Career Pitching Losers (before games of day 79/3-7)

Run Average
1.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)9.35
2.J Davidson (HAL-HOL-SJS)8.01
3.Dogmeat (PUS-DOD)7.19
4.B Dietz (KRA)6.96
5.A Cooper (HOL)6.95
6.Beatrice (CAR-STR-WAS)6.94
7.A Rashad (HOL)6.86
8.St Lee (SAO-ALM)6.85
9.Ge Kelly (KRA-WAS-CAR)6.76
10.T Kidd (STA-WAS)6.69
Win-Loss %
1.Y Zamyatin (BKL-SAO-PAD)0.118
2.C Followill (PHI)0.135
3.B Dietz (KRA)0.162
4.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)0.169
5.J Davidson (HAL-HOL-SJS)0.171
6.R Wood (PAD)0.179
7.Royce 59 (CPT)0.222
8.Beatrice (CAR-STR-WAS)0.225
9.3 with0.235
Win Probability Added
1.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)-18.962
2.Ge Kelly (KRA-WAS-CAR)-15.876
3.G Nelson (CAR)-14.232
4.J Davidson (HAL-HOL-SJS)-12.858
5.B Beal (BAL)-12.297
6.S Anderton (MIL)-12.109
7.W Wilson (STO-BWY)-12.099
8.Beatrice (CAR-STR-WAS)-12.049
9.L Renault (STO)-11.873
10.M Bigglesworth (PHI)-10.904
Loss Shares
1.V Hugo (BWY-STA)46.78
2.H Lecter (PIT)46.74
3.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG-INT)40.85
4.L Renault (STO)39.83
5.G Bundchen (MIL)38.46
6.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)38.35
7.J Dunn (MIL)36.88
8.J Dark (SJS-ALM)36.63
9.R Strijd (MIL)35.01
10.T Keller (KCC-OMS)34.98
Support-Neutral Losses
1.V Hugo (BWY-STA)95.17
2.G Bundchen (MIL)92.12
3.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG-INT)84.78
4.J Dunn (MIL)83.89
5.M McAleese (BRU-TER-BWY)83.48
6.H Lecter (PIT)83.41
7.T Keller (KCC-OMS)81.58
8.J Dark (SJS-ALM)81.17
9.T Kennedy (WAS-BRU-SEA)79.59
10.L Renault (STO)79.09
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)-19.60
2.Ge Kelly (KRA-WAS-CAR)-15.59
3.G Nelson (CAR)-12.83
4.Beatrice (CAR-STR-WAS)-12.44
5.S Anderton (MIL)-12.06
6.M Bigglesworth (PHI)-11.96
7.J Davidson (HAL-HOL-SJS)-11.78
8.B Beal (BAL)-11.55
9.W Wilson (STO-BWY)-11.47
10.LeChuck (HAL-ALM)-9.69
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)-189.2
2.Ge Kelly (KRA-WAS-CAR)-154.3
3.Beatrice (CAR-STR-WAS)-109.3
4.Js Robinson (SAO)-84.0
5.B Beal (BAL)-82.7
6.J Davidson (HAL-HOL-SJS)-81.9
7.Noel (SJS)-78.2
8.Morn (BRU)-74.7
9.DK Schrute (LAL-CPT)-73.3
10.Warrax (PUS-DOD-BWY)-72.9
1.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)2.44
2.J Davidson (HAL-HOL-SJS)2.02
3.Dogmeat (PUS-DOD)1.97
4.DK Schrute (LAL-CPT)1.93
5.Y Zamyatin (BKL-SAO-PAD)1.86
Beatrice (CAR-STR-WAS)1.86
7.St Lee (SAO-ALM)1.84
A Rashad (HOL)1.84
B Dietz (KRA)1.84
10.3 with1.83
Hits per 9 IP
1.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)14.76
2.L Dundovic (MIL)14.28
3.Ryusei (MTG-SAO)13.74
4.Y Zamyatin (BKL-SAO-PAD)13.32
5.Umar (SAO)13.13
6.I Teper (ACT-BRU-BWY)12.85
J Davidson (HAL-HOL-SJS)12.85
8.B Dietz (KRA)12.75
9.F Frankfurter (SJS-LAL)12.39
10.Dogmeat (PUS-DOD)12.35
Walks per 9 IP
1.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)7.22
2.TA Kirkman (HSC-WAS)7.17
3.DK Schrute (LAL-CPT)7.04
4.P Breitner (KRA)6.38
5.Warrax (PUS-DOD-BWY)6.32
6.A Shesternyov (KRA)6.30
7.B Watson (ALM)6.27
8.C Huggs (PHI)6.06
9.N Stavros (PUS-SJS)5.92
10.B Holmes (SJS)5.91
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.M Richards (LAL)0.69
2.A Breitbart (BER)2.12
3.J Donaghy (LAL)2.40
4.Jigglypuff (IND-SJS)2.54
5.Beatrice (CAR-STR-WAS)2.55
6.G Banks (KRA)2.61
7.N Stiles (KRA)2.71
8.T Kyd (BWY)2.72
9.H Ford (IND)2.74
10.Data (ACT)2.75
OPS Against
1.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)1.009
2.J Davidson (HAL-HOL-SJS)0.955
3.Dogmeat (PUS-DOD)0.946
4.Y Zamyatin (BKL-SAO-PAD)0.933
5.Ge Kelly (KRA-WAS-CAR)0.913
6.Beatrice (CAR-STR-WAS)0.911
7.A Rashad (HOL)0.909
8.S Maxwell (MIL)0.903
9.Umar (SAO)0.899
10.T Kidd (STA-WAS)0.894
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.Commodus (SAO)10.09
2.J Beukeboom (OMS-LAL)10.08
3.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)9.99
4.Ryusei (MTG-SAO)9.88
5.I Teper (ACT-BRU-BWY)9.78
6.L Dundovic (MIL)9.74
C Darrow (DOD)9.74
8.F Frankfurter (SJS-LAL)9.69
9.B Spassky (LVG)9.59
10.A Wilson (BWY)9.57
Runs Allowed
1.V Hugo (BWY-STA)825
2.G Bundchen (MIL)809
3.J Dunn (MIL)737
4.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG-INT)735
5.M McAleese (BRU-TER-BWY)730
6.T Keller (KCC-OMS)727
7.D Brunson (LVG)707
8.J Cabot (COL-CAR)706
9.H Lecter (PIT)694
10.T Kennedy (WAS-BRU-SEA)692
Hits Allowed
1.V Hugo (BWY-STA)2236
2.M McAleese (BRU-TER-BWY)1828
3.G Bundchen (MIL)1787
4.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG-INT)1778
5.Kirk (ACT-STO)1774
6.R Flair (STA-DOD-KRA)1755
7.B Blue (PIT-STO-SEA)1683
8.J Dunn (MIL)1577
9.J Dark (SJS-ALM)1570
10.MD Russell (BKL)1551
1.H Lecter (PIT)798
2.A Earhart (COL-CAR)716
T Keller (KCC-OMS)716
4.Nausicaa (PIT-KRA)676
5.G Grosics (KRA-STA)664
6.N Stephenson (BKL-PIT-SEA)645
7.T Kennedy (WAS-BRU-SEA)623
8.T Swift (MIL-SEA)613
9.T Taylor (LAL)600
10.D Brunson (LVG)596
Line Drives Allowed
1.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG-INT)1261
2.R Morgenstern (LAL-IND)1142
3.A Bundy (LAL)1081
4.V Hugo (BWY-STA)1041
5.Munkustrap (WAS-PHI)1012
6.T Halonen (BRU-LAL)984
7.S Leto (DOD-SEA)959
8.B Blue (PIT-STO-SEA)938
9.B Mage (SJS-STA-LAL)876
10.griernash (INT)849
HR Allowed
1.D Brunson (LVG)319
2.Rydia (SJS-HOL-SEA)303
3.M McAleese (BRU-TER-BWY)295
4.G Bundchen (MIL)278
5.P Morgan (STR-BWY)261
6.T Keller (KCC-OMS)259
7.J Dunn (MIL)257
J Cabot (COL-CAR)257
9.hankgreen (INT)247
10.W Pappaconstantinou (INT-LVG)245
1.G Bundchen (MIL)98
V Hugo (BWY-STA)98
3.Kirk (ACT-STO)91
4.M Vachier-Lagrave (LVG-INT)90
5.L Renault (STO)86
6.A Earhart (COL-CAR)85
7.T Keller (KCC-OMS)84
J Dark (SJS-ALM)84
9.H Lecter (PIT)83
R Strijd (MIL)83
Blown Saves
1.Anne V (MIL)51
2.Di Kong (SJS)43
3.X Arien (MTG)42
4.CU Later (ALM-HAL)40
G Freeman (SJS)40
6.N Santos (KRA-SEA-BRU)39
7.V Jordan (STA)38
8.Bjork (KRA-SEA)37
E Morgan (LAL)37
10.De Williams (BAL)36
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.M Richards (LAL)0.22
2.B Dorgan (WAS-CAR)0.45
3.C Huggs (PHI)0.47
Beatrice (CAR-STR-WAS)0.47
5.C Columbus (CAR)0.49
6.Warrax (PUS-DOD-BWY)0.51
7.H Lecter (PIT)0.58
M Miller (MIL)0.58
9.DK Schrute (LAL-CPT)0.59
10.FT Grant III (WAS)0.63
HR per 9 IP
1.N Joel (SEA-MIL)2.57
2.Borborygmos (SEA-TAT-MTG-PAD)2.04
3.G Nelson (CAR)2.03
4.S Maxwell (MIL)2.01
5.C Columbus (CAR)1.90
6.W Pappaconstantinou (INT-LVG)1.86
B Boxer (SEA-WAS-MIL)1.86
Jewel (SEA)1.86
D Pedro (STR)1.86
10.L Kover (BWY-BRU)1.85
Reliever %
1.A Ducasse (KCC)0.629
2.C Mieville (BKL)0.638
3.L Allen (HAL-BWY)0.644
4.C Abbes (DOD-KRA-ACT)0.647
5.Arthur (CIR)0.660
6.J Havlicek (BAL)0.662
7.R Garrett (DOD-BKL)0.667
Garak (ACT-MTG-PHI)0.667
9.A Grubman (DOD-SEA-BRU-BKL)0.674
10.J Casino (CPT-DOD)0.676

Minimum 300 innings pitched needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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