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Captains of Industry Schedule and Results

1BrooklynL, 2-3boxloggraphreplayC HiltonJW MarriottG WolfeP Smellinckx35,584
2BrooklynW, 3-1boxloggraphreplayC ChanelG Wolfe SP Chase38,160
3BrooklynW, 4-3boxloggraphreplayAP SloanT DischC ChanelSP Chase34,166
4BrooklynL, 3-4 (11)boxloggraphreplayG WolfeJ HoffaC DelanyP Smellinckx36,638
5at BroadwayL, 1-4boxloggraphreplayD SeussA Robinson D Martsch21,760
6at BroadwayW, 9-2boxloggraphreplayAP SloanJ Sladek FAO Schwarz21,019
7at Dodge CityL, 0-9boxloggraphreplayCorakW Colgate A Dent38,909
8at Dodge CityL, 1-5boxloggraphreplayCorakA RobinsonHawkslayerG Blacksmith40,802
9San JoseW, 6-0boxloggraphreplayAP SloanB Willis  28,761
10San JoseW, 5-2boxloggraphreplayW ColgateXWm. Wrigley Jr.J Riis28,029
11StockholmW, 4-0boxloggraphreplayAP SloanG Grant C Vanderbilt31,394
12StockholmW, 8-3boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottR Kipling A Busch33,706
13at BroadwayW, 2-1 (11)boxloggraphreplayJ HoffaJ RussE LauderSP Chase19,908
14at BroadwayW, 4-3boxloggraphreplayAP SloanA WilsonM FactorW Reuther18,551
15at TerraW, 4-2boxloggraphreplayA RobinsonJ StewartJ HoffaA Busch27,638
16at TerraL, 1-4boxloggraphreplayL PadgettAP SloanM BrooksA Veidt22,959
17at PittsburghL, 6-9boxloggraphreplayO IshiiJ HoffaA LarterL Skywalker36,426
18at PittsburghW, 7-6boxloggraphreplayAP SloanK SozeWm. Wrigley Jr. 42,309
19at PittsburghL, 2-4boxloggraphreplaySir ArthurA RobinsonQ Margrethe IIF Gump39,538
20at PittsburghL, 2-12boxloggraphreplayC de VilAP Sloan JP Morgan38,520
21Las VegasW, 5-4boxloggraphreplayC ChanelD BrunsonJW MarriottC Vanderbilt36,952
22Las VegasW, 14-4boxloggraphreplayAP SloanJ Lewis C Vanderbilt36,056
23SeattleW, 4-0boxloggraphreplayJW MarriottA GobatWm. Wrigley Jr.A Busch35,920
24SeattleW, 4-3boxloggraphreplayC ChanelL LoebM FactorW Reuther39,549
25MilanW, 4-1boxloggraphreplayWm. Wrigley Jr.E HeathertonC ChanelWK Kellogg32,733
26MilanW, 6-4 (10)boxloggraphreplayJ HoffaE Macpherson C Vanderbilt38,205
27BroadwayL, 2-4boxloggraphreplayA WilsonAP SloanS StalloneD Holland32,048
28BroadwayW, 10-1boxloggraphreplayW ColgateD Seuss KC Gillette29,914
29BroadwayW, 1-0boxloggraphreplayC ChanelVoltaire SP Chase34,510
30at HollywoodL, 2-5boxloggraphreplayP LakshmiAP SloanG FieriH Mandel35,422
31at HollywoodL, 2-4boxloggraphreplayRydiaWm. Wrigley Jr.J LangeMr Perfect37,672
32at BrusselsL, 6-11boxloggraphreplayL KaczynskiC Chanel M Sindelar33,084
33at BrusselsW, 6-3boxloggraphreplayWm. Wrigley Jr.T HalonenJ HoffaWK Kellogg49,982
34StamfordW, 10-2boxloggraphreplayJ HoffaR Flair W Reuther31,689
35StamfordW, 6-3boxloggraphreplayA RobinsonM WalbergJW MarriottW Reuther37,897
36StamfordL, 4-5 (11)boxloggraphreplayVirgilJ Hoffa K Kingston35,498
37StamfordW, 5-4boxloggraphreplayW ColgateJ RobertsM FactorW Reuther32,782
38at BrooklynW, 4-2boxloggraphreplayA RobinsonB AldissJ HoffaWK Kellogg35,909
39at BrooklynL, 2-4boxloggraphreplayT DischWm. Wrigley Jr.G WolfeA McCaffrey40,590
40at BrooklynW, 8-4boxloggraphreplayE LauderB AldissC ChanelWK Kellogg40,907
41PittsburghW, 8-1boxloggraphreplayA RobinsonH Lecter WK Kellogg37,869
42PittsburghW, 4-2boxloggraphreplayAP SloanO IshiiM FactorW Reuther35,394
43PittsburghW, 6-0boxloggraphreplayA RobinsonK Soze TA Edison40,494
44KratovoW, 5-4boxloggraphreplayAP SloanJ MunaronE LauderE Debs42,088
45KratovoW, 14-1boxloggraphreplayA RobinsonR Maspoli W Reuther49,545
46at Los AngelesW, 5-3 (13)boxloggraphreplayE LauderM RichardsJ HoffaC Vanderbilt48,864
47at Los AngelesL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayJ GrumbyA RobinsonGilliganSamantha58,295
48at StamfordW, 5-3boxloggraphreplayM FactorJ RobertsJ HoffaC Vanderbilt21,771
49at StamfordW, 2-1boxloggraphreplayE LauderM WalbergJW MarriottTA Edison16,828
50at StamfordL, 2-4boxloggraphreplayGD JeanA RobinsonP BearerO Hart19,627
51KratovoL, 1-4boxloggraphreplayR MaspoliAP Sloan W Mage54,307