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Year 70 Playoff Batting Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

1.L Ribero (MIL)0.455
2.Krusty (TAT)0.444
3.A Farrah Fowler (SAO)0.429
4.Na Kress (STR)0.415
5.Murdoc (TAT)0.400
6.Prodigy (CPT)0.393
7.MC Ren (CPT)0.390
8.Cloves (MIL)0.385
9.J Lawrence (TAT)0.375
10.Bárbara (CPT)0.364
On-Base %
1.L Ribero (MIL)0.571
2.Teysa (PAD)0.529
3.MC Ren (CPT)0.479
4.A Machado (MIL)0.462
5.Na Kress (STR)0.446
6.J Lawrence (TAT)0.444
Krusty (TAT)0.444
8.Bárbara (CPT)0.432
9.K Kaif (MIL)0.430
10.A Farrah Fowler (SAO)0.429
Slugging %
1.MC Ren (CPT)0.732
2.L Ribero (MIL)0.727
3.JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)0.723
4.A Farrah Fowler (SAO)0.714
5.Murdoc (TAT)0.700
6.Sh Howard (TAT)0.645
7.Bárbara (CPT)0.636
8.E Burnett (SAO)0.615
9.M Antony (STR)0.566
10.2 with0.556
1.L Ribero (MIL)1.298
2.MC Ren (CPT)1.211
3.A Farrah Fowler (SAO)1.143
4.Murdoc (TAT)1.100
5.Bárbara (CPT)1.068
6.JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)1.046
7.A Machado (MIL)1.018
8.Krusty (TAT)1.000
9.Na Kress (STR)0.974
10.E Burnett (SAO)0.972
Win Probability Added
1.MC Ren (CPT)1.242
2.M Patinkin (CPT)0.803
3.M Antony (STR)0.494
4.A Iwan (CPT)0.320
5.Bárbara (CPT)0.299
6.A Farrah Fowler (SAO)0.229
7.GS Traft (PAD)0.208
8.Dre (CPT)0.181
9.JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)0.178
10.J Renner (STR)0.162
Win Shares
1.MC Ren (CPT)1.22
2.Bárbara (CPT)0.99
3.M Patinkin (CPT)0.84
4.Na Kress (STR)0.78
5.Biggie (CPT)0.75
6.Prodigy (CPT)0.53
L Ribero (MIL)0.53
O Lukoje (STR)0.53
9.R Matthews (STR)0.51
10.G Mendizabal (STR)0.50
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.MC Ren (CPT)6.3
2.Na Kress (STR)5.3
3.Bárbara (CPT)4.6
4.L Ribero (MIL)2.7
5.O Lukoje (STR)2.6
6.JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)2.3
7.Biggie (CPT)2.1
8.Dre (CPT)2.0
9.G Mendizabal (STR)1.8
10.2 with1.6
Runs Above Position
1.MC Ren (CPT)6.3
2.Bárbara (CPT)4.4
3.Na Kress (STR)4.1
4.L Ribero (MIL)3.5
5.M Patinkin (CPT)2.9
6.JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)2.8
7.O Lukoje (STR)2.7
8.Biggie (CPT)2.3
9.Dre (CPT)1.9
10.G Mendizabal (STR)1.8
Games Played
1.LGR2 Rumble (STR)14
Hamlet (STR)14
Na Kress (STR)14
4.M Antony (STR)13
O Lukoje (STR)13
R Matthews (STR)13
7.G Mendizabal (STR)12
8.JG Vongerichten (CPT)11
Halsey (CPT)11
H Slovak (STR)11
1.Hamlet (STR)55
2.M Antony (STR)53
LGR2 Rumble (STR)53
Na Kress (STR)53
5.JG Vongerichten (CPT)52
6.R Matthews (STR)51
7.O Lukoje (STR)50
8.H Slovak (STR)44
9.MC Ren (CPT)41
10.2 with40
Plate Appearances
1.Hamlet (STR)65
2.O Lukoje (STR)58
3.Na Kress (STR)56
4.M Antony (STR)54
LGR2 Rumble (STR)54
6.R Matthews (STR)53
7.JG Vongerichten (CPT)52
8.G Mendizabal (STR)51
9.H Slovak (STR)49
10.MC Ren (CPT)48
Runs Scored
1.MC Ren (CPT)11
2.M Antony (STR)9
O Lukoje (STR)9
Biggie (CPT)9
5.Na Kress (STR)8
Bárbara (CPT)8
7.G Mendizabal (STR)6
LGR2 Rumble (STR)6
9.Prodigy (CPT)5
Hamlet (STR)5
1.Na Kress (STR)22
2.JG Vongerichten (CPT)16
MC Ren (CPT)16
4.M Antony (STR)15
5.O Lukoje (STR)14
R Matthews (STR)14
7.Prodigy (CPT)13
8.LGR2 Rumble (STR)12
Bárbara (CPT)12
Biggie (CPT)12
Line Drives
1.MC Ren (CPT)13
2.JG Vongerichten (CPT)9
O Lukoje (STR)9
R Matthews (STR)9
5.Na Kress (STR)8
6.M Antony (STR)7
7.Halsey (CPT)6
M Patinkin (CPT)6
9.8 with4
1.Esau (TAT)4.12
2.S Cryer (SAO)4.01
3.A Schlesinger (PAD)3.88
4.M Landon (SAO)3.85
5.Smieragatto (SAO)3.80
6.A Machado (MIL)3.69
7.Prodigy (CPT)3.67
8.Gertrude (SAO)3.62
9.Bárbara (CPT)3.59
10.H Slovak (STR)3.57
Total Bases
1.M Antony (STR)30
MC Ren (CPT)30
3.Na Kress (STR)28
4.O Lukoje (STR)24
LGR2 Rumble (STR)24
6.JG Vongerichten (CPT)21
Bárbara (CPT)21
8.Biggie (CPT)20
9.Havoc (CPT)18
10.R Matthews (STR)17
1.MC Ren (CPT)5
2.O Lukoje (STR)4
LGR2 Rumble (STR)4
4.M Antony (STR)3
G Mendizabal (STR)3
H Slovak (STR)3
R Matthews (STR)3
Biggie (CPT)3
9.5 with2
1.LGR2 Rumble (STR)1
Na Kress (STR)1
M Howard (TAT)1
Bárbara (CPT)1
Biggie (CPT)1
Home Runs
1.M Antony (STR)4
2.MC Ren (CPT)3
Havoc (CPT)3
4.O Lukoje (STR)2
LGR2 Rumble (STR)2
Bárbara (CPT)2
7.23 with1
1.M Antony (STR)14
2.MC Ren (CPT)11
3.M Patinkin (CPT)10
4.JG Vongerichten (CPT)8
5.Polonius (STR)7
R Matthews (STR)7
7.O Lukoje (STR)6
Havoc (CPT)6
9.G Mendizabal (STR)5
Bárbara (CPT)5
1.G Mendizabal (STR)11
2.Hamlet (STR)10
3.Russel (CPT)7
MC Ren (CPT)7
O Lukoje (STR)7
6.Teysa (PAD)6
7.A Machado (MIL)4
H Slovak (STR)4
Bárbara (CPT)4
Biggie (CPT)4
Stolen Bases
1.Na Kress (STR)9
2.Biggie (CPT)5
3.G Mendizabal (STR)3
P Chopra (MIL)3
Bárbara (CPT)3
6.A Iwan (CPT)2
7.10 with1
Stolen Base %
1.P Chopra (MIL)1.000 (3)
E Burnett (SAO)1.000 (1)
L Ribero (MIL)1.000 (1)
Murdoc (TAT)1.000 (1)
M Landon (SAO)1.000 (1)
6.Na Kress (STR)0.818
7.Bárbara (CPT)0.750
8.Biggie (CPT)0.714
9.G Mendizabal (STR)0.600
10.2 with0.500
1.Na Kress (STR)19
2.JG Vongerichten (CPT)13
3.Prodigy (CPT)11
R Matthews (STR)11
5.7 with8
Times on Base
1.Na Kress (STR)25
2.MC Ren (CPT)23
3.O Lukoje (STR)22
4.G Mendizabal (STR)21
5.Hamlet (STR)19
6.Biggie (CPT)17
7.JG Vongerichten (CPT)16
M Antony (STR)16
R Matthews (STR)16
Bárbara (CPT)16
Extra-Base Hits
1.MC Ren (CPT)8
2.M Antony (STR)7
LGR2 Rumble (STR)7
4.O Lukoje (STR)6
5.Biggie (CPT)5
6.G Mendizabal (STR)4
Bárbara (CPT)4
8.7 with3
Isolated Power
1.Sh Howard (TAT)0.484
2.JF Kennedy Jr. (SAO)0.482
3.S Cryer (SAO)0.411
4.MC Ren (CPT)0.342
5.A Machado (MIL)0.334
6.Noodle (SAO)0.323
7.E Burnett (SAO)0.307
8.Murdoc (TAT)0.300
9.A Farrah Fowler (SAO)0.285
10.M Antony (STR)0.283
Avg on Balls in Play
1.Murdoc (TAT)0.500
Krusty (TAT)0.500
3.Prodigy (CPT)0.498
4.Na Kress (STR)0.467
5.A Farrah Fowler (SAO)0.455
6.L Ribero (MIL)0.444
7.J Lawrence (TAT)0.429
8.Cloves (MIL)0.417
9.Bárbara (CPT)0.385
10.MC Ren (CPT)0.382
Game-winning RBI
1.M Patinkin (CPT)3
2.JG Vongerichten (CPT)2
M Antony (STR)2
MC Ren (CPT)2
LGR2 Rumble (STR)2
6.8 with1

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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