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Year 113 Batting Leaders (before games of day 3-6)

1.Wale (CPT)0.438
2.C Ward (BAL)0.435
3.Tybalt (STR)0.394
4.Togo (CAN)0.387
Alexis (KRA)0.387
6.W Maximoff (BAL)0.377
7.Agrippa (APX)0.369
L Generals (SJS)0.369
9.Aceyalone (CPT)0.368
10.Lord of Terror (ARK)0.366
On-Base %
1.C Ward (BAL)0.493
2.L Generals (SJS)0.479
Wale (CPT)0.479
4.Agrippa (APX)0.457
5.L Capulet (STR)0.453
6.Aceyalone (CPT)0.448
7.Tybalt (STR)0.444
8.Eminem (CPT)0.438
9.3 with0.436
Slugging %
1.Wale (CPT)0.722
2.Agrippa (APX)0.718
3.JT Bo (VAT)0.662
4.Xanathar (MTG)0.651
5.Aceyalone (CPT)0.618
6.James (KRA)0.616
7.Alexis (KRA)0.607
8.Pytheos (APX)0.599
J Butler (BAL)0.599
10.W Maximoff (BAL)0.593
1.Wale (CPT)1.201
2.Agrippa (APX)1.175
3.Aceyalone (CPT)1.066
4.W Maximoff (BAL)1.029
5.Alexis (KRA)1.028
6.C Ward (BAL)1.027
7.Tybalt (STR)1.026
8.J Butler (BAL)1.020
9.Xanathar (MTG)1.016
10.JT Bo (VAT)1.006
Win Probability Added
1.Wale (CPT)2.673
2.Iktinos (APX)2.630
3.Aceyalone (CPT)2.245
4.E Haim (SEA)2.026
5.C Ward (BAL)1.799
6.T Muller (KRA)1.733
7.Alexis (KRA)1.713
8.Monarch of the Night (ARK)1.658
9.B Mukherjee (MIL)1.533
10.L Generals (SJS)1.527
Win Shares
1.Wale (CPT)4.60
2.W Maximoff (BAL)3.90
3.Agrippa (APX)3.87
4.V Didusenko (MIL)3.70
5.J Butler (BAL)3.55
6.Xanathar (MTG)3.23
7.C Ward (BAL)3.21
8.M Bogues (BAL)3.06
9.Imhotep (APX)2.92
10.Nug (ARK)2.85
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.Wale (CPT)24.9
2.Agrippa (APX)21.8
3.W Maximoff (BAL)19.7
4.J Butler (BAL)16.8
5.C Ward (BAL)15.4
6.Tybalt (STR)14.9
7.M Bogues (BAL)14.2
8.Xanathar (MTG)13.8
9.V Didusenko (MIL)13.3
10.Aceyalone (CPT)13.1
Runs Above Position
1.Agrippa (APX)28.9
2.Wale (CPT)28.6
3.W Maximoff (BAL)24.6
4.J Butler (BAL)20.8
5.Xanathar (MTG)19.6
6.V Didusenko (MIL)19.5
7.M Bogues (BAL)18.3
8.C Ward (BAL)17.5
9.Imhotep (APX)14.8
Nug (ARK)14.8
Games Played
1.H von Grafrath (CAN)50
Iktinos (APX)50
JT Bo (VAT)50
M von Richthofen (CAN)50
5.W Stanton (PAD)49
TB Rider (TAT)49
Monarch of the Night (ARK)49
8.4 with48
1.JT Bo (VAT)213
2.Monarch of the Night (ARK)209
3.R Pilatus (SEA)208
4.H von Grafrath (CAN)207
5.Iktinos (APX)201
6.V Didusenko (MIL)199
M von Richthofen (CAN)199
W Maximoff (BAL)199
9.Oin (PAD)198
10.3 with197
Plate Appearances
1.H von Grafrath (CAN)229
2.A Adebambo (BAL)226
3.V Didusenko (MIL)225
4.Iktinos (APX)224
5.M von Richthofen (CAN)222
6.W Maximoff (BAL)220
7.L Generals (SJS)217
8.JT Bo (VAT)215
Oin (PAD)215
Monarch of the Night (ARK)215
Runs Scored
1.W Maximoff (BAL)48
2.Iktinos (APX)44
3.L Generals (SJS)42
4.Wale (CPT)39
5.James (KRA)38
6.Eminem (CPT)37
J Butler (BAL)37
8.Agrippa (APX)36
A Adebambo (BAL)36
10.3 with35
1.C Ward (BAL)83
2.Wale (CPT)77
3.W Maximoff (BAL)75
4.R Pilatus (SEA)72
JT Bo (VAT)72
V Didusenko (MIL)72
Monarch of the Night (ARK)72
8.Oin (PAD)69
9.Togo (CAN)67
10.2 with66
Line Drives
1.Ma Vieira (APX)57
2.R Pilatus (SEA)54
3.Alexis (KRA)49
4.S Tennant (MIL)47
L Capulet (STR)47
6.C Ward (BAL)43
L Generals (SJS)43
8.4 with42
1.Imhotep (APX)3.62
2.Agrippa (APX)3.58
3.L Generals (SJS)3.55
4.P Pablo (CPT)3.51
5.Menelaus (LPM)3.50
K Bush (SEA)3.50
7.L Capulet (STR)3.47
8.M Mill (CPT)3.46
9.Eupalinos (APX)3.41
10.2 with3.39
Total Bases
1.JT Bo (VAT)141
2.Wale (CPT)127
3.Iktinos (APX)119
4.W Maximoff (BAL)118
5.James (KRA)117
6.Pytheos (APX)109
J Butler (BAL)109
8.Agrippa (APX)107
9.V Didusenko (MIL)106
10.MA Rothschild (KRA)103
1.JT Bo (VAT)18
2.Agrippa (APX)15
3.S Tennant (MIL)14
C Jacuzzi (LIS)14
5.Eminem (CPT)13
M Bogues (BAL)13
Alexis (KRA)13
8.8 with12
1.W Maximoff (BAL)6
2.Lil Jon (CPT)4
R Pilatus (SEA)4
M Bogues (BAL)4
F Fflam (PAD)4
The Charnel God (ARK)4
Wale (CPT)4
8.11 with3
Home Runs
1.Iktinos (APX)16
2.JT Bo (VAT)15
James (KRA)15
Pytheos (APX)15
5.E Haim (SEA)13
Mac M (CPT)13
Xanathar (MTG)13
8.4 with12
1.Iktinos (APX)44
Mac M (CPT)44
Wale (CPT)44
4.J Butler (BAL)43
5.M Bogues (BAL)39
6.St Simplicius (BAL)38
7.A Young (SEA)37
T Muller (KRA)37
9.JT Bo (VAT)36
W Stanton (PAD)36
1.K Bush (SEA)41
2.L Generals (SJS)35
3.Eminem (CPT)34
4.Mickle (PAD)32
G Stefani (LAL-SJS)32
6.Eupalinos (APX)31
7.M Mill (CPT)30
St Mark (STR)30
9.4 with28
Stolen Bases
1.W Maximoff (BAL)26
2.MA Rothschild (KRA)22
3.Lord of Terror (ARK)18
4.Tybalt (STR)17
5.JT Bo (VAT)15
V Didusenko (MIL)15
7.Monarch of the Night (ARK)13
8.Nug (ARK)12
9.K Bush (SEA)10
10.2 with9
Stolen Base %
1.W Maximoff (BAL)0.839
2.MA Rothschild (KRA)0.786
3.Monarch of the Night (ARK)0.765
4.JT Bo (VAT)0.750
5.Lord of Terror (ARK)0.720
6.Tybalt (STR)0.708
7.Nug (ARK)0.667
8.V Didusenko (MIL)0.652
9.K Bush (SEA)0.588
10.2 with0.529
1.C Ward (BAL)71
2.Monarch of the Night (ARK)64
3.R Pilatus (SEA)57
4.W Maximoff (BAL)56
5.V Didusenko (MIL)54
6.Lord of Terror (ARK)53
7.L Generals (SJS)52
8.Togo (CAN)51
Wale (CPT)51
10.Oin (PAD)50
Times on Base
1.C Ward (BAL)105
2.L Generals (SJS)104
3.V Didusenko (MIL)98
4.W Maximoff (BAL)96
5.A Adebambo (BAL)92
6.Wale (CPT)91
7.L Capulet (STR)87
8.Oin (PAD)86
9.K Bush (SEA)85
J Butler (BAL)85
Extra-Base Hits
1.JT Bo (VAT)36
2.Agrippa (APX)28
3.Wale (CPT)26
4.Iktinos (APX)25
James (KRA)25
6.E Haim (SEA)23
C Boycott (LIS)23
Pytheos (APX)23
9.3 with22
Isolated Power
1.Agrippa (APX)0.349
2.JT Bo (VAT)0.324
3.Xanathar (MTG)0.315
4.James (KRA)0.295
5.Iktinos (APX)0.293
6.E Haim (SEA)0.291
Pytheos (APX)0.291
8.Wale (CPT)0.284
9.D Rascal (VAT)0.261
10.Aceyalone (CPT)0.250
Avg on Balls in Play
1.Wale (CPT)0.508
2.C Ward (BAL)0.485
3.L Generals (SJS)0.452
4.Tybalt (STR)0.444
5.Togo (CAN)0.439
6.Aceyalone (CPT)0.422
7.L Capulet (STR)0.421
8.M Bogues (BAL)0.411
Lord of Terror (ARK)0.411
10.Alexis (KRA)0.396
Game-winning RBI
1.Monarch of the Night (ARK)8
2.W Stanton (PAD)7
St Hilary (VAT)7
T Muller (KRA)7
I Hammam (MIL)7
Myth (INT)7
7.6 with6

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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