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Year 120 Batting Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

1.A Bedelia (PAD)0.411
2.Suger (APX)0.378
3.L Generals (VAT-SJS)0.370
4.IM Pei (APX)0.368
5.L Shields (MIL)0.361
B Bowen (PAD)0.361
7.I Hammam (TAT)0.360
8.Agrippa (LAL)0.355
9.K Bush (SEA)0.353
10.T Good (SEA)0.351
On-Base %
1.K Bush (SEA)0.478
2.B Rosenworcel (PAD)0.465
3.Suger (APX)0.462
4.B Bowen (PAD)0.451
5.D Good (SEA)0.449
6.IM Pei (APX)0.446
Xander (MTG)0.446
8.Giotto (APX)0.440
9.L Generals (VAT-SJS)0.438
10.Agrippa (LAL)0.431
Slugging %
1.Pytheos (APX)0.624
2.The Elder One (APX-ARK)0.611
3.B Rosenworcel (PAD)0.607
4.H Heimlich (LIS)0.603
5.M Mints (SJS)0.585
6.E Landau (TAT)0.582
Rambam (TAT)0.582
8.K Bush (SEA)0.576
9.She-Hulk (LAL)0.575
10.Suger (APX)0.574
1.B Rosenworcel (PAD)1.072
2.K Bush (SEA)1.054
3.Suger (APX)1.036
4.L Generals (VAT-SJS)1.010
5.IM Pei (APX)1.002
6.She-Hulk (LAL)0.997
7.The Elder One (APX-ARK)0.992
8.Agrippa (LAL)0.985
9.Pytheos (APX)0.968
10.Paris (TAT)0.964
Win Probability Added
1.B Rosenworcel (PAD)2.537
2.K Musgraves (SEA)2.166
3.IM Pei (APX)1.782
4.Lord of Terror (PAD)1.664
5.K Bush (SEA)1.653
6.H Heimlich (LIS)1.643
7.Oin (PAD)1.614
8.Diotisalvi (APX)1.579
9.Agrippa (LAL)1.469
10.A Simonton (MIL)1.454
Win Shares
1.K Bush (SEA)4.49
2.B Rosenworcel (PAD)4.31
3.D Good (SEA)3.53
4.IM Pei (APX)3.28
C Jacuzzi (LIS)3.28
6.B Bowen (PAD)3.11
7.L Generals (VAT-SJS)3.06
8.T Good (SEA)3.04
9.T Levi-Civita (SEA)3.02
10.L Shields (MIL)2.97
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.K Bush (SEA)23.5
2.B Rosenworcel (PAD)21.5
3.IM Pei (APX)15.3
Paris (TAT)15.3
5.She-Hulk (LAL)15.2
6.D Good (SEA)15.0
7.Suger (APX)14.9
8.L Generals (VAT-SJS)14.6
9.B Bowen (PAD)12.8
10.2 with12.6
Runs Above Position
1.K Bush (SEA)29.9
2.B Rosenworcel (PAD)27.6
3.D Good (SEA)20.0
4.IM Pei (APX)18.0
5.C Jacuzzi (LIS)16.3
6.Paris (TAT)16.2
7.L Generals (VAT-SJS)16.1
8.Rambam (TAT)15.4
9.B Bowen (PAD)14.5
10.T Good (SEA)14.2
Games Played
1.R Kent (LAL)51
Yn Sylvander (LAL)51
3.Cabbarus (PAD)50
Chilly Willy (LPM)50
Piet Keizer (KRA)50
The Dread One (ARK)50
Tm Smith (LPM)50
P Smoke (STR)50
Menelaus (BAL)50
10.7 with49
1.Paris (TAT)211
2.V Didusenko (MIL)209
3.L Shields (MIL)208
4.M Mints (SJS)205
5.T Levi-Civita (SEA)203
6.C Jacuzzi (LIS)202
7.John III (VAT)200
8.Chilly Willy (LPM)198
BB Wolf (TOK)198
10.3 with196
Plate Appearances
1.Paris (TAT)230
2.K Bush (SEA)228
3.D Good (SEA)225
4.C Jacuzzi (LIS)223
5.V Didusenko (MIL)220
6.Chilly Willy (LPM)219
7.She-Hulk (LAL)218
8.P Smoke (STR)217
9.S Giertz (INT)216
10.Not Just Bikes (INT)215
Runs Scored
1.K Bush (SEA)49
2.Oin (PAD)43
3.V Didusenko (MIL)42
4.D Good (SEA)40
5.John III (VAT)37
Paris (TAT)37
7.She-Hulk (LAL)36
8.Suger (APX)35
9.3 with34
1.A Bedelia (PAD)78
2.L Shields (MIL)75
3.V Didusenko (MIL)72
4.T Levi-Civita (SEA)71
Paris (TAT)71
6.T Good (SEA)68
7.K Bush (SEA)65
John III (VAT)65
9.3 with64
Line Drives
1.T Levi-Civita (SEA)64
2.L Shields (MIL)55
3.T Good (SEA)54
Paris (TAT)54
5.W Rotcleaver (MTG)51
6.Conon (VAT)49
A Bedelia (PAD)49
8.F Fflam (PAD)47
9.G Stephan (INT)43
10.3 with41
1.Arcesius (APX)3.87
2.Grolnok (MTG)3.62
3.Damocles (LIS)3.60
4.Agrippa (LAL)3.59
5.Menelaus (BAL)3.57
6.S Giertz (INT)3.51
7.K Bush (SEA)3.50
8.Musket (PAD)3.49
9.Yn Sylvander (LAL)3.46
10.Cleopatra (STR)3.45
Total Bases
1.Paris (TAT)121
2.M Mints (SJS)120
3.H Heimlich (LIS)114
4.T Levi-Civita (SEA)111
5.John III (VAT)108
6.V Didusenko (MIL)107
She-Hulk (LAL)107
8.E Landau (TAT)106
K Bush (SEA)106
Pytheos (APX)106
1.Antenor (LIS)14
K Bush (SEA)14
Conon (VAT)14
4.L Shields (MIL)13
T Levi-Civita (SEA)13
The Elder One (APX-ARK)13
She-Hulk (LAL)13
Paris (TAT)13
Pytheos (APX)13
10.4 with12
1.John III (VAT)7
2.Optimus (MTG)5
3.T Scott (INT)4
Ulysses (STR)4
5.10 with3
Home Runs
1.M Mints (SJS)19
2.M Mora (LAL)18
3.Piet Keizer (KRA)14
H Heimlich (LIS)14
5.BB Wolf (TOK)13
Touchstone (CPT)13
Pytheos (APX)13
8.4 with12
1.M Mora (LAL)44
2.K Musgraves (SEA)43
3.B Rosenworcel (PAD)39
4.E Landau (TAT)38
5.She-Hulk (LAL)37
6.T Levi-Civita (SEA)36
Pytheos (APX)36
8.Adeodatus II (VAT)35
Lord of Terror (PAD)35
M Grudt (MIL)35
1.D Good (SEA)47
2.S Giertz (INT)43
K Bush (SEA)43
4.Giotto (APX)39
5.Xander (MTG)38
6.B Rosenworcel (PAD)33
7.Grolnok (MTG)29
Oin (PAD)29
She-Hulk (LAL)29
10.M Grudt (MIL)28
Stolen Bases
1.K Bush (SEA)26
2.L Shields (MIL)13
3.Oin (PAD)11
4.D Good (SEA)10
Xander (MTG)10
6.V Didusenko (MIL)9
John III (VAT)9
E Martinez (KRA)9
9.Agrippa (LAL)8
10.Greasefang (MTG)7
Stolen Base %
1.K Bush (SEA)0.765
2.L Shields (MIL)0.722
3.Oin (PAD)0.647
4.D Good (SEA)0.588
Xander (MTG)0.588
6.John III (VAT)0.529
E Martinez (KRA)0.529
8.V Didusenko (MIL)0.500
9.Agrippa (LAL)0.471
10.Greasefang (MTG)0.412
1.A Bedelia (PAD)68
2.L Shields (MIL)57
3.V Didusenko (MIL)53
4.T Good (SEA)51
5.B Bowen (PAD)50
6.IM Pei (APX)49
I Hammam (TAT)49
T Levi-Civita (SEA)49
9.L Generals (VAT-SJS)47
10.4 with45
Times on Base
1.K Bush (SEA)109
2.D Good (SEA)101
3.B Rosenworcel (PAD)92
She-Hulk (LAL)92
5.S Giertz (INT)91
Oin (PAD)91
7.Paris (TAT)90
8.Giotto (APX)88
9.IM Pei (APX)87
B Bowen (PAD)87
Extra-Base Hits
1.M Mints (SJS)27
Pytheos (APX)27
3.Paris (TAT)26
4.BB Wolf (TOK)25
She-Hulk (LAL)25
6.M Mora (LAL)24
7.K Bush (SEA)23
J Teagues (LAL)23
The Elder One (APX-ARK)23
10.6 with22
Isolated Power
1.M Mora (LAL)0.343
2.Pytheos (APX)0.318
3.M Mints (SJS)0.317
4.H Heimlich (LIS)0.280
5.The Elder One (APX-ARK)0.273
6.R Lobo (STR)0.268
7.J Teagues (LAL)0.267
8.Touchstone (CPT)0.264
9.BB Wolf (TOK)0.262
10.B Rosenworcel (PAD)0.257
Avg on Balls in Play
1.A Bedelia (PAD)0.457
2.Adam (LPM)0.427
3.L Generals (VAT-SJS)0.424
4.I Hammam (TAT)0.408
5.K Bush (SEA)0.406
6.T Levi-Civita (SEA)0.403
7.L Shields (MIL)0.395
8.Suger (APX)0.391
9.Conon (VAT)0.390
10.Agrippa (LAL)0.384
Game-winning RBI
1.AA Ohno (TAT)8
B Bowen (PAD)8
3.Lord of Terror (PAD)7
R Goldberg (LIS)7
T Good (SEA)7
6.7 with6

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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