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Hollywood Hosts of Culver City Schedule and Results

1at Dodge CityL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayRB GinsburgSR LeonardFall-From-GraceBossman50,302
2at Dodge CityW, 6-1boxloggraphreplayFB CobainGD Charlotte Kennedy49,603
3at Dodge CityL, 1-9boxloggraphreplayFall-From-GraceJ Davidson Ak'shel46,156
4at SeattleL, 3-5boxloggraphreplayRydiaSR LeonardK GordonE Vedder36,826
5at SeattleL, 4-8boxloggraphreplayA SzaboFB Cobain TA Edison36,631
6at SeattleL, 3-7boxloggraphreplayB MalzbergJ Davidson Flea27,499
7at MilanW, 4-3boxloggraphreplayJ LangeE HeathertonG FieriJ Chen36,615
8at MilanW, 6-2boxloggraphreplayP LakshmiC WulffG FieriM Sindelar29,371
9BrusselsW, 11-6boxloggraphreplayFB CobainMD Higgins J Chen35,259
10BrusselsW, 10-2boxloggraphreplaySR LeonardA Berzins A Linkletter33,183
11StamfordL, 4-6 (10)boxloggraphreplayBatataisG Fieri K Kelly37,702
12StamfordW, 5-2boxloggraphreplaySR LeonardM WalbergJ LangeMr Perfect35,980
13at IndustryL, 2-8boxloggraphreplayD SeussJ Lange N Tesla30,460
14at IndustryL, 1-2boxloggraphreplayA JungP MarshallJW MarriottO Wright30,958
15at BroadwayL, 5-7boxloggraphreplayT McClureG FieriA PushkinL Hansberry31,346
16at BroadwayW, 11-5boxloggraphreplayFB CobainV Hugo Jo Anderson31,292
17at Los AngelesL, 2-4boxloggraphreplayB FawltySR LeonardB HartleyMeathead45,741
18at Los AngelesL, 0-10boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternP Lakshmi E Fermi40,488
19at Los AngelesW, 1-0boxloggraphreplaySR LeonardJ GrumbyG FieriT Tequila55,956
20Dodge CityW, 3-2 (10)boxloggraphreplayK PollakProtoman M Sindelar41,556
21Dodge CityL, 6-13boxloggraphreplayFall-From-GraceP Lakshmi V Gambini33,277
22Dodge CityW, 11-1boxloggraphreplaySR LeonardGD Charlotte J Fischer35,561
23San JoseW, 4-3boxloggraphreplayJ LangeDi KongG FieriMr Perfect40,068
24San JoseL, 2-3boxloggraphreplayDi KongK PollakRelmW Mannion31,389
25San JoseW, 11-0boxloggraphreplayP LakshmiJigglypuff J Chen34,627
26Las VegasL, 6-7boxloggraphreplayH DurantG FieriA CunninghamJ Meckstroth37,149
27Las VegasL, 3-5boxloggraphreplayD BrunsonFB CobainF VolpeE Rodwell36,087
28at PittsburghW, 7-2boxloggraphreplayP LakshmiH Lecter Kennedy24,715
29at PittsburghW, 7-2boxloggraphreplaySR LeonardJD RipperK PollakJ Fischer22,974
30KratovoL, 6-8boxloggraphreplayR ZamoraJ LangeB BrechtLeonidas39,493
31KratovoW, 5-2boxloggraphreplayP MarshallR MaspoliG FieriJ Fischer37,028
32at San JoseW, 5-2boxloggraphreplaySR LeonardYoshiG FieriA Linkletter24,467
33at San JoseL, 1-3boxloggraphreplayTerraFB CobainXR Hayabusa23,532
34at San JoseW, 9-6 (10)boxloggraphreplayK PollakDi Kong M Sindelar24,334
35BrooklynL, 2-3boxloggraphreplayT DischFB CobainL KaczynskiJ Kaczynski42,532
36BrooklynL, 8-9 (12)boxloggraphreplayM AtwoodK PollakB AldissJ Kaczynski35,545
37TerraL, 9-13boxloggraphreplayA AldaG Fieri P Stanchek29,383
38TerraW, 2-1 (10)boxloggraphreplayG FieriG Burns J Fischer30,685
39at Las VegasL, 6-9boxloggraphreplayH DurantP MarshallA CunninghamG Belladonna33,234
40at Las VegasL, 3-8boxloggraphreplayA CunninghamSR Leonard E Rodwell31,736
41at Las VegasW, 2-0boxloggraphreplayFB CobainD BrunsonK OberA Ribeiro42,009
42at Las VegasL, 4-12boxloggraphreplayJ LewisP Lakshmi G Belladonna36,124
43Los AngelesL, 2-4boxloggraphreplayJ GrumbyFB CobainB HartleyW Roentgen36,312
44Los AngelesW, 7-6boxloggraphreplayG FieriR Cunningham A Linkletter33,050
45Los AngelesW, 12-5boxloggraphreplayFB CobainB Fawlty J Chen37,573
46StockholmW, 4-1boxloggraphreplayJ LangeJ NashG FieriJ Fischer26,152
47StockholmW, 4-0boxloggraphreplayJ LangeA Beernaert S Shepard34,476
48SeattleL, 1-5boxloggraphreplayA SzaboSR Leonard J Frusciante38,379
49SeattleL, 2-7boxloggraphreplayJewelP Lakshmi Maude29,953
50SeattleL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayRydiaFB CobainK GordonE Vedder39,409