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Year 87 Pitching Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

Run Average / SP
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)1.98
2.J Beck (SEA)2.57
3.OLW Hush (PAD)2.68
4.D Nel-Peters (MIL)2.83
5.Big Boi (CPT)3.02
6.FT Kiddoo (SJS)3.14
7.D Nguyen (HSC)3.26
8.Artanis (STR)3.34
9.W Douglas (PAD)3.35
10.C Neistat (INT)3.41
Run Average / RP
1.Grinch (PAD)0.82
2.Doge (ARK)1.35
3.T Selanne (SEA)1.37
4.P Datsyuk (CAN)1.47
5.B Burr (SAO)1.53
6.J Gad (PAD)1.55
7.Lorenzo (STR)1.59
8.The Kraken Within (STR)1.78
9.B Sherwood (SAO)2.10
10.S Stowaway (CPT)2.16
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)15
2.D Nel-Peters (MIL)11
3.RR Hood (PAD)9
D Rade (MTG)9
Amon-Gorloth (SAO)9
J Beck (SEA)9
7.T Selanne (SEA)8
A Garfield (HSC)8
9.3 with7
Win-Loss %
1.T Selanne (SEA)0.889
2.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.882
3.D Nel-Peters (MIL)0.846
4.J Beck (SEA)0.750
5.Pericles (SAO)0.700
W Douglas (PAD)0.700
7.6 with0.667
Win Probability Added
1.T Selanne (SEA)3.343
2.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)2.952
3.Grinch (PAD)2.262
4.Big Boi (CPT)2.141
5.D Nel-Peters (MIL)2.020
6.J Gad (PAD)1.663
7.R McElhenney (SAO)1.524
8.FT Kiddoo (SJS)1.448
9.The Kraken Within (STR)1.407
10.J Beck (SEA)1.387
Win Shares
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)6.86
2.Big Boi (CPT)5.88
3.D Nel-Peters (MIL)4.99
4.FT Kiddoo (SJS)4.86
5.T Selanne (SEA)4.70
6.J Beck (SEA)4.26
7.D Rade (MTG)4.10
8.D Winston (CIR)4.00
9.B Burr (SAO)3.89
10.KuroKy (INT)3.69
Support-Neutral Wins
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)11.43
2.Big Boi (CPT)8.68
3.D Nel-Peters (MIL)8.43
4.FT Kiddoo (SJS)8.07
5.D Rade (MTG)7.22
6.J Beck (SEA)7.11
7.Artanis (STR)6.66
8.RR Hood (PAD)6.35
9.H Lundqvist (CAN)6.13
10.B Schwartz (TAT)6.11
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)3.53
2.D Nel-Peters (MIL)1.99
3.J Beck (SEA)1.90
4.Big Boi (CPT)1.85
5.OLW Hush (PAD)1.47
6.A Ayers (MIL)1.46
7.FT Kiddoo (SJS)1.44
8.Artanis (STR)1.37
9.W Douglas (PAD)1.02
10.C Neistat (INT)0.84
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)34.2
2.Big Boi (CPT)25.8
3.D Nel-Peters (MIL)23.4
4.FT Kiddoo (SJS)18.1
5.T Selanne (SEA)17.8
6.J Beck (SEA)16.6
7.D Nguyen (HSC)15.7
8.C Neistat (INT)14.3
9.B Burr (SAO)12.7
10.L Dawnbringer (MTG)12.0
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.74
2.D Nguyen (HSC)0.84
3.Big Boi (CPT)0.89
4.D Nel-Peters (MIL)1.03
5.J Beck (SEA)1.06
6.C Neistat (INT)1.10
7.A Garfield (HSC)1.15
8.FT Kiddoo (SJS)1.17
W Douglas (PAD)1.17
10.Artanis (STR)1.19
Hits per 9 IP
1.D Nguyen (HSC)5.44
2.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)6.21
3.J Beck (SEA)6.47
4.Pimp C (CPT)6.51
5.D Nel-Peters (MIL)6.61
6.M Pizzarelli (CIR)6.75
7.OLW Hush (PAD)7.22
8.Big Boi (CPT)7.38
9.FT Kiddoo (SJS)7.53
10.A Garfield (HSC)7.68
Walks per 9 IP
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.45
2.Big Boi (CPT)0.66
3.C Neistat (INT)0.80
4.RR Hood (PAD)0.85
5.KF Powers (LAL)0.89
6.Dunga (KRA)1.06
7.Artanis (STR)1.24
Amon-Gorloth (SAO)1.24
Snoop (CPT)1.24
10.Harto (INT)1.40
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.Artanis (STR)9.06
2.J Van Der Beek (STR)7.95
3.RR Hood (PAD)7.50
4.OLW Hush (PAD)7.33
5.Jack (PAD)7.32
6.A Garfield (HSC)7.18
7.A Ayers (MIL)7.08
8.L Burrows (LAL)7.04
9.C Neistat (INT)7.03
10.Dunga (KRA)6.94
OPS Against
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.503
2.D Nguyen (HSC)0.562
3.J Beck (SEA)0.565
4.D Nel-Peters (MIL)0.598
5.FT Kiddoo (SJS)0.630
6.Big Boi (CPT)0.639
7.OLW Hush (PAD)0.652
8.C Neistat (INT)0.664
9.KuroKy (INT)0.666
10.Pimp C (CPT)0.681
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)9.2
2.Big Boi (CPT)10.5
Harto (INT)10.5
4.KF Powers (LAL)11.0
Amon-Gorloth (SAO)11.0
6.D Nguyen (HSC)11.4
7.B Schwartz (TAT)11.5
8.4 with12.1
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.A Garfield (HSC)0.17
2.J Beck (SEA)0.41
3.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)0.58
4.D Nel-Peters (MIL)0.63
5.G Hernandez (SJS)0.90
6.Pimp C (CPT)0.97
7.D Nguyen (HSC)0.99
8.Big Boi (CPT)1.03
9.M Pizzarelli (CIR)1.57
10.FT Kiddoo (SJS)1.73
1.J Glaser (STR)32
2.J West (BAL)31
3.9 with28
1.G Elizabeth (MIL)11
2.R Recber (SEA)10
3.D Winston (CIR)8
4.J Gad (PAD)7
5.T Selanne (SEA)6
B Burr (SAO)6
7.J West (BAL)5
Lizzie Bennet (STR)5
D Blackblade (CPT)5
10.11 with4
Innings Pitched
1.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)140.2
2.Big Boi (CPT)122.0
3.D Rade (MTG)117.1
4.FT Kiddoo (SJS)114.2
5.D Nel-Peters (MIL)114.1
6.H Lundqvist (CAN)110.2
7.A Garfield (HSC)109.0
8.RR Hood (PAD)105.2
9.B Schwartz (TAT)101.2
10.KF Powers (LAL)101.0
1.Artanis (STR)95
2.Big Boi (CPT)92
3.RR Hood (PAD)88
4.A Garfield (HSC)87
5.J Van Der Beek (STR)78
6.D Nel-Peters (MIL)73
7.Dunga (KRA)72
8.FT Kiddoo (SJS)71
9.C Neistat (INT)70
10.2 with66
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.Big Boi (CPT)10.22
2.RR Hood (PAD)8.80
3.C Neistat (INT)8.75
4.Artanis (STR)7.31
5.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA)7.29
6.Dunga (KRA)6.55
7.Snoop (CPT)4.92
8.KF Powers (LAL)4.50
9.Amon-Gorloth (SAO)3.77
10.Harto (INT)2.85
HR per 9 IP
1.D Rade (MTG)0.31
2.C Kennedy (SAO)0.43
3.Ashildr (GAL)0.55
4.S Mikita (CIR)0.56
5.H Lundqvist (CAN)0.57
6.KuroKy (INT)0.60
7.J Beck (SEA)0.72
8.C Neistat (INT)0.80
9.OLW Hush (PAD)0.81
10.Snoop (CPT)0.86
1.B Palvin (MIL)11
2.J West (BAL)10
Grinch (PAD)10
S Nash (BAL)10
5.L Dawnbringer (MTG)8
A Stoudemire (BAL)8
P Datsyuk (CAN)8
O Ortiz (KRA)8
F Savage (TAT)8
10.3 with7
Reliever %
1.P Datsyuk (CAN)1.000 (11)
T Selanne (SEA)1.000 (10)
D Winston (CIR)1.000 (10)
The Kraken Within (STR)1.000 (9)
5.J West (BAL)0.938
6.J Gad (PAD)0.923
7.5 with0.917

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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