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Year 69 Playoff Batting Leaders (before games of day 3-6)

1.E Burnett (SAO)0.500
2.Prodigy (CPT)0.484
3.Sarabi (WAS)0.430
4.Sunday Silence (WAS)0.417
C York (SAO)0.417
6.Markiplier (INT)0.409
7.Kotick (PAD)0.382
8.Heidi (PAD)0.375
Havoc (CPT)0.375
10.W Pooh (PAD)0.368
On-Base %
1.E Burnett (SAO)0.556
2.C York (SAO)0.523
3.AlxJames10 (INT)0.500
4.Prodigy (CPT)0.484
5.Sunday Silence (WAS)0.462
6.C Morgan (WAS)0.430
Stelmaria (WAS)0.430
Sarabi (WAS)0.430
9.Foxes (SEA)0.429
Heidi (PAD)0.429
Slugging %
1.C York (SAO)0.833
2.L Lemon (CPT)0.806
3.Kotick (PAD)0.765
4.AlxJames10 (INT)0.762
5.Sarabi (WAS)0.753
6.Sunday Silence (WAS)0.750
7.Heidi (PAD)0.719
8.Markiplier (INT)0.682
9.A Farrah Fowler (SEA)0.667
10.Peaches (SEA)0.643
1.C York (SAO)1.356
2.AlxJames10 (INT)1.262
3.Sunday Silence (WAS)1.212
4.Sarabi (WAS)1.183
5.Kotick (PAD)1.165
6.Heidi (PAD)1.148
7.L Lemon (CPT)1.129
8.Markiplier (INT)1.091
9.E Burnett (SAO)1.087
10.Peaches (SEA)1.043
Win Probability Added
1.C York (SAO)1.228
2.Grimalkin (SAO)0.544
3.G Dunn (INT)0.526
4.V Gilligan (SAO)0.436
5.Heidi (PAD)0.420
6.AlxJames10 (INT)0.311
7.Sunday Silence (WAS)0.276
8.F Hardy (PAD)0.270
9.Peaches (SEA)0.267
10.A Farrah Fowler (SEA)0.258
Win Shares
1.C York (SAO)1.16
2.AlxJames10 (INT)0.86
3.Kotick (PAD)0.83
4.W Pooh (PAD)0.74
5.Heidi (PAD)0.63
6.E Burnett (SAO)0.56
7.Grimalkin (SAO)0.43
V Gilligan (SAO)0.43
JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)0.43
10.G Dunn (INT)0.36
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.C York (SAO)8.1
2.AlxJames10 (INT)5.7
3.Heidi (PAD)4.8
4.E Burnett (SAO)3.7
Kotick (PAD)3.7
6.Markiplier (INT)2.5
7.W Pooh (PAD)2.1
8.A Farrah Fowler (SEA)2.0
G Dunn (INT)2.0
10.Peaches (SEA)1.7
Runs Above Position
1.C York (SAO)7.4
2.AlxJames10 (INT)6.7
3.Kotick (PAD)4.9
4.W Pooh (PAD)4.6
5.Heidi (PAD)4.1
6.E Burnett (SAO)3.8
7.Markiplier (INT)2.3
8.Sunday Silence (WAS)2.2
H Slovak (SEA)2.2
10.Peaches (SEA)2.0
Games Played
1.Noodle (SAO)11
M Landon (SAO)11
3.S Cryer (SAO)10
Gertrude (SAO)10
C York (SAO)10
6.10 with9
1.Noodle (SAO)43
2.M Landon (SAO)40
3.A Schlesinger (PAD)39
Smieragatto (SAO)39
GS Traft (PAD)39
6.V Gilligan (SAO)38
W Pooh (PAD)38
8.C York (SAO)36
9.Gertrude (SAO)35
U Duckling (PAD)35
Plate Appearances
1.M Landon (SAO)48
2.Noodle (SAO)47
3.C York (SAO)44
4.Smieragatto (SAO)41
W Pooh (PAD)41
6.GS Traft (PAD)40
7.A Schlesinger (PAD)39
V Gilligan (SAO)39
9.S Cryer (SAO)38
Gertrude (SAO)38
Runs Scored
1.C York (SAO)10
2.Teysa (PAD)6
E Burnett (SAO)6
Smieragatto (SAO)6
Kotick (PAD)6
Heidi (PAD)6
G Dunn (INT)6
M Landon (SAO)6
CM Ousside (INT)6
W Pooh (PAD)6
1.E Burnett (SAO)16
2.C York (SAO)15
3.W Pooh (PAD)14
4.Kotick (PAD)13
5.Noodle (SAO)12
Smieragatto (SAO)12
Heidi (PAD)12
8.A Schlesinger (PAD)11
V Gilligan (SAO)11
10.3 with10
Line Drives
1.W Pooh (PAD)10
GS Traft (PAD)10
3.Markiplier (INT)8
Eeyore (PAD)8
5.V Gilligan (SAO)7
E Burnett (SAO)7
Smieragatto (SAO)7
C York (SAO)7
9.3 with6
1.Fxjkhr (WAS)4.01
2.AlxJames10 (INT)3.75
3.B Kweller (SEA)3.73
4.S Cryer (SAO)3.68
5.Eeyore (PAD)3.59
6.C Channing (INT)3.50
7.J Gentle (WAS)3.42
L Lemon (CPT)3.42
9.C Morgan (WAS)3.37
10.2 with3.34
Total Bases
1.C York (SAO)30
2.Kotick (PAD)26
3.Heidi (PAD)23
4.G Dunn (INT)20
5.V Gilligan (SAO)19
W Pooh (PAD)19
7.A Schlesinger (PAD)17
Grimalkin (SAO)17
E Burnett (SAO)17
CM Ousside (INT)17
1.GS Traft (PAD)4
2.Markiplier (INT)3
Gertrude (SAO)3
4.10 with2
1.S Cryer (SAO)1
A Schlesinger (PAD)1
Teysa (PAD)1
I Cube (CPT)1
Kotick (PAD)1
Murdoc (SEA)1
C York (SAO)1
AlxJames10 (INT)1
U Duckling (PAD)1
CM Ousside (INT)1
Home Runs
1.C York (SAO)4
2.Kotick (PAD)3
Heidi (PAD)3
G Dunn (INT)3
CM Ousside (INT)3
6.A Farrah Fowler (SEA)2
Grimalkin (SAO)2
V Gilligan (SAO)2
AlxJames10 (INT)2
M Landon (SAO)2
1.C York (SAO)10
2.V Gilligan (SAO)9
Kotick (PAD)9
4.Grimalkin (SAO)8
Heidi (PAD)8
6.G Dunn (INT)7
7.6 with5
1.M Landon (SAO)8
2.C York (SAO)7
AlxJames10 (INT)7
4.Teysa (PAD)6
JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)6
6.F Hardy (PAD)5
7.5 with4
Stolen Bases
1.E Burnett (SAO)5
2.AlxJames10 (INT)3
tyleroakley (INT)3
4.Murdoc (SEA)2
5.A Schlesinger (PAD)1
A Farrah Fowler (SEA)1
PhillyD (INT)1
Gertrude (SAO)1
JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)1
Stolen Base %
1.AlxJames10 (INT)1.000 (3)
tyleroakley (INT)1.000 (3)
Murdoc (SEA)1.000 (2)
4.E Burnett (SAO)0.625
5.A Farrah Fowler (SEA)0.500
6.A Schlesinger (PAD)0.333
PhillyD (INT)0.333
8.Gertrude (SAO)0.250
JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)0.250
1.E Burnett (SAO)15
2.Smieragatto (SAO)11
W Pooh (PAD)11
4.Noodle (SAO)10
5.C York (SAO)9
6.A Schlesinger (PAD)8
7.6 with7
Times on Base
1.C York (SAO)23
2.E Burnett (SAO)20
3.W Pooh (PAD)17
4.Noodle (SAO)16
5.Heidi (PAD)15
M Landon (SAO)15
7.Smieragatto (SAO)14
Kotick (PAD)14
AlxJames10 (INT)14
10.3 with13
Extra-Base Hits
1.Kotick (PAD)6
C York (SAO)6
3.Heidi (PAD)5
4.8 with4
Isolated Power
1.L Lemon (CPT)0.484
2.AlxJames10 (INT)0.429
3.C York (SAO)0.416
4.CM Ousside (INT)0.408
5.A Farrah Fowler (SEA)0.400
6.Kotick (PAD)0.383
7.WD Swain (WAS)0.361
8.Heidi (PAD)0.344
9.Sunday Silence (WAS)0.333
10.2 with0.323
Avg on Balls in Play
1.Prodigy (CPT)0.577
2.E Burnett (SAO)0.552
3.Smieragatto (SAO)0.429
4.Markiplier (INT)0.421
5.C Morgan (WAS)0.411
Stelmaria (WAS)0.411
7.Peaches (SEA)0.400
8.Russel (CPT)0.385
9.tyleroakley (INT)0.375
Havoc (CPT)0.375
Game-winning RBI
1.V Gilligan (SAO)3
M Landon (SAO)3
3.W Pooh (PAD)2
4.10 with1

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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