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Year 85 Pitching Leaders (before games of day 3-7)

Run Average / SP
1.Big Boi (CPT)1.95
2.J Beck (SEA)2.02
3.O Culpo (MIL)2.12
4.C Kennedy (SAO)2.35
5.D Nguyen (HSC)2.70
6.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)2.72
7.KF Powers (LAL)2.81
8.Snoop (CPT)2.84
9.Amon-Gorloth (STR)3.10
10.JC Cash (TAT)3.12
Run Average / RP
1.T Chavez (HSC)1.14
2.T Selanne (SEA)1.39
3.The Kraken Within (STR)1.42
B Friedel (KRA)1.42
5.B Burr (SAO)1.44
6.Grinch (PAD)1.46
7.Freeway (CPT)1.67
8.R McElhenney (SAO)1.77
9.D Blackblade (MTG-CPT)2.10
10.IP Harris (SEA-GAL)2.13
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)16
2.O Culpo (MIL)12
3.Big Boi (CPT)11
4.Amon-Gorloth (STR)10
5.D Nel-Peters (MIL)9
G Hernandez (SJS)9
A Garfield (HSC)9
R Baxter (BAL)9
9.5 with8
Win-Loss %
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.800 (16)
O Culpo (MIL)0.800 (12)
3.Big Boi (CPT)0.786
4.Snoop (CPT)0.778
S Miyamoto (SAO)0.778
6.J Beck (SEA)0.727
C Kennedy (SAO)0.727
8.B Palvin (MIL)0.700
9.D Nel-Peters (MIL)0.692
10.2 with0.667
Win Probability Added
1.T Selanne (SEA)3.428
2.Grinch (PAD)2.737
3.T Chavez (HSC)2.527
4.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)2.478
5.KF Powers (LAL)2.102
6.C Kennedy (SAO)2.086
7.Big Boi (CPT)2.065
8.J Gad (TAT)1.865
9.Snoop (CPT)1.804
10.B Burr (SAO)1.731
Win Shares
1.Big Boi (CPT)5.23
2.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)4.58
3.FT Kiddoo (SJS)4.35
4.Amon-Gorloth (STR)4.20
5.KF Powers (LAL)4.15
6.Snoop (CPT)4.13
7.JC Cash (TAT)4.11
8.G Hernandez (SJS)4.05
9.D Nel-Peters (MIL)4.04
10.OLW Hush (PAD)3.92
Support-Neutral Wins
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)9.88
2.Big Boi (CPT)8.69
3.C Kennedy (SAO)7.86
4.Snoop (CPT)7.36
5.Pimp C (CPT)7.25
6.Amon-Gorloth (STR)7.18
7.D Nel-Peters (MIL)7.16
8.R Baxter (BAL)7.01
9.W Tkaczuk (CAN)6.98
10.O Culpo (MIL)6.78
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.Big Boi (CPT)2.96
2.C Kennedy (SAO)2.41
3.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)2.32
4.O Culpo (MIL)2.01
5.Snoop (CPT)1.81
6.J Beck (SEA)1.60
7.KF Powers (LAL)1.32
8.JC Cash (TAT)1.22
9.Amon-Gorloth (STR)1.15
10.D Nguyen (HSC)0.99
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.Big Boi (CPT)32.2
2.O Culpo (MIL)18.7
3.Amon-Gorloth (STR)17.9
4.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)17.7
5.JC Cash (TAT)16.0
6.B Schwartz (TAT)12.1
T Selanne (SEA)12.1
8.R McElhenney (SAO)12.0
9.J Beck (SEA)11.9
10.D Nguyen (HSC)11.8
1.Big Boi (CPT)0.62
2.O Culpo (MIL)0.87
3.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.88
4.D Nguyen (HSC)0.91
5.J Beck (SEA)0.97
6.Pimp C (CPT)1.02
7.KF Powers (LAL)1.03
8.Snoop (CPT)1.06
9.JW Sawyer (TAT)1.07
10.B Schwartz (TAT)1.10
Hits per 9 IP
1.Big Boi (CPT)5.16
2.D Nguyen (HSC)5.40
3.O Culpo (MIL)5.58
4.J Beck (SEA)5.62
5.Pimp C (CPT)6.56
6.A Garfield (HSC)6.88
7.G Hernandez (SJS)7.04
8.Creosote (CIR)7.36
9.JC Cash (TAT)7.46
10.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)7.63
Walks per 9 IP
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.33
2.Big Boi (CPT)0.42
3.KF Powers (LAL)0.72
4.C Neistat (INT)0.91
5.Dunga (KRA)1.10
6.W Tkaczuk (CAN)1.27
7.R Baxter (BAL)1.34
Snoop (CPT)1.34
9.JW Sawyer (TAT)1.44
10.Amon-Gorloth (STR)1.51
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.Artanis (STR)9.84
2.Jack (PAD)8.57
3.Dunga (KRA)8.50
4.O Culpo (MIL)8.37
5.JW Sawyer (TAT)8.04
6.Pimp C (CPT)8.01
7.J Hammond-Hammond (BAL)7.90
8.S Mikita (CAN)7.71
9.OLW Hush (PAD)7.62
10.L Burrows (LAL)7.55
OPS Against
1.Big Boi (CPT)0.483
2.O Culpo (MIL)0.520
3.J Beck (SEA)0.536
4.D Nguyen (HSC)0.552
5.C Kennedy (SAO)0.620
6.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.625
7.Snoop (CPT)0.632
8.JC Cash (TAT)0.638
9.Amon-Gorloth (STR)0.640
10.KF Powers (LAL)0.652
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)9.0
2.R Baxter (BAL)9.4
3.Big Boi (CPT)9.5
4.KF Powers (LAL)10.6
5.Amon-Gorloth (STR)10.8
6.Snoop (CPT)11.0
7.C Neistat (INT)11.3
8.J Beck (SEA)11.5
9.W Tkaczuk (CAN)11.6
10.B Schwartz (TAT)11.7
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.JC Cash (TAT)0.19
2.J Beck (SEA)0.23
3.A Garfield (HSC)0.42
4.D Nel-Peters (MIL)0.44
5.D Nguyen (HSC)0.54
6.Big Boi (CPT)0.68
7.G Hernandez (SJS)0.75
8.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.80
9.Pimp C (CPT)0.94
10.B Schwartz (TAT)1.11
1.B Burr (SAO)32
2.Fan Z (KRA)31
3.G Elizabeth (MIL)29
4.P Pizzaballa (SJS)28
5.L Mies van der Rohe (STR)27
R McElhenney (SAO)27
D Winston (CIR)27
B Von Count (HSC)27
9.5 with26
1.B Burr (SAO)10
2.T Chavez (HSC)9
3.P Pizzaballa (SJS)8
4.O Ortiz (SEA)7
5.A Copland (LAL)6
T Mityushina (MIL)6
Belial (GAL)6
M Crimes (SJS)6
9.4 with5
Innings Pitched
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)135.2
2.R Baxter (BAL)127.2
3.W Tkaczuk (CAN)113.0
4.Ysera (GAL)107.2
Snoop (CPT)107.2
6.G Hernandez (SJS)107.1
Amon-Gorloth (STR)107.1
8.Big Boi (CPT)106.1
9.A Garfield (HSC)106.0
10.Pimp C (CPT)105.2
1.Pimp C (CPT)94
2.W Tkaczuk (CAN)92
3.OLW Hush (PAD)88
4.S Mikita (CAN)86
Big Boi (CPT)86
6.A Garfield (HSC)85
Dunga (KRA)85
8.Artanis (STR)82
9.Jack (PAD)80
10.O Culpo (MIL)75
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.Big Boi (CPT)17.20
2.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)11.60
3.Dunga (KRA)7.73
4.W Tkaczuk (CAN)5.75
5.C Neistat (INT)5.70
6.JW Sawyer (TAT)5.58
7.Jack (PAD)5.33
8.KF Powers (LAL)4.88
9.Snoop (CPT)3.88
10.Amon-Gorloth (STR)3.83
HR per 9 IP
1.A Stoudemire (BAL)0.32
2.R Baxter (BAL)0.42
3.C Kennedy (SAO)0.52
4.O Culpo (MIL)0.56
5.J Hammond-Hammond (BAL)0.64
The Dream-Daemon (ARK)0.64
7.Amon-Gorloth (STR)0.75
8.Snoop (CPT)0.84
9.JC Cash (TAT)0.85
10.KuroKy (INT)0.88
1.G Elizabeth (MIL)10
2.R McElhenney (SAO)9
P Pizzaballa (SJS)9
IP Harris (SEA-GAL)9
P Gasol (BAL)9
6.J Gad (TAT)8
Baal (GAL)8
R Recber (KRA)8
9.3 with7
Reliever %
1.P Gasol (BAL)1.000 (14)
R McElhenney (SAO)1.000 (11)
J Gad (TAT)1.000 (10)
M Crimes (SJS)1.000 (9)
5.F Savage (TAT)0.917
6.D Winston (CIR)0.900
L Van Pelt (STR)0.900
S Grey (SEA)0.900
Grinch (PAD)0.900
10.P Pizzaballa (SJS)0.895

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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