Base
1.W Maximoff (LAL)94
K Clarkson (KRA)94
3.N Flanders (MIL)90
4.Goldberg (TAT)88
5.D Champ (LAL)87
L Kravitz (TAT)87
B Witherbloom (MTG)87
8.Tybalt (STR)86
9.Togo (CAN)85
10.hudabeauty (LAL)83
Extra-Base Hits
1.Alexis (KRA)30
Togo (CAN)30
3.Nug (ARK)27
4.U Bolt (LPM)26
5.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)25
MA Rothschild (TAT)25
C Rudder (SEA-MTG)25
Kozilek (MTG)25
9.JT Bo (LPM)24
10.The Charnel God (ARK)23
Isolated Power
1.Nug (ARK)0.350
2.C Rudder (SEA-MTG)0.297
3.E Andre (TAT)0.292
4.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)0.291
Kozilek (MTG)0.291
6.St Felix I (VAT)0.284
7.R Balkman (SEA)0.282
U Bolt (LPM)0.282
9.The Charnel God (ARK)0.280
10.B King (BAL)0.272
Avg on Balls in Play
1.Mr McGrath (CAN)0.497
2.Tybalt (STR)0.458
3.P Pablo (CPT)0.430
4.W Maximoff (LAL)0.426
5.L Pimpin (SJS)0.418
6.R Cash (SEA-MTG)0.411
7.Togo (CAN)0.410
8.MA Rothschild (TAT)0.404
9.Syr Cadian (STR)0.400
10.E Gloucester (TAT)0.398
Game-winning RBI
1.Kozilek (MTG)12
2.M von Richthofen (CAN)9
3.L Kravitz (TAT)8
4.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)7
EM Saint (VAT)7
6.Eddie the Eagle (LPM)6
MA Rothschild (TAT)6
A Di Maria (KRA)6
G Spider (INT)6
K Clarkson (KRA)6

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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